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Penn State fraternity and 18 of its members are charged in student's death


Replies to: Penn State fraternity and 18 of its members are charged in student's death

  • bester1bester1 Registered User Posts: 922 Member
    edited September 8
    Alums invited to stay at Penn State frat where pledge died.........


    Can PSU get any more odd? Unbelievable. Let the darn wounds heal for goodness sake. Wonder if Jay Pa had any say in this? Where on earth are the leaders?
  • cobratcobrat Registered User Posts: 12,285 Senior Member
    edited September 8
    Can PSU get any more odd? Unbelievable. Let the darn wounds heal for goodness sake. Wonder if Jay Pa had any say in this? Where on earth are the leaders?

    Tone deaf doesn't even begin to describe this....

    To say the leaders have brains made of lobotomized rocks as a result of this decision to use the house for an effective party would be giving them far more praise than they deserve...
  • momofthreeboysmomofthreeboys Registered User Posts: 15,335 Senior Member
    Has it been a year? There was a murder suicide at a Michigan College in a dorm room and they put the room back online the next year. There are odder things than using the house again. I dare say there are many people in and connected to the college that do not feel at all connected to that frat or its former house in any meaningful way. Not trying to rain on the pity party but I don't think everyone would think that someone had rocks for brains that was part of the planning on future use of the house. It is after all an empty house.
  • cobratcobrat Registered User Posts: 12,285 Senior Member
    ^ ^

    It would have been much more considerate in light of the recent death of Piazza and the ongoing trial of the fraternity members "allegedly" responsible for his death to at least wait until some measure of closure was had and the fraternity issued a contrite statement regarding what transpired to the Piazza and the larger campus community beyond what was done.

    This is a time for the fraternity to be wearing sackcloths asking the Piazza family and the larger community for forgiveness for what transpired....not to be holding a party as if nothing happened.
  • NASA2014NASA2014 Registered User Posts: 1,934 Senior Member
    To be honest, if people are upset that the house is being used after a terrifying event. Why not just demolish the house? I don't want to be rude or anything I feel sad for the parents of losing their child, but we can't just stop using the building because of something that happened in the past. We move on and future people will learn from this consequence. It's a building and space which is actually needed.
  • greenbuttongreenbutton Registered User Posts: 2,286 Senior Member
    I agree it is appalling conduct, but in keeping with Beta's general horribleness

    However, as has been pointed out numerous times, the property is privately owned by national Beta, run by an alumni board, and on privately owned land. The University has already permanently disbanded the frat and "encouraged" the students to withdraw. I don't know what legal ability they have to determine what the alumni choose to do with their house.

    And nobody refers to Jay Paterno as Jay Pa, nor do the PSU trustees manage privately owned student living properties. The death of Tim Piazza is horrific enough all on its own, without need for embellishment.
  • bester1bester1 Registered User Posts: 922 Member
    Okay...I admit I am not sure if anyone calls Jay by the name Jay Pa with the exception of my family. Having said that, I would think that PSU would have been able to find a way to keep parties from taking place that was the center of the horrific tragedy that was a major new story this during the past two weeks. PSU has a history of reducing the importance of issue going back to the scandal and anyone defending that it took place a year ago(it was February of 2017 - just 8 months ago) is more of the same.

    CNN exclusive from today.......it is just more of the same.....many will either defend, deny or deflect....it is more of the same and PSU should have not allowed rooms in that frat house to be rented out for game day parties. If they could cover up the scandal.....they could have done this with just as much effort.

    CNN Exclusive - Joe Paterno may have known of earlier Jerry Sandusky abuse claim, police report reveals

    My state flagship that has favored non residents in the sake of tuition and fees needs to lead by example.....I am tired of the excuses.

  • greenbuttongreenbutton Registered User Posts: 2,286 Senior Member
    Sara Ganim's "exclusive" is only a restating of Curley's sworn testimony -- it is not new information, no matter how much she and CNN want to represent otherwise.

    Your (and my) state flagship receives very little funding, percentage-wise, from the state. Who could not pass a balanced, fair, budget if their lives depended on it. But I completely agree that there was a real opportunity to lead, change, and set an example for other institutions with similar problems -- and Penn State has taken the least imaginative or compassionate path they could legally find.
  • bester1bester1 Registered User Posts: 922 Member
    I guess the difference is that they now have an actual copy of a police report that can finally end those that defend Joe PA. Jay and his Mom likely dropped thheir NCAA case because this evidence had been uncovered.
    This article is from the other fake news......More details emerge on what Joe Paterno knew of Sandusky child rapes

    In 2016, the Commonweath supported PSU at $228 million
    This was before the PA Attorney General discovered that PSU officials were chosing to admit non-residents before residents even though our in in state residents pay almost the most for any state to attend their flagship

    .PA Auditor General: Penn State Tuition Growth Outrageous

    Penn State's tuition soars and university "appears" to favor foreign students, auditor general says....

    Why the state funds the branch PSU schools that compete with PASSHE (and other than Behrend are more like Community Colleges) is a real surprise.

    So, we can agree to disagree on those issues. We both agree that PSU had a real opportunity to set an example here(with the Frat situation) and although they made improvements, allowing parties in a former frat house that was the scene of an awful tragedy and was in the new during the past two weeks just shows a lack of class and taste. I know, I know....PSU did not own the house....but we both know they could have stopped it.
  • MomfromPA15317MomfromPA15317 Registered User Posts: 88 Junior Member
    The alumni who are staying in this house had absolutely nothing to do with Tim's death. It is a beautiful, newly renovated, multi million dollar, privately owned property. Leaving it empty won't change the Piazza's loss. There is a lawsuit which has been filed by a chapter benefactor, to recoup his $8.5M, as he is disputing that it was a gift. The money raised by alumni staying here is going to fund these legal fees. Whether anyone wants to hear it or not, these men are grieving as well. Their chapter means something to them. Their closest friendships were formed in that house. This is not some raucous party where they are inviting undergrads to throw down. This is a group of adults who are likely getting together like a wake to mourn the loss of what was, knowing that the days that they can convene there are numbered. This tragedy has impacted so many. While I think about the Piazza family with a heavy heart, on an almost daily basis. I have compassion for everyone involved, including these Beta alumni.
  • bester1bester1 Registered User Posts: 922 Member
    edited September 11
    Penn State alumni invited to stay at fraternity house where hazing death took place, angering pledge's family......

    I guess the former frat brothers grieving because they are losing their former frat house takes precedent over the family that lost a son just a few months ago to the legacy of bros the decided not to help? Poor men.

    From the article.
    "The Piazza family views the plans as "disgraceful and disrespectful," said Tom Kline, their attorney."

    9 reasons the hazing case against Penn State frat brothers fell apart......

    Beta Theta Pi House Open to Fraternity’s Alumni During Football Weekends...

    Read the comments from above article.

    Alums invited to stay at Penn State frat where pledge died.....
  • bodanglesbodangles Registered User Posts: 8,242 Senior Member
    From the op-ed in #927:
    One has to wonder if it has something to do with its remoteness, which perhaps protects a fraternity-and-football-focused type of culture many other schools have left for the history books. After all, what else is there to do for entertainment?

    I do not think Penn State is the only suburban/rural school in existence. Nor is it the only school with a big football culture. What's left to do for entertainment? I don't know, how about the things those of us who don't join Greek life do? We are a MAJORITY at the school, after all.

    Nothing about this case is unique. Humans are innately awful. There is hazing at many schools. There are sexual assaults at universities across the United States every single weekend. One of the most high-profile ones in recent years was the one from Stanford. One has to wonder about Stanford, then...or maybe it's not a school affiliation that is the problem, but the fact that people do horrible things and nothing is ever going to stop that.

    I've mentioned before, maybe even on this thread, that last year I heard a couple of girls complaining that Piazza's death had ruined their year because they couldn't drink anymore. That's not something the school taught them.
  • NASA2014NASA2014 Registered User Posts: 1,934 Senior Member
    @bodangles Penn State will always be that university that will get hatred against anything. Do you think if something happened in an Ivy school or a top University have the same reaction as to penn state? People look down at penn state because of the football scandal, but they don't understand that sports does NOT DEFINE what university is all about.
  • HannaHanna Registered User Posts: 14,205 Senior Member
    "they don't understand that sports does NOT DEFINE what university is all about."

    If so, Penn State is doing a piss poor job of marketing this message.
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