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Fall dorm move-in vs. Spring move-out

crepescrepes 561 replies32 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 593 Member
Our daughter's semester will be over at the end of this week and we are driving to her campus this weekend to get her moved out. She's our first to go away and I know now that we overpacked last Spetember and have already brought home a few things that she didn't need (a microwave, extra comforter) I have to say, though, that we found move-in to be relatively straghtforward and easy.

We've mentioned our upcoming move-out to a few people and the responses seem uniformly negative: not fun, a lot of hard work, stressful, bring lots of garbage bags, just rushing to throw out stuff at the end of the day.

For those of you who have been through this, what has your experience been? Any good survival tips?

Thanks in advance!
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Replies to: Fall dorm move-in vs. Spring move-out

  • kiddiekiddie 3287 replies210 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 3,497 Senior Member
    I hate move out - freshman year was horrible. I think my daughter had her last final that morning - almost nothing had been packed yet, and she was emotional saying goodbye to her wonderful new friends. Spent hours packing, loading the car, and trying to squeeze everything in. (I think we drove home with stuff piled on my daughter's lap - bought an SUV after that so we could haul more stuff!)

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  • NorthernMom61NorthernMom61 4086 replies29 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 4,115 Senior Member
    Wow, my daughter's roommate's parents are going to need a nice present from us! They are helping four freshman move out next weekend, their daughter, our daughter, and two other out of towners who are rooming with the two girls next year, and they are storing all of their stuff for the summer too. I did suggest strongly to my daughter that she make sure her stuff is all ready to haul when they come and to expect to haul too. She doesn't have much choice in the matter since we can't be there.
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  • suzy100suzy100 5688 replies58 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 5,746 Senior Member
    This is a great thread - thank you to everyone for the tips! My D lives on the 4th floor in a dorm with no elevator or air conditioning. I am not looking forward to this.
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  • happy1happy1 22471 replies2196 discussionsForum Champion Parents, Forum Champion Admissions Posts: 24,667 Forum Champion
    @NorthernMom61 I would definitely send those parents a gift card for a dinner out, a bottle of wine, or something along those lines. They are very gracious to do that. And you are right to be sure your D is packed in advance. Maybe also suggest that she vacuum the room in advance (that is a help, trust me).
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  • OHMomof2OHMomof2 12460 replies231 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 12,691 Senior Member
    I'm following along too....first real move-out. And we will be on a time crunch.
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  • tx5athometx5athome 3852 replies5 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 3,857 Senior Member
    I have been through it with all 3 of my kids. My daughter (oldest) always had SO MUCH STUFF, but most of the time she was organized and ready for move-out. Her freshman year she had to be out a couple hours after her last final so my husband and I went down (2 hours away) the weekend before and took most of her stuff home, and left a car. My middle son was a very light packer and extremely organized. He was always ready when I went to pick him up and it never too more than 2 trips up and down to get everything in the car. We drove 6 hours to pick up #3 (son). When we arrived his dorm was a disgusting mess and he had not packed a thing. We just threw everything in the car. There was a giant pile of stuff in the lobby that people were "donating".
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  • scmom12scmom12 3063 replies21 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 3,084 Senior Member
    The hardest part about moving out is that kids seem to underestimate the time it takes to clean up and to formally check out. I didn't help my D1 move home any semester except when she graduated. D2 was in town and was almost harder since she thought she could just drop by with some stuff over exams. So she never really packed anything and ended up with lots of little bags and boxes and waited til the bitter end to leave for good and then underestimated how much was left and clean up time for the campus apartment- and had to work around other girls leaving. Thankfully they were all good kids, and there were usually extra guys around to haul stuff down from 3rd story walkup.
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