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Parents of the HS Class of 2017 - 3.0 to 3.4 GPA


Replies to: Parents of the HS Class of 2017 - 3.0 to 3.4 GPA

  • mamaedefamiliamamaedefamilia Registered User Posts: 2,652 Senior Member
    @eandesmom and others The "there are options that will come in cheaper than your state flagship" also are fueled by the general media, for example, this article that somebody passed to me. These sorts of claims drive me crazy as they tend to apply to a small minority of highly competitive schools with large endowments. Or to a small subset of large publics, which may not fit every student. The only realistic data I have seen on this question that relate to smaller and/or somewhat less competitive schools are the results that you have compiled laboriously on this thread.


    I have found this group incredibly valuable as I will be helping my niece (class of 2019) who is a A-/B+ student and is likely to have respectable but not extraordinary test scores.

    I have enjoyed this thread because there was a lot of overlap with the schools my daughter considered. She really wanted a LAC or perhaps a small to mid sized university. She did not aspire to the Ivy league. We also were chasing merit and focused her search on schools that we felt she might enjoy that we also could afford. She applied to College of Wooster, St. Olaf, Dickinson, Macalester, and Oberlin.

    I can affirm that despite the fact that her GPA and test scores are very competitive, there were no "less than state school" offers. Maximum merit awards from LACs to which she applied ranged from 20-30K, which left a range of 28-44K left over to pay.

    @klinska Congrats on Denison - we visited and liked both the campus and the town. It seems like a very dynamic place and its president clearly has a vision for the school.
  • 93pilots93pilots Registered User Posts: 115 Junior Member
    @rbc1999 I don't think it's too late and I agree that Barron's is good; they also had some premade flash cards for the subjects my S took in prior years. He also used the "quizlet" site with flash cards other kids had put together. That said I am not bugging S about the AP exams at all. He is not trying to enter school with a bunch of credits and at this point it doesn't affect college admissions so am in a whatever happens, will happen mood. His school makes you take the exam to get credit for the class, so he has to do it, but in grand scheme of things this isn't looming large.

    @morningside95 he will admit to no front runners but I hope there will be some decisions after this weekend. (Well, there pretty much has to be a decision!) @eandesmom your bracket analogy is not far off as he seems to prefer a process of elimination kind of thing. he is very analytical and not the type to have a big emotional falling in love reaction to a school....so, hanging in there. Under the surface I know he is thinking hard.
  • klinskaklinska Registered User Posts: 433 Member
    Good luck @93pilots ! That's a lot of schools to have in contention at this stage. Does he have them in tiers of preference at least? It will all get sorted, but I feel for you!

    My D17 has the Barron's books for her AP classes. She's been using them all year.

    Welcome @Brunoandbeansmom ! It sounds like it just took your S a little longer to figure out what he wanted. Can you clarify where he stands now? Sounds like he was considering the CC/transfer route earlier, but now is deciding between UPS and UCSC. Is this as a 4-year option, or is he taking you up on your suggestion to do at least a year away and then transfer? It's hard to say how he will feel in a year--I imagine you are hoping he will have settled in at his choice and want to continue there, but how will you feel if he does want to come back home and do CC and then transfer to brand name school?

    If he does take a gap year and reapply, be aware that if he does take some classes he may lose his first-year status, which may affect acceptance and/or merit aid. He should look into the requirements/constraints at each school he is considering.

    If he pursues the CC/transfer route that could also affect the merit aid he is eligible for. Are the schools he's considering for transfer affordable as full pay?
  • eandesmomeandesmom Registered User Posts: 3,105 Senior Member
    Both of the kids are using Barron books for AP studying and have in the past. TBH they only help if the student actually uses them, so far of the 3 AP tests taken we only have one usable score and for that one, a study group was involved in addition to the book.

    I did buy the flash cards this year for APES which S was excited about and says they help. Both kids say they are studying (though only started this week) and using the books but....I have my doubts.
  • Fishnlines29Fishnlines29 Registered User Posts: 1,542 Senior Member
    @eandesmom Aww, you're such a sweetie! What would we do without you and your ability to bring this group together!

    Thanks to everyone for all the kind words on my daughter's struggles. It really is nice to have a place to come and share/vent in such a supportive environment.

    @mdcmom I'm so sorry to hear your daughter is struggling at Cornell. Having some experience with these issues, I recommend you make getting her help a priority and if that means putting Cornell on hold or even having her come home, that's ok! A good therapist is key. Has she gone to any counseling services at her school? Is she a Junior? I don't know their policies but it's possible they could give her some kind of medical leave.

    It may take awhile to find a good therapist. I think we tried about 4 before we decided on a Psychiatrist that focused on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and could prescribe meds if needed (not primary goal though.) Once we found the right doctor, it made a significant difference. Depression is very serious and it's important she addresses it, becomes more self aware, learns coping skills and is able to ask for help and reach out when she needs it. My heart goes out to you.

    @rbc1999 @Hankster1361 My daughter is using the Princeton Review book, but honestly, she only opened it this week and IMO it's a bit too late. Would have made more sense for her to open it in the fall. At this point, your kids could probably go online for practice questions at Khan Academy or something.
  • RightCoasterRightCoaster Registered User Posts: 1,786 Senior Member
    @klinska congrats! It's good your D found her place. You can always take a weekend trip up to Burlington when the weather is nice for fun :) I always thought my son would end up there too, but he did not. So we'll have to live vicariously through @eandesmom 's son .

    I'll have to read up on Dennison to see what it's all about. I've enjoyed reading this thread because so many of you have looked far and wide into a variety of schools., some I was familiar with, some not. I try to look up info on every school I am not too familiar with. It's been fun.
  • BrunoandbeansmomBrunoandbeansmom Registered User Posts: 7 New Member
    Thank you all for your kind and thoughtful responses.

    S seems to like both choices. I think he's leaning towards ucsc simply bc he likes the campus, location, and weather. UPS is in the running still bc of its sports and closeness to snow. We did visit UPS during admitted students day and though he's not in love with the campus (?!) he sat in on a class and saw much to like.

    He hasn't mentioned CC since I kind of took the choice away from him. I insisted he try a four-year and then transfer if he likes. I know we have some great CCs nearby and I know he could be successful. I'm a little worried about impacted classes and such but to me, it's more about his socioemotional development than anything else.

    The thing is, I guess I'm feeling a little guilty for taking the choice away from him. I strongly believe this is his journey, and am trying to advise him but not make decisions for him. So I'm wondering if I should reopen the conversation.

    I do think a lot of his initial motivations had to do with keeping up with his peers and also with his own fears about leaving home. We visited both schools, we toured the cities and I was able to procure him a parking permit at Santa Cruz so he can take his car. I think that was a huge help. Now he can drive home or tour the surrounding cities.

    The thing is, he's not a super-competitive kid. So I'm not sure that the big-name schools would be a big fit for him. If anything, it would be like high school all over again. I do think he's ended up at two good fits for him, though neither is perfect (weather/sports) but there are a ton of possibilities and opportunities at both schools.
  • BrunoandbeansmomBrunoandbeansmom Registered User Posts: 7 New Member
    Also, I've mentioned that U of A takes applications until May 1st and has a strong business programs. I've also mentioned the NASCA? NASC?list that comes out in May but he doesn't want to trouble his counselor and he's over the process, I think.
  • eandesmomeandesmom Registered User Posts: 3,105 Senior Member
    @klinska I will definitely let you know when I plan to be up there! That would be so much fun.

    @RightCoaster it's kind of funny S is the only one who ended up at UVM after all that lol. He is clearly finding his tribe on the FB page though, which is wonderful.

    @Brunoandbeansmom what did he not like about the campus at UPS? We think it's so pretty!!!!

    I think he has two lovely options and without a compelling reason to revisit (NASAC) or look at UA I'd personally be inclined to leave well enough alone. The best thing you can do is let him know you are open to listening to what he thinks is best for him and that ultimately, it is his decision (if you really mean that). We've heard a lot (at admitted student events) about how this is the time for kids to be selfish and think about what they want. And I think that's very true. But I also think it's true that kids have emotional responses in the moment that may or may not be how they "really" feel once they step outside of that moment. My S had major regret about not applying to our flagship as he saw his friends get in. And yet it is absolutely the wrong school for him, even if he had gotten in. He knows that, but it didn't stop the (momentary) regret. Perfectly normal.
  • rosered55rosered55 Registered User Posts: 2,875 Senior Member
    @CoyoteMom, I'm glad you enjoyed your visit to Carleton. D2 graduated from there, and I think she got a great education. I was happy to have her a little closer (4-hour drive instead of 4-hour flight) to home than her sister's college was.
  • cameo43cameo43 Registered User Posts: 1,273 Senior Member
    Congrats to everyone who has decisions made!

    @klinska, big WOOHOO for Denison! It is such a lovely school! Great choice. And I would like to join you on a jaunt to Burlington to meet up with @eandesmom! :)

    D and I spent Tuesday night and Wednesday in Worcester for WPI's Accepted Students program. She had a blast, made some new friends and a lot of connections with students and faculty and organizations. I have never seen such a big group of adorably nerdy kids all together -- there were a LOT of families from all over visiting that day! She was a little bit nervous at first, but really put herself out there, and just thoroughly enjoyed herself. She's so happy with her choice and can't wait to get started in the fall. In the school President's opening remarks, she mentioned that this year there were 10,500 applicants. I don't know how big an increase that is over last year, but it does seem like the school is becoming more popular. I admit to buying way more swag in the bookstore than I had planned... I got carried away by the school spirit! LOL It was a really great day and I was SO impressed by the warm and friendly vibe that was evident throughout the community. From the President to the dining hall staff, everyone we met was so welcoming and seemed genuinely happy to be there (and happy that we were there). I had to keep reminding myself that we were not at a college in Ohio! ;)
  • rienrahrienrah Registered User Posts: 99 Junior Member
    @CoyoteMom Carleton accepted your son because they believe he'll be successful there, so I wouldn't worry too much on that score.

    An odd little link between Carleton and Beloit Colleges, the president of Beloit was formerly dean at Carleton (and an econ prof there for many years). He seems to be doing well for the place, they've had record attendance the past couple of years (over 1300 lol).

    Your son has such good options, he really can't go wrong. Best of luck with your decision!
  • tacocat333tacocat333 Registered User Posts: 164 Junior Member
    @CoyoteMom , I'm so glad the Carleton visit went well. We'll all be waiting anxiously for the final decision (avatar) to materialize!

    I have decided that "With merit, privates will come below the price of in-state" is a line like, "I lost 30 pounds in a month just by giving up soda and parking farther from the office door." Not to say it doesn't happen, but not nearly as much as we're led to believe. Two of TacoSon's offers were below only the highest priced state schools.

    I don't think TacoSon has any intention of doing ANY prep outside of classwork for AP or IB exams. Only AP Calculus and IB History HL scores would potentially bear college credit as everything else is IB SL, and I don't think testing out of either is important for his future academic journey. He'd benefit from going over the basics of Calculus again, and History would likely only count as an elective. Last week was horrid and stressful and I'm REALLY hoping that's the last of it.
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