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Parents of the HS Class of 2017 - 3.0 to 3.4 GPA


Replies to: Parents of the HS Class of 2017 - 3.0 to 3.4 GPA

  • CroissantMiserCroissantMiser Registered User Posts: 138 Junior Member
    Hi all---looking for some feedback from those who just completed this crazy process--specifically regarding the merit award schools that are frequently discussed here in this group (Denison, Wooster, Allegheny, Goucher, Ursinus, Beloit, etc). D is considering ED to a merit aid school, but i'm a bit concerned about the school basically applying "why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free" philosophy and possibly holding back on merit b/c of ED, knowing it's our first choice. The other side is perhaps they are more generous w/merit b/c it's first choice and they want to reward, etc. Has anybody encountered this situation and, if so, what was outcome? I know there are many variables regarding stats, etc, but just looking for anecdotal evidence one way or the other. Thanks so much!
  • GatormamaGatormama Registered User Posts: 853 Member
    You could do Early Action at most of them...
  • jmek15jmek15 Registered User Posts: 671 Member
    @CroissantMiser we only applied EA to avoid the dilemma, but perhaps admissions would be willing to tell you the % of ED's receiving merit aid. It's really about how comfortable you are with gambling. Another problem with ED is that a lot of times kids change their minds between November and May. IMO ED is a great option if your DC is completely certain that the school is the perfect fit (even if they change their major) and you can afford it even if no merit is offered. P.s. I really like your user name!
  • eandesmomeandesmom Registered User Posts: 3,105 Senior Member
    @CroissantMiser the general wisdom seems to be that ED lessens your chance at merit. It is an admissions card to play, not a merit one. EA increases your chance at merit but it far less sure than ED. You can, of course, look up the ED/EA/RD stats per school.

    Bottom line is IF you do ED...you need to be prepared to be full pay (and be ok with it) OR believe there will be FA offered. Merit to me, in and ED situation, is n ot something anyone can count on. Yes, you can get out if the offer isn't what you thought it would be based on NPC or other reasons but that's no fun for parent or child to go through.
  • CroissantMiserCroissantMiser Registered User Posts: 138 Junior Member
    @jmek15 and @eandesmom --Thanks for your input. You both capsulized the dilemma we are facing. Personally, I do believe that most schools would not put full merit weight behind an ED applicant and i know many in this forum whose children applied EA and RD to these types of schools and received nice merit. This challenge is convincing my D and my spouse w/o sounding negative. Man, i can't wait for this process to end! Thanks again.
  • techmom99techmom99 Registered User Posts: 2,067 Senior Member
    Happy Rosh Hashana to all who celebrate and happy (?) end of summer to everyone -

    Techson17 is enjoying school except for his drafting class. He HATES it, but it's a requirement for his major. I completely understand as it was a required class at my HS and I barely passed and I think I hated it more than geometry, if that was even possible. The school must recognize that it's hard as you need only a D- to advance to the next class. I told him that, but I also told him I hope that he does better.

    He's enjoying his other classes, but might drop his second gen ed in order to have more time for drafting. He is going to wait until after the big test next week. If he doesn't get at least a B, he will drop the class. He's currently taking 17.5 credits and he came in with 9, so he's still well on target.

    Other than that, he is getting on well with his roommate and suite mates, except for the one who never comes out. They actually did call the RA after failing to see or hear from him for three days. It turned out he was ok, but still....

    The food is okay and he actually has meals left over each week, so we are going to downsize his meal plan next semester for a small monetary savings.

    Hope to hear updates from everyone else and that the kids (and parents) are doing well.
  • eandesmomeandesmom Registered User Posts: 3,105 Senior Member
    @CroissantMiser Colleges have zero incentive to give extra $$ to ED kids. Zero. ED is binding, they don't need to "pay" you to attend.
    So to me, unless you are truly willing to be full pay or the NPC shows you an FA package that works for you and so it does seem affordable...then ED is not worth it for most if $$ is a concern.

    If it is a school that gives straight merit based on stats then you should be able to have a good idea of what will be offered and the NPC ought to give you a good idea as well. If you want to share the name of the school, folks here can weigh in more specifically.

    If the admission advantage is worth the extra cost and you can afford it (but would just prefer not to) then go for it but around here (all of CC, not just this group), almost no one is successful with an ED admit, in getting the offer improved. Bowing out if if the $$'s do not work (and it was clear before application it would not) is disngenious at best.

    There are definitely cases where the NPC "promised" something that the actual offer didn't deliver and to me that's a good faith exercise and fair reason to pull out but it is a binding contract and mentally for the student, pretty awful to go through if parents get cold financial feet.
  • AmkngkAmkngk Registered User Posts: 81 Junior Member
    I was under the same impression about ED and merit, but D was insistent that she wanted to apply ED. She ended up being offered the highest merit amount they give outside the full ride that requires a multi day competition. Shocked me to no end.
  • CroissantMiserCroissantMiser Registered User Posts: 138 Junior Member
    @Amkngk ---interesting and thanks for that info....don't want you to divulge school, but would you mind indicating whether it was larger university or LAC? Unless it was Syracuse based on your pic. Thanks!
  • AmkngkAmkngk Registered User Posts: 81 Junior Member
    @CroissantMiser, it was Syracuse. Good luck.
  • curiositycat333curiositycat333 Registered User Posts: 1,114 Senior Member
    @techmom99 I'm glad to hear your son is doing well. He will get through the drafting. I'm sure you tell him Always have to do something you don't want.

    I just got back from taking my son to university. And a long weekend with my parents, my mom's not doing very well and they needed my help.

    He start classes tomorrow Thursday Sep 28th. Although I have no idea if he has any tomorrow as only labs are on his schedule. He didn't want much help moving in so I don't know many details yet. I've told him I want to hear from him at least once a week but that I won't bug him too often so I won't call him till the weekend.
  • techmom99techmom99 Registered User Posts: 2,067 Senior Member
    @curiositycat333 -

    Good luck on the start of classes.

    Apparently, the entire class is suffering through drafting. I somehow occasionally get a messenger account on my phone (which used to be his) in which his cohort is complaining about drafting. He got a C and a C- on the first two projects. They need a D- to progress to the next level, so the school must realize it's difficult. I failed this course in HS and shared that with Techson17. He and his friends have 24 hour access to the lab so groups of them are working together.

    I hope that your mom improves. My MIL is in the hospital, about to go to rehab for orthopedics.
  • NolaCARNolaCAR Registered User Posts: 233 Junior Member
    Yesterday evening I organized an informal gathering at a wine bar for moms of our local HS Class of 2017. Most of our kids have been in college about a month now (with one graduating from USAF basic training next week), so it was fun to compare stories. Several of the women are now empty nesters, so they’re navigating that transition. Others, like me, have just launched our oldest. I organized it through a FB invite and welcomed people to invite friends, so some of the women I had never met before, some of them I hadn’t talked to much since our kids were in elementary school together, and some of them are my close friends. We had a good enough time that we decided to do it again in early December.
  • techmom99techmom99 Registered User Posts: 2,067 Senior Member
    @NolaCAR -

    I have a group like that but we are not just class of 2017. There are 8 - 12 of us, with a core of about 4. It's so much fun to get together with them and share notes. Most of us have our kids at SUNY schools, which is sort of unusual in our "affluent" area so we also serve as a support group on that end as well. Our next get together is in October.
  • MSU88CHEngMSU88CHEng Registered User Posts: 186 Junior Member
    Good luck to all whose kids are just getting started! When I went to MSU, they were also on the quarter system, so we started classes really late, too. Now they're on semesters, so S17 has been in class for a month already.

    I traveled to MI for work last week, and managed to get an evening to visit S17. It was GREAT to see him, and he's adjusting so well--has a place on the mock trial team, and has joined freshman council for student government and his dorm's activities board. He has a core group of guys to hang out with, gets along with his roommate, and has fun playing poker/cards and going to football games with the guys on his dorm floor. Classes are going well so far, but he hasn't had any big exams yet. Although he seemed pleasantly surprised that he did very well on the 1st speaking test for French. I think he may have been placed a class too low in French, but it's a good confidence boost for him, and he's ahead on credits anyway, so it's fine. His first paper is in for the writing class for his major, and he has 2 exams next week, so that will tell more on how he's really doing. So far he's keeping up and has gone to office hours for writing and policy, just to make sure he's on track. He seems very confident and mature--it was very cool to see him like that! We wandered campus, had dinner, and I took him shopping to stock up on snacks for his room. It was hard to say goodbye again, but easier because he was so happy.

    And then S15 was home this weekend for our high school's homecoming. He likes his apartment and his classes, and it seems like he's settling into a rhythm. He always spooks me a bit because he can get behind by not turning things in for classes, and then he won't ask for help. So midterms will be the true test for him, but so far, he says all is going well. He's great to have around the house since he's so laid back--I miss his calming presence when he's not around. We went to the homecoming soccer game, and out for dinner, and I took him on a grocery run to stock up his pantry, too. And he spent some time online gaming, so he was happy--he doesn't take his PS4 to school because he knows it would be too big of a time sink for him... And I got a dose of both boys in 1 week--very NICE!
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