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Parents of the HS Class of 2017 - 3.0 to 3.4 GPA


Replies to: Parents of the HS Class of 2017 - 3.0 to 3.4 GPA

  • curiositycat333curiositycat333 Registered User Posts: 1,114 Senior Member
    @techmom99 We have a lot of Jewish here as well. On Saturday in certain area's you can see them walk to synagog. Many may go to the private Jewish Day school only down the street. I don't know... if you don't want to go to detention on your holly day, maybe don't break the rules. Although honestly they are fairly sensitive to these things and if your parents were to explain it's the holy day, they might find something else similar.

    Neither of my kids even got any Sat detentions. (Knock on wood here there is still a few months to go.) So I don't really know the details.

    The point is.. Saturday detention is something the kids really really don't like. I believe they are allowed to bring homework.

    @endesmom Sounds like environmental science has come a long way since I was an undergrad.
  • CoyoteMomCoyoteMom Registered User Posts: 169 Junior Member
    edited February 17
    Congrats to @Fishnlines29 D for both NYU *and* starting in Paris - how cool is that??

    @everyone for sharing sympathy and other transcript woes -- I'm meeting with GC tomorrow so that I'll at least know what's on the 1st semester updates.

    @smakl70 and college visits - so far, we've managed to squeeze in visits on school holidays or teacher workdays - mostly because CoyoteSon has two teachers who are extremely punitive for missing their class, even for excused field trips and even though they each have scheduled all day field trips involving missing other teacher's classes. Hence the quick trip to Beloit on Sunday-Prez Day, but back to school on Tuesday. We'll try to fit in any other visits over spring break - but by April, I may be less concerned about high school attendance than making sure CoyoteSon has good overnight visits at two-three top choices. >:)

    @eandesmom -- ha ha, though I get why it really isn't so funny -- about the cognitive dissonance of "I need to visit, but I know I'm not going there," but so glad you will both enjoy Philly itself! Plus,
    the vibe and campus facilities really are quite different from Goucher, so I'm glad that you will see them both and not wonder about the one that got away.

    Wow - thanks for explaining UVM'S various EnvSci "core" for three different colleges, and then branching into so many concentrations. That does sound like a really deep program, and still lots of flexibility to go into policy instead.
    @curiositycat333 and @eandesmom - I was going to major in Engineering (which would have required transferring schools, but would have let me out of the Foreign language requirement in the College) - but I hated the Engineering clases, and found Environmental Science instead...and here's the funny part - I loved the science, and the economics - and took a graduate Enviro Law and Policy seminar - and went on to work at EPA where one really needs *both* the science and the politics. I've since taken a career detour into teaching - which hopefully can sustain me for another few (cough, cough, hopefully only 4) years before I look into getting back to EPA!
  • rosered55rosered55 Registered User Posts: 2,706 Senior Member
    My nephew is in one of the environmental programs at UVM. This discussion has made me realize I don't really know much about his major because I don't even know which of the programs he's in.
  • curiositycat333curiositycat333 Registered User Posts: 1,114 Senior Member
    Looked up DS's grades today. And they are back on track. The D in economics was just that early semester only a few not really important grades in the portal, and everything looks terrible because it's only based on one or two homework grades. One good test and the grades back up where it needs to be.
  • eandesmomeandesmom Registered User Posts: 3,095 Senior Member
    @techmom99 I am here for over a week! My work stuff goes through next weds. I'll have 2 days on my own, though really will be working from my hotel room it would appear and then hopefully seeing friends both nights. I intercept S on Sat from his school drama trip and it is off to vermont we go!

    May 1 stresses S17 out, he wants to narrow it down NOW I can tell. All of a sudden he is Mr. Urgent.

    No Sat detention here, it's "tardy tank" and is offered 1 or 2 days a week. During some breaks though they will ahve a longer block to "take" and that can wipe out the tardies. Which both my boys get for jazz band lol.

    @curiositycat333 well, not all programs are nearly that deep. WWU's is pretty robust but UVM has almost 50 full time faculty. It's nuts! In a good way. WWU has 18 I think and Allegheny winds the LAC category at 10. Which is substantial for an LAC of that size but it is still....10. All of these are larger once you factor in affiliated and part time faculty but the size of the UVM program is impressive if nothing else. There are other schools that are deep but at least on paper, UVM seems to blow the rest away (at least for a school my kid could get into). The cost though, ugh.

    @CoyoteMom since we aren't visiting Ithaca (which he was cranky about but is now over) I threw him a bone. LOL! It will help for comparison purposes if nothing else. We will be benchmarking all 3 LAC's to UPS...Which is the most expensive and quite likely off the table though we won't "really" know that for over a month.

    There are all kinds of cool environmental law options at UVM but ugh, not going there with S. He has interest but it's a brutal field right now and that kind of debt just doesn't make sense.

    My S would love your career path! Well maybe not the teaching part but the rest sounds up his alley. We just need to figure out something that feeds these needs and interests yet doesn't have him behind a desk/computer. The kid needs to move.

    @rosered55 there is actually more than those 2, I didn't list the other majors available lol. They also offer

    Natural Resources
    Parks, Recreation and Tourism
    Wildlife and Fisheries Biology
  • Queen's MomQueen's Mom Registered User Posts: 2,198 Senior Member
    I'm trying to schedule a visit to Ithaca, but time and money are not on my side.
  • WhataProcessWhataProcess Registered User Posts: 580 Member
    edited February 17
    @eandesmom Jumping in to offer our experience.
    D is a senior forestry major/wildlife minor at UVM. Knew she was interested in natural resources/env sci going in, but not exactly sure which field. UVM offers large tuition discount for New England residents in Forestry, so she chose that going in to save the 10k/yr. With curriculum similar for the first couple of years, we left it up to her if she wanted to declare a different major after sophomore year (and encouraged her to get a full year of reg freshman bio - one semester with her AP credit - which is not required for forestry, but would give her more options if she decided to change majors), but she decided to stay in Forestry.

    Saved us a bundle, and I will also say that EVERY job she applied for last summer (5 or 6, including university and federal research/monitoring, botany/wildlife, state management) she was offered.
    Meanwhile, my engineering son applied to many more, and was offered none. I was left wondering if we've encouraged too many kids to go the engineering route and not enough the natural resources route. Yes the ultimate career-jobs may be less lucrative, but there are a lot of opportunities to get field experience while you are a student, building a resume, and learning what areas really interest you.
  • klinskaklinska Registered User Posts: 433 Member
    Oh @eandesmom, *please* tell me there's something you can do with a poli sci degree!!!
  • eandesmomeandesmom Registered User Posts: 3,095 Senior Member
    @WhataProcess wow! What a fabulous story and outcome so far for your D. Uber jealous of that tuition discount! I fear we will really be faced with trying to decide if the program is worth a higher price tag for the possibility of stronger outcomes like your D's. You make a fabulous point though, I think we will really really need to look hard at what kind of changes could be made easily, versus not.

    Even with grad school the ultimate career jobs will be less lucrative than say, engineering, but if you don't like engineering, I fail to see the point in that! I want happy fulfilled kids. I majored in what interested me, figuring a liberal arts degree was a liberal arts degree. I don't know that I'd change a thing but it wasn't an easy path to be sure. We are seeing the oldest go through this now with his music degree. It's an expected result but watching your college educated kid work catering jobs because his industry can get away with contract work (very little full time) is hard. But heaven knows I survived doing the exact same thing! And it worked out just fine.

    @klinska I view a Poly Sci degree like most of the liberal arts humanities degrees (English, History, Philosophy). Fabulous to study and you will get a well rounded education that could prepare you for a variety of jobs. In general however, unless teaching, grad or law school is the goal, it is far less of a direct career path in most cases. My sister has done well with her grad school degree in IR, in the NGO world but it's certainly not a lucrative field. One that makes her happy though. All my degree did was show people I'd gone to a decent school and had a decent education. Early on that didn't get me terribly far but I also think early on, I really had no clue how to leverage it and was given zero aid by my college (which is not abnormal for many many schools, especially in fields like these). So, if a student is self driven, willing to just "work" and work their way up/into a path that suits them I think any liberal arts degree is good. I just think the world has gotten a lot more specialized since then and it's even harder with those types of degrees....initially. Sales was certainly never my goal but it did ultimately get me mostly where I want to be (marketing) and has been good to me. Truth be told, for the most part, I've fallen into my career and it has not been a straight path of any sort at all. But, it is not for the faint of heart. LOL! S17 has what it takes to figure it out which to me is some street smarts and grit. S19 on the other hand...I fear a vague intellectual degree for him.

    Depends on the school though. This is where I would think (hope!) that the small LAC with a super strong alumni network and strong placement center could make all the difference in that degree versus a large flagship.

    Just my 2 cents and not based on any real data other than what I've seen with myself, my family and as I've interviewed and hired folks over the years.
  • kt1969kt1969 Registered User Posts: 272 Junior Member
    @eandesmom Remind me which school you are visiting in Philly?
  • Hankster1361Hankster1361 Registered User Posts: 134 Junior Member
    @curiositycat333 --sounds like request for a transcript from the CA is good news (wouldn't ask if not interested, right?). Fingers crossed. Do they notify in-state students first? Still no transcript requests here.

    Regarding school absences for college trips, our school has no limit or penalty. They are rather encouraged.

    Congrats to the UPS admissions! I have that in the back of my mind for S19 (coming up so soon!).

    S17 received a big packet yesterday--He has been admitted to Clemson (engineering). Merit awards notifications apparently don't come until much later, so we'll see. It looks like a lot of emphasis is put on test scores and more forgiving on GPA, which is a good thing for S17.

    S17 didn't apply to Pitt, but they are still sending him a lot of "not too late to apply, we want you" emails. I started looking at the school, and am now resisting the urge to encourage S to go ahead and throw it into the mix . . . no, he has enough!
  • smakl70smakl70 Registered User Posts: 239 Junior Member
    @Hankster1361 I hate those "not too late" emails. I too look and then have to bite my tongue. Son has some good options and he's happy with them - why cause more headaches?
  • curiositycat333curiositycat333 Registered User Posts: 1,114 Senior Member
    @WhataProcess Great story about Forestry.

    I'm sure I mentioned but S17's second choice at Cal Poly was Forestry. Not sure he really wants to study it though. He just loves hiking, backpacking and the out of doors.
  • MSU88CHEngMSU88CHEng Registered User Posts: 180 Junior Member
    I'll reply more later, but just venting now. I left a message for the GC yesterday that S needed 7th semester grades to send in for an honors college apps (to be sent US mail, so no electronic submission--how old school!). When I asked him about it last night, he said she gave it to him. The GC just called me & told me she gave S his latest transcripts and did we need anything else? Uh yeah, his 7th semester grades! @-) She said, "Well, the transcripts have the 1/2 credit classes from this year." That would be *1* class. So I asked how to send the rest of the grades from the classes he's currently taking. And she said that would be his report card, and she'd print that out and give him a copy. Don't they do this on a regular basis? I didn't think this was a difficult request! And if she's giving him the report card, will it have the lovely comments from the calculus teacher about struggling to complete homework? Uggh! I guess it's a good thing she called, though, since they're on winter break for a week after today, and he wouldn't be able to get any grade reports until the 27th for an application due on March 1... :|
  • klinskaklinska Registered User Posts: 433 Member
    @eandesmom you pretty much summed up my thoughts-- my path was very convoluted and I just fell into what I ended turning into a fairly lucrative career, also with a liberal arts degree--also at a large public, where I got no guidance (didn't seek it out :|). This is why I am so enamored of the LACs my D applied to, and while I'm glad she's still considering some of them, her top choice right now is UVM, where she may end up exactly like I did. It all turned out OK for me, but these are different times--what worked back in the dark ages won't necessarily work today. These are the things that keep me up at night....
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