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UGA Honors vs. South Carolina Honors

spyderwomanspyderwoman 7 replies14 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 21 New Member
Cost about the same, have visited both, UGA in general higher ranked but Carolina Honors #1 rank, but general population of students probably couldn't get in UGA??? But hate UGA extreme party reputation
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Replies to: UGA Honors vs. South Carolina Honors

  • deega123deega123 643 replies46 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 689 Member
    Where are you from? Do you have any idea about your major? If you know your major, I would research requirements, reputation, etc.

    I know students at both schools. I don't know how you concluded that there is more partying at UGA than Carolina. They are both large, football crazy schools with heavy Greek influence. They have very similar party reputations so I wouldn't exclude UGA because of it.

    If the reputation of your intended major is similar at both schools I would look at other things that are important to you. One big thing that I think UGA has over Carolina is location. Athens is a great college town. Do you have any EC interests? Research those and find out which school has the better program.
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