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Penn State fraternity and 18 of its members are charged in student's death


Replies to: Penn State fraternity and 18 of its members are charged in student's death

  • bodanglesbodangles Registered User Posts: 8,252 Senior Member
    If so, Penn State is doing a piss poor job of marketing this message.

    Hardly the students' fault -- and yet we're the ones who have to deal with the faux-concern of there just being "something wrong with that place."
  • bester1bester1 Registered User Posts: 924 Member
    edited September 13
    Partying at Penn State fraternity house, where pledge died, is inappropriate and insensitive.............

    "Bad taste. Lousy timing. Just plain wrong for about 19 different reasons. It’s not difficult to come up with an answer for why this is wildly inappropriate.
    And the probability that not a single alumnus said, “Wait a minute. We really ought to rethink this,” is even more infuriating."

    "In the email sent last week, the alumni said they remained shocked and saddened by Piazza’s death.

    Forgive us if we think that sounds a bit hollow at this point.

    If they really feel some level of sorrow, then perhaps they will have an epiphany, and realize that having a party where the 19-year-old died is a bad idea, for so many reasons."

    This may not be the students fault(and I do not think it is, but I did not notice any students protesting the use of the house this past weekend)....but PSU has certainly and undeniably built a culture that will cover up anything that denies the opportunity for an alumni party or puts a blemish on the Football team(see ongoing denial of the scandal) and that is a shame.

  • JHSJHS Registered User Posts: 17,020 Senior Member
    In roughly 35 years of living in Pennsylvania, I had never thought about the role of Magistrate Judges (in Philadelphia, Municipal Judges) in conducting preliminary hearings on criminal charges. Unlike 99.9% of the electorate, I do pay attention to judicial elections, but I never really focused on candidates for magisterial judgeships.

    In the past couple of weeks, however, not only has there been the decision in this case by a non-attorney Magistrate Judge, but Municipal Judges in Philadelphia have thrown out felony charges in two very high-profile cases. In one, two Penn freshmen severely beat another and threw him down some stairs. The DA charged them with felony assault; they claim they were intervening to rescue an intoxicated friend from a guy who was trying to take advantage of her. And just yesterday, a judge dismissed all charges against the Amtrak engineer who crashed a train two years ago, killing eight people and injuring hundreds more.
  • HarvestMoon1HarvestMoon1 Registered User Posts: 5,994 Senior Member
    In the Penn case I think the prosecutor is considering re-filing the charges as well. The victim was actually a sophomore and his family is somewhat politically connected in Philadelphia. The 2 men who attacked him and the girl were freshmen who knew each other from high school. Allegedly when they burst into the room the victim and the girl were simply sitting on the bed. Cannot imagine that this municipal judge would conclude that this was simple assault -- they broke his nose and his hand and threw him down a flight of steps. Sounds like felony assault to me.
  • pilot2012pilot2012 Registered User Posts: 161 Junior Member
    edited September 13
    @bester1 "This may not be the students fault(and I do not think it is, but I did not notice any students protesting the use of the house this past weekend)."

    Were you there this weekend? I'm just wondering how you know this? Do you have a source(s)? I know that you google Penn State on a daily basis and cite articles whether editorial claptrap or accurate, so I hope you can share.

    In addition, who's the "we" that finds "this a bit hollow"? You and your family who coin phrases like "JayPa"?

    Post edited by MaineLonghorn on
  • LucieTheLakieLucieTheLakie Registered User Posts: 3,794 Senior Member
    They are, mostly, admirable human beings on a learning curve.
    @greenbutton, I think you have that exactly right, and I also think that's the case at most places of higher education around the country.

    FYI, if you like to follow the news in the world of higher ed, Inside Higher Ed covers a lot of this stuff five days a week for free (you can subscribe to their daily newsletter if you just want the headlines), and the Washington Post has a blog called "Grade Point." You can subscribe to their weekly newsletter without charge.as well.

    The Chronicle of Higher Education is the granddaddy of these publications, but most of it is behind a paywall. If you work at PSU, you can probably access it via the library.

    It's hardly what defines it, of course. but, you're corrent that there's no lack of sordid stories every week coming out of higher ed.

  • bodanglesbodangles Registered User Posts: 8,252 Senior Member
    Just wanted to make it clear that in my recent posts I was not intending to argue with bester. :) I just took issue with the position of the author of that particular article.
  • bester1bester1 Registered User Posts: 924 Member
    edited September 13
    @bodangles......no worries. Your perspective is thoughtful and respected.

    @greenbutton .......nicely put regarding most college kids/students. Inherently good.

    @pilot2012 ....obviously you did not read the article. I understand your need to defend PSU, but many articles posted are from a national perspective. Interestingly enough, the one I posted today is from PSU's back yard...Lancaster. The hope is that PSU leadership will someday seize these opportunities to improve the protectionist culture that has been evident to most of the nation for at least nearly the last decade. Parties at the crime frat house are inexcusable and poor taste. The hope is that folks could see that and effect needed change. PSU's tuition has increased at a light years pace...for non residents that decide to pass their own flagship and get sucked into over paying for PSU. To each his own. However, the situation for Commonealth residents has been proven to be unfair,,,,,,legislature, management, hype....at the end, higher education at a true public institution should be available/affordable for all....I am one that believes PSU has lost it's way...and I think many would agree...whether is the Sandusky scandal, tuition/acceptance, frats, branch campuses, parties in the former crime sceen or just a percieved culture....it has had many chances to lead....and it just can't. Oh...and as greenbutton has stated.....this will just cost the same Commonwealth residents more money, lawsuits and taxes while we hear PSU Board of Trustee's cry that the university is underfunded. It is a mess and can't accept that.

    PSU still has amazing attributes...no doubt.

    Several on here try to bully me into stop posting articles with their messages or comment(thank God for the editors). I call it bullying Penn State style....but that isn't a fair description to all..I understand that.

    Having said that...many amazing kids come out of the university...a credit to those young people.

    Alcoholics Anonymous and the 12 step program has a 1st step......acceptance of the problem...maybe it is a stretch, maybe not....could it be a good place to start?
  • pilot2012pilot2012 Registered User Posts: 161 Junior Member
    Bullying? You've actually been given quite free reign sans any moderation to introduce numerous ancillary issues (tuition, favoring foreign students, etc.) under the umbrella of "culture" to continue to denigrate Penn State.

    I asked if you were at Penn State or to cite some source since you said no students were protesting the use of the house this past weekend. Do you have some source? Oh, and the "we" is the Lancaster Online Editorial Board? Fine. I try use my time wisely. That said, how do you quantify Penn State's "protectionist culture that has been evident to most of the nation for at least nearly the last decade." Of course, we know about correlation, etc.; however, do you have some reliable statistics, data that indicates applications are down, static career fair participation, etc. that you could share? Also, something that supports "most of the nation" and the "decade" part?

    I find your referencing AA in such poor taste that I won't comment

  • LucieTheLakieLucieTheLakie Registered User Posts: 3,794 Senior Member
    As far as I'm aware (and there may have been changes I missed), there's no prohibition against criticizing any university on CC, including in that university's forum. What you're not allowed to do is attack another poster you don't agree with. IMHO, that's is bullying.

    If you have an issue with someone's comments, just mark that user as "ignored." If you think a poster has crossed a line, flag it and report it to the moderators. Otherwise, rebut their arguments.

    Penn State, for better or worse, has been in the national news a lot over the past decade and, unfortunately, a lot of the criticism they've received appears well deserved. As a Pennsylvania resident and taxpayer, I think I and every Pennsylvanian has a right to criticize the university. Rather than attack its critics, it would be far more helpful to read of what Penn State is doing right - and it's doing plenty very, very well, especially on the academic side. Start a thread about that.

    Those who decided Penn State was worth the out-of-state cost should have plenty of reasons they felt the school was worth the expense. No need to attack those who are justifiably angry about what happened in that fraternity house, especially in a thread about that case.
  • tutumom2001tutumom2001 Registered User Posts: 568 Member
    I also find @bester1 's posts and links informative and helpful. I don't always agree with them, but I do try to be informed as to what various opinions are out there.

    I am not a Pennsylvania resident, but I do feel that what is happening at PSU could happen at any university in the country, including my own state. I find it highly suspicious that a judge who has little knowledge of actual case law is presiding over a case in which one of the parties has a vested interest - both financial and public image - and the financial means to support this judge's political campaign. We, as the backbone of the political system, should always question the motives in such circumstances. And, we, as taxpayers, have every right to question the administrative policies and moral integrity of a public institution and the people who run it. There may or may not be any corruption in this case, but we won't know unless the paper trail is questioned and investigated.
  • bester1bester1 Registered User Posts: 924 Member
    For whatever it is worth(not required reading but a choice if you are interested because of the questions posted in #941).....here is the report from June 2017 from the Pennsylvania Auditor General DePasquale that was done because of the Sandusky Scandal and PSU attempt to cover it up....that is how other items were uncovered and this was all done before the frat tragedy....


    The fact remain that the leaders from this era are serving time in jail at this moment.

    Again...I have no issue with students/faculty....leadership is a real issue.
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