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Parents of the HS Class of 2018 - 3.0 to 3.4 GPA


Replies to: Parents of the HS Class of 2018 - 3.0 to 3.4 GPA

  • mstompermstomper Registered User Posts: 828 Member
    @Momtoatrio, don't feel like you have to answer this: are S18's grades due to not doing writing assignments? The reason I ask is that we thought our S16 was being lazy (and he didn't deny it). An unsuccessful year in college showed that he froze when confronted with writing assignments. He got a 720 on the CR section of the SAT and a 4 on the AP English exam after getting a D in the class. I know your son is a different kid, and hope his issues are completely different from your son's. Your S18 could probably get good merit aid from the Colleges That Change Lives schools. If his weighted GPA is 3.5 he'd get full tuition at Alabama, and even if it isn't he'd get full tuition at University Mississippi (which S16 actually liked when he visited and would have attended if grandparents hadn't paid for him to pass a total of 3 classes at his first choice school).
  • MomtoatrioMomtoatrio Registered User Posts: 11 New Member
    @mstomper I would say that his grades are mostly due to not doing/turning in homework that tends to be things like worksheets. He has very little tolerance for doing things once he has perceived that he has learned the material. No amount of lecturing on my part about "there are things in life that we have to do whether we like it or not" can convince him that these things are necessary. I've suggested Mississippi to him but he seems stuck on the fact that it's very south (and we are not). His school doesn't weight grades, so I'm not sure what that would do to his GPA. My other two seemed easy compared to this one!
  • BooajoBooajo Registered User Posts: 821 Member
    @Momtoatrio how far does he want/need to go? Because Wisconsin schools would be affordable I think. Not sure how Truman State would handle GPA, but they are usually a good option too (and not so far south as Mississippi).
  • mstompermstomper Registered User Posts: 828 Member
    Truman State is a good suggestion. Long ago I had a friend who studied German there. Ohio University may be as well; if our youngest decides to go more than 2-3 hours away it wouldn't be a bad place for him to check out. @Momtoatrio, your youngest sounds like our younger son (except with a higher SAT). Ours will sometimes sit down and do all those assignments and turn them in late, but not always. This past year our school did away with finals, but that meant more less meaningful assignments and less opportunity to pull grades up by acing the final. Fourth quarter wasn't pretty, but overall his GPA pretty much stayed the same.
  • MACmiracleMACmiracle Registered User Posts: 893 Member
    I have a younger D who actually completes assignments but then doesn't hand them in. :-t
  • KardinalschnittKardinalschnitt Registered User Posts: 154 Junior Member
    Hi there!

    Our group is growing. Welcome everyone!

    We are about to go home for the summer, but I thought I'd stop by first.

    Dd started on some apps. She is currently back in the "definitely going to college" mood. Iowa State is tops, by far, with Northern Michigan U as second choice. Ha ha! Not urban, not warm by a long shot. Whatever! She's in love with both. She actually qualifies for automatic admit at ISU, so no stress, which is very nice.

    Have a lovely summer all! See you in September!
  • MomtoatrioMomtoatrio Registered User Posts: 11 New Member
    @Booajo , Wisconsin has a few schools that will be his safeties. Sadly I don't think he'll get in at Madison or that would probably be his #1 pick. For us they're cheap because of reciprocity. I haven't heard of Truman so I'll definitely take a look there!
  • MomtoatrioMomtoatrio Registered User Posts: 11 New Member
    @mstomper we might have the same child! Yes, sometimes he will do them and turn them in late. Other times he tells me he is definitely not worth his time and he refuses. He always knows what % of the grade is made up of homework and plans accordingly
  • labegglabegg Registered User Posts: 1,586 Senior Member
    DD submitted applications to University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) and Stephen F Austin State University. She is an assured admit to SFA and if I read the info correctly she should be assured admission to Ole Miss too. Happy to have 2 done! She is ready to hit the submit on U of South Carolina too, not sure what she is waiting for, lol.

    DD knocked a few more essays out over the past few days. Seems like supplemental essay topic dujour is about diversity.
  • rwmannesqrwmannesq Registered User Posts: 138 Junior Member
    @snoozn: Hello and thank you for reaching out to me/us.

    Yes, my son is very much like your D11 (thanks for tipping me off re that number, I figured it out a little late in the game.) He insists on taking the SAT again because he wants a shot at a couple more schools, so I found a local tutor to focus on SAT test taking strategy as opposed to the material. We'll see if that gives him a significant breakthrough.

    He didn't talk until 5th grade but has always earned high grades and mastered the information, and teachers consistently rave about what a pleasure he is and the effort he puts in. These days his challenges manifest more in social context than anything else, not picking up on social cues, being overly literal, as well as being challenged by standardized testing, etc. He's gone without any school provided resources all along because we pulled him out of the inept public schools (meaning our local district...I actually was completely public school up to Law School) back in first grade and he's been at private Catholic Schools ever since. He did well in the small no-bully community environment. We provided self procured speech therapy and one-on-one tutoring through 8th grade with great results.

    So it won't come as a shock to you that we were thinking he should talk about it in his essay or elsewhere. The others in CC seem to strongly disagree. But my gut says to go with it and it's reassuring to hear you think likewise.

    He tests too well to get extra time or qualify for any resources, at least per the IEP's we did through 8th grade. It would be nice to know more about Spectrum Support, I'll review some of your earlier threads. He keeps shining w/ a little bit of opportunity but I can't help but worry about all the upcoming unknowns (as I know you completely understand.

    I'll keep an eye out for you in future posts. It's an absolute pleasure to make your acquaintance. Best to you and your family! :-h
  • htimy2015htimy2015 Registered User Posts: 8 New Member
    edited July 18
    Hello all, new mom here. Is the 3.0-3.4 GPA for this list weighted or unweighted GPA ? My son has a weighted 3.87, but unweighted 3.33. His SAT is 1570 (800 Math, 770 Verbal). National AP Scholar since he took 8 or 9 APs so far, and got all 5 and 4. Good stats for test scores, good EC, but GPA is not so good. He got As and Bs, with 2 C+ (in English Honors in 9th grade, and in AP Lang in 11th grade). Now I'm not sure what schools he should apply to ? We're from Virginia. He's undecided on the major. I would appreciate any suggestion on the college list that he should apply to.
  • pantha33mpantha33m Registered User Posts: 175 Junior Member
    @htimy2015 You are in the right place - unweighted GPA. My S18 is in a very similar boat - 3.44 GPA and 35 ACT. It's a tricky thing to gameplan because most of the standard advice is for kids whose GPAs and test scores are more in accord.

    Some of the schools we're thinking about: Rice, Vandy, UNC (out of state), UVA (out of state), Wake Forest, Richmond, Lafayette, Franklni & Marshall, Pitt (in state).

  • GrainraiserGrainraiser Registered User Posts: 390 Member
    "DD submitted applications to University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) and Stephen F Austin State University. She is an assured admit to SFA and if I read the info correctly she should be assured admission to Ole Miss too. Happy to have 2 done! She is ready to hit the submit on U of South Carolina too, not sure what she is waiting for, lol."

    I find this post very interesting because my son had Ole Miss and SFA at the top of his list two years ago. Never thought I would see another kid with these two schools on the list. In the end he went with Texas State because it was the best fit for him.
  • labegglabegg Registered User Posts: 1,586 Senior Member
    @grainraiser. Lol, when you live in TX and you don't have the top 7% stats for UT or TAMU...! TX State was on her list until this past weekend. DD decided to cut TX State loose when she saw the $75 app fee because she is certain she would rather go to SFA. She will throw her hat in for TAMU but I doubt she will be accepted and she does not want to do Blinn, so SFA it will be if she decides to stay in-state.
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