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HELP!!! is 112k worth choosing SUNY Geneseo over Wake Forest?

ChrissyMChrissyM 14 replies18 threads Junior Member
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I have two (or three choices). I can go to SUNY Geneseo (im from NY), for approx. 13k a year. Suny geneseo is a new york state school, its small and liberal arts, and the toughest of the suny's to get into. I can go to James Madison (22k/year) which is also a state school in Virginia, but not nearly as academically rigorous as either geneseo or wake, but the weather is nice. Or I can go to Wake Forest (right now, my top choice) for 42k/year and i didn't get any merit or financial aid. This fact is hindering me from making a choice. Is it worth the extra money to go to Wake Forest, an academically rigorous school? Do you think it would be wiser to choose that school becaues it is better known and possibly more connections w/ the work-force? Would having a lower gpa at wake (because of grade deflation) just hurt me in the long run? i am having a tough time deciding, and tomorrow is MAY 1ST!!!! this is the hardest decision i've ever had to make in my life.

Please reply to this post, i am desperate!

thank you.......
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Replies to: HELP!!! is 112k worth choosing SUNY Geneseo over Wake Forest?

  • 6647266472 83 replies16 threads Junior Member
    no wake, its not worth it. if you live in VA, go to James Madison
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  • bobbobbobbobbobbob 4751 replies20 threads Senior Member
    can your parents afford the extra money?
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  • ChrissyMChrissyM 14 replies18 threads Junior Member
    yes we can get through w/out taking loans, but it just means i will have no extra money for grad school as soon as i graduate and i will have to work for a few years before i go to grad school
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  • Silver12065Silver12065 266 replies19 threads Junior Member
    Go to Geneseo!!!!
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  • anxiousmomanxiousmom 5873 replies106 threads Senior Member
    go to geneoseo. Wake Forest is not worth that much more money, and job possibilities will be better at Geneoseo if you plan to stay in New York.
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  • minimini 26167 replies259 threads Senior Member
    If you decide after two years that Geneseo is not challenging enough (and you are carrying 3.8-4.0 GPA as a result), you can transfer the last two years, pocket the $56k, and carry a degree with a fancy name on it.
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  • ChrissyMChrissyM 14 replies18 threads Junior Member
    oh yeah, i plan to move out of new york when i get a job, hopefully in the south
    and perhaps major in business.
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  • weenieweenie 5444 replies349 threads Senior Member
    Definitely Geneseo.
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  • Observer28Observer28 60 replies3 threads Junior Member
    If your family can afford it, go where you want to go and don't look back. Grad school will work itself out...especially if you are thinking about going the business school/MBA route. Often times, businesses will actually pay for your education and as a female interested in business school, you will have some pretty good scholarship opportunities for MBA school. WFU's rep is leaps and bounds above SUNY schools or JMU in the south. Again, if it were a problem financially for your family, I would say consider the cheaper options. Otherwise, take Wake Forest.
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  • tonerangertoneranger 3671 replies52 threads Senior Member
    If you want to go to grad school, maybe your parents would reserve some of the money that you will save by going to Geneseo. I went to SUNY Albany (many years ago) and I have done quite well, getting sr mgt jobs in fortune 500 companies and now running my own consulting practice. I think it's what you put into your education vs the school you go to.
    Also, my son just chose Penn State (Schreyer Honors) over Wake Forest. He was awarded three scholarships and tution is almost free so we are saving one of the scholarships for him and giving it to him when he graduates (for grad school).
    Good luck with your decision.
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  • upstater05upstater05 136 replies1 threads Junior Member
    Geneseo is a fantastic choice, especially if (in the long run) you decide to stay in New York.
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  • jonrijonri 7367 replies135 threads Senior Member
    I live in NY. Geneseo is a good school, but outside of New York, it's not well known. In terms of out of state rep, it ranks WAY after SUNY-Bing and Stoney Brook. That may not be fair, but it's reality.

    Of course you can succeed no matter where you go to college. But if your folks have the $, Wake IS worth the money. If they don't..that's an all together different story. So, ask your parents to tell you the truth as to how much of a strain it will put on them to pay for Wake Forrest.

    I certainly wouldn't take JMU over Geneseo, given the difference in cost.

    As to grad school..recognize that (a) you may not go at all and (b) if you want to get a MBA, you'll probably have to work at least 2-3 years after college graduation to have a chance of getting into a top-ranked program; most top-ranked programs won't take people without work experience.
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  • weenieweenie 5444 replies349 threads Senior Member
    I'm not sure that "name recognition" for an undergraduate degree at either place would really matter that much. For a top-notch job, chances are you'll need to go to graduate school (where name recognition will matter), or become an entrepreneur. Either that or you'll end up in a job where it doesn't matter that much (e.g. teaching). BTW that type of job won't pay back $120k in loans easily, so unless someone else is footing the bill...
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  • TheDadTheDad ! 9905 replies323 threads Senior Member
    Another vote for Geneseo. Or at least that would be my advice to my D. WF may be a little "better" but not $112K better. They're close enough on paper that I wouldn't go with size and selectivity as major determinants in any event; the reasons for going to WF would have to pretty compelling.
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  • jprojpro 74 replies0 threads Junior Member
    Geneseo.112k is a whole lot of money.
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