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Where are the top 10 students from your (or your child's) high school going to?


Replies to: Where are the top 10 students from your (or your child's) high school going to?

  • LindagafLindagaf 11008 replies593 threads Super Moderator
    Last year, public suburban high school outside NYC.

    Brown (2)
    Cornell (3)
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  • Larkin29Larkin29 61 replies2 threads Junior Member
    I only know the top 4 at my school.
    2 to Ohio State
    1 to Case Western Reserve
    1 to Brigham Young
    Nobody that I know of got into any top tier schools.

    Makes my school seem like a joke compared to all these ones with 10+ top acceptances.
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  • williams2021williams2021 95 replies23 threads Junior Member
    edited May 2017
    Public school with a magnet IB program(not sure about ranking)

    John Hopkins(1)

    These are matriculations. Some of the kids get multiple offers from top 20 uni/ top LACs
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  • HImomHImom 36067 replies396 threads Senior Member
    edited May 2017
    Not sure where the top 10 or more kids went but do know that about 30 kids in son's 2006 graduating class of 200 went to USCal; it was about 15% of his graduating class and many of them received merit awards of 25-100% of tuition. Their school did send kids to a pretty wide assortment of Us, including Ivies and one of the Vals went to U of HI on merit full-ride before going on to Med school where she just graduated.

    The HS didn't publish all the Us the kids were admitted to, just where they attended. I know that the Val who went to U of HI got into a ton of pricey LACs but not much merit aid, so chose the merit awards instead. She's graduating from Med school with little to no debt total for all her years of college and law school.
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  • CU123CU123 3724 replies77 threads Senior Member
    edited May 2017
    Not really interested in the admittances just the matriculations, although state and public/private is good info also.
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  • CValleCValle 788 replies69 threads Member
    Just for perspective - my daughter is at an international school in Bangalore. Graduating class of 50 this year -

    Singapore to complete mandatory military training

    Germany (free higher ed)

    Netherlands (excellent engineering programs)

    Japan, France, other home country options

    UT Austin


    Waterloo (Canada is SURGING in popularity with the international crowd!)

    I'm sure there are a bunch more US admissions that I am not aware of.
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  • tdy123tdy123 1047 replies18 threads Senior Member
    Kind of hard to isolate top 10 at son's school. Extremely selective public, graduating class of about 180/year. For 2015 101 acceptances to: Yale, Harvard, UPenn, Princeton, Stanford, MIT, Columbia, Cornell, Brown, Dartmouth, UChicago. Out of the 101 acceptances, 56 students matriculated at the listed schools.
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  • TiggerDadTiggerDad 2113 replies74 threads Senior Member
    Very unusual year at my son's public high school that offers both IB and AP. IB students usually end up going to more coveted schools, typically one to Princeton, one to Stanford, one to Duke, one to UChicago, etc. while AP students typically taking in-state schools. But this year, only one student from IB is going to Princeton, one student to Georgetown, one student to Notre Dame, and the rest of IB going to in-state pretty much. In the AP camp, two students are going to Dartmouth and the rest of the AP students to in-state pretty much. I don't know whether the severity of this year's admissions competition has anything to do with this unusual year.
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  • beth's mombeth's mom 3256 replies110 threads Senior Member
    I don't know who the top ten students in my daughter's class are, let alone where they're going to college.

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  • CU123CU123 3724 replies77 threads Senior Member
    edited May 2017
    We'll you should know the top two as they will be the valedictorian and salutatorian. ;)
    edited May 2017
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  • HImomHImom 36067 replies396 threads Senior Member
    Some schools, including the one S graduated from have a large number of kids who are Val/Sal. It can get pretty crowded and confusing at or near the top.
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  • cobratcobrat 12207 replies78 threads Senior Member
    Out of a bit under 700 in my graduating public magnet HS class in the mid-90s from GC stats:

    Val ended up at Harvard with 20 others in my graduating class
    Sal who happened to be a friend ended up at MIT with 30 others in my graduating class.

    ~1/6 of my graduating class were accepted to Cornell A & S or Engineering so many who went ended up seeing plenty of familiar faces there.

    Many classmates who ended up attending HYPS were rejected by Duke....especially considering Duke was considered a very hot school at the time.

    A few attended USAFA, West Point, Annapolis.

    5 were accepted to Princeton with most being developmental/legacies as denoted by the "SA"(Special admit) notation to show that individual's stats were not the norm for non-developmental/legacy students.

    One was accepted with the same GPA which would normally have shut him out of all the Ivies except Columbia SEAS(Back then, someone lopsided in favor of STEM with a B/B+ GPA and 1200ish pre-1995 SATs with 700+ Math was a shoo-in).

    My HS doesn't rank beyond the Val and Sal...and it was strictly determined by who had the #1 and #2 GPAs respectively.

    Students in this period were limited to a maximum of 8 total applications one of which must be to our local in-state/local public colleges(SUNY or CUNY)* and very few people were allowed to apply to more then a few Ivies/peer high reaches.

    * One application to a bunch of public colleges(~8) within a given system counted as one application.
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  • droppeditdroppedit 1035 replies18 threads Senior Member
    I'm going to repost the stats and include the class size because that adds perspective to the absolute numbers.

    D18 says that this year's senior class is well known as overachievers. The top schools for the top kids (not necessarily the top 10 kids) that D18 knows about:

    Harvard (2)
    Yale (2)
    Stanford (2)
    Princeton (?)
    GaTech (several)

    This is a large public HS north of Atlanta with somewhere between 600-700 kids in the class.
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  • LindagafLindagaf 11008 replies593 threads Super Moderator
    @CottonTales , my D attended school with pretty much the same kids for 12 years. She hung out with many of the kids who got into the top schools and everybody shared info with everyone else. No sneaky detective work, honest:-)
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  • Muad_dibMuad_dib 953 replies28 threads Member
    edited May 2017
    From my (public) HS graduating class (Long Island, in the 80s, class of ~250):

    RPI (2, including val)
    Brown (2)
    Penn State (sal)

    I don't remember the rest.
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  • SuburbMomSuburbMom 242 replies15 threads Junior Member
    D's school (highly regarded public with ~400 graduating this year) doesn't rank. There's no sal or val and they hold auditions for "graduation performances" of which giving a speech is a category and limited to two minutes. They'll hold an assembly when a student is selected "athlete of the week" by the newspaper, but you'll never hear an announcement when a student gets a full ride scholarship. (They do, however, have some special breakfast thing that is publicized as an honor, but as far as I can tell, it just honors the kids who have parents active in the PTO...<roll eyes>)

    So, I have no idea who the top 10 students are (except I know my D isn't one of them). I do know that there are several students that are safe to assume are in the top who are going to the state flagship because they didn't get in anywhere else. (One did get into an OOS flagship but wasn't offered any $). One has been very vocal in his regret of only applying to reaches and a safety.

    Overall, the school didn't fare well with regards to students going to top schools. They've got a kid going to Harvard (ED - recruited athlete), two to Dartmouth (one was a cross admit to Cornell and Columbia) and I know D mentioned one other to I think Princeton, but that's about it. D was accepted to Duke and Penn, and there may be others who have acceptances, but matriculations to top 20 colleges are LOW compared to past years and the number staying in state is way up. I have to believe finances are playing a part in that as well. (Friend in a neighboring district that's also mostly middle and upper-middle class families was surprised that they've got several top students heading to Alabama instead of more prestigous schools - has to be the money.)
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  • GoRedheadGoRedhead 169 replies11 threads Junior Member
    Carnegie Mellon
    RPI (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)
    Notre Dame
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  • thumper1thumper1 78512 replies3537 threads Senior Member
    edited May 2017
    Do you want to know my kid's from 2006?

    Val went to USC.
    Sal went to Cornell

    The others in the top 10 (which included DD) went to:

    Santa Clara University
    University of Delaware
    University of Connecticut
    University of Rhode Island
    University of New Hampshire

    The Val got,accepted to two Ivy League schools but chose USC because she got a full ride there. She was a NMF.
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  • techmom99techmom99 3535 replies6 threads Senior Member
    @cobrat -

    Did you go to Science? I can't think of too many other schools that would have sent 20 plus students to more than one Ivy.

    My kids' HS doesn't rank and there is no val/sal. The graduation address is open to all who submit an essay so you don't know what the speaker's rank is. All I know about this year is that it was apparently a very bad year for non-Asian applicants to Cornell and that 30 kids are going to Binghamton, including at least one NMSF.
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