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Transfer Q - Changing Mind after Enrollment Commmittment

scotlandcallingscotlandcalling 193 replies2 threads Junior Member
I posted this thread in Transfer section and got a single reply (thank you myos1634), but I don't think you other super experienced folks visit that side much (I didn't know it existed) hope cc doesn't mind me putting it here.

Situation: A rising sophomore at a 4 year private that has been admitted to another four year private as a transfer student. The only thing signed up for at current school is housing with a minimal deposit. They decide to go through with the transfer and put down the enrollment deposit at new school.

If a week or so later, the student freaks out and decides they really don't want to transfer, and withdraws their enrollment from new school, I understand they lose the enrollment deposit, but are there any other ramifications? is there any issue being enrolled at two schools for that short time (assuming haven't made a tuition down payment at either school for sophomore year at this point). I suppose the current school has no idea the student is transferring to new school if a release of records hasn't been filled out by the student..right? Again, private schools, not state system or anything.

I understand the ethical/inconvenience issue to another student, not asking about that, but am sensitive to it certainly. Just want to know if there is a cushion as I don't have confidence in student's decision one way or another at this point. It is emotional decision and they are only given 10 days or so to make up their mind. Very little time to find out if all the kinks can be worked out (housing, etc) as well. Appreciate help, it is really stressful time and student is doing best they can in short window of time.
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Replies to: Transfer Q - Changing Mind after Enrollment Commmittment

  • HannaHanna 14866 replies42 threads Senior Member
    "I understand they lose the enrollment deposit, but are there any other ramifications?"

    No, unless the student already withdrew from the original school. If they're expecting him back, he can just go back.
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  • bluebayoubluebayou 27835 replies196 threads Senior Member
    I understand the ethical/inconvenience issue to another student...

    Even that is not a concern, or should not be. Colleges lose new students who have deposited all the time, and even have a term for it: summer melt. And smart Adcoms plan for it.
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  • scotlandcallingscotlandcalling 193 replies2 threads Junior Member
    Thanks for reply, very much appreciated, first world problem I know. He still has finals to do so not much mental free time to evaluate if he really wants to go forward with transfer, so may need a bit more time than given (next Friday). I think he will put down the deposit and live with it for a couple days. Think that would be helpful but didn't want him getting booted out of both due to some unknown consequence.
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  • blueskies2dayblueskies2day 1097 replies6 threads Senior Member
    edited May 2016
    Many kids are dealing with this kind of quick decision that are part of things like USC's Trojan Transfer Plan, the transfer plan that is set up when they are rejected as freshman. Since they don't have guaranteed acceptance however, and they have already been through rejection once by the school, it is hard to think about till they get solid news. Then it is 2 weeks to decision day. Of course for kids with dream school notions it may be easier, but for many that spent time at another school not sure if USC (or other school that offers this type of plan) will actually come through until they see the pack, it can be a hard decision. It's senior year decision all over again, brutal. It's like going back to the girlfriend/boyfriend that broke up with you once already, but for some reason you are still drawn to. ugh.
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