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Where are the top 10 students from your (or your child's) high school going to?


Replies to: Where are the top 10 students from your (or your child's) high school going to?

  • HazeGreyHazeGrey 268 replies4 threads Junior Member
    @PurpleTitan @JHS Brunswick (the male equivalent of GA in Greenwich) had four at UConn over the same time horizon. Top 10 there this year are the usual suspects - Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Dartmouth, Oxford, Williams
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  • YnotgoYnotgo 3881 replies58 threads Senior Member
    I don't know about the rankings, but they had the senior honors event last night. Most students didn't list where they were going. But, the top ranked schools I know of were:

    Stanford (1)
    Yale (1)
    Brown (1)
    Dartmouth (1)
    US Naval Academy (1)
    Caltech (1)
    Berkeley (at least 5 with at least one Regents; so far Naviance says 17 admitted)
    UCLA (at least 4 with at least one Regents; so far Naviance says 9 admitted)
    Calpoly SLO (several; one in Architecture and one in Mech Eng, which are more competitive than people realize)

    Many kids from our school go to the local community college. (It's award-winning and free for 2 years with a clear transfer path to UCs.)

    Students don't have to update Naviance until the last week of school, so much of that data is still incomplete.
    According to Naviance, someone is attending Rice.
    At least 7 admits to USC, but it doesn't show that anyone has enrolled there, which is very different from last year, when 13 were accepted and 6 enrolled.
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  • PurpleTitanPurpleTitan 13628 replies32 threads Senior Member
    edited May 2017
    I agree with @ChoatieMom: "College is not a prize".

    My public magnet publishes overall matriculation data in the annual report (which comes out well after graduation), but at least when I went, there wasn't some list with names and schools linked. I obviously knew where all my friends (and most acquaintances) went and kids did ask each other, but whether they wanted to divulge and to whom was their own business, as it should be.
    edited May 2017
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  • moscottmoscott 910 replies108 threads Senior Member
    At my S's school it's almost all UF. A couple of UCF and 1 Georgetown.
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  • QMusicQMusic 429 replies3 threads Member
    A lot of students at my school don't go to top college. Most stay in state or go to the local community college. Anyways the top sudents of my school are going to:

    University of South Carolina
    University of North Carolina-Charlotte
    Emory University
    University of Georgia
    University of South Carolina-Aiken
    The Citadel
    Local community college

    This was pretty much in order of class rank. In terms of a question asked before about the practice of posting top students admissions decisions. I'm fine with it and think it's fairly common. Our school doesnt do it, but our school district basically does. They take the top 10% from each school and hold an awards banquet with booklet and each student states their postsecondary plans. They also get one student from each school and takes pictures of them with their college shirts for promotional reasons. Even within our school district a lot of student stay in-state (which there is nothing wrong with) and only very few go to elite colleges
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  • saillakeeriesaillakeerie 2679 replies0 threads Senior Member
    If your child is in the top 10, they are competitive, interested in where their peers are going, and will know who got accepted where.

    Probably is true for a lot of top 10 kids. But definitely not all. For my kids, the top 10 kids were not all friends. So some of them do not talk very much. Some kids are interested in sharing more/less than others. And they tend to respect that. In the end, if where you are going works for you and your goals that someone else is going somewhere that is arguably higher ranked (or even clearly higher ranked) shouldn't change that. For some people (and I think really its more common for parents than it is for kids), that matters from what I have seen but not for everyone.
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  • dcolosidcolosi 536 replies23 threads Member
    Our HS doesn't rank but the put out a listing of the entire 2017 class and their plans. I saw 4 going to Harvard, 1 to Yale, I think 2 to Princeton and then some singles going to other schools like Stanford, Cornell, Brown, Naval Academy etc. Most of our HS go to IU, Purdue or Ball State as the instate schools.
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  • Chips99Chips99 188 replies11 threads Junior Member
    UVA, W&M, VT, VCU, JMU, CNU... and then #11 is going to college in Germany lol
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  • Gator88NEGator88NE 6544 replies209 threads Senior Member
    edited May 2017
    At our large NE Florida public high school (about 600 in the senior class), we had our senior awards night and they announced the top 10, which school they will be attending and major. I'm going to call anything health/bio related "pre-med".

    1. UF-Pre-med
    2 FSU-Pre-med
    3. UF-Electrical Engineering
    4. UF-Aerospace Engineering
    5. UF-Mechanical Engineering
    6. UF-Pre-med
    7. UCF-engineering
    8. UCF-pre-med?
    9. UNF-pre-med The only DE student, the others on this list are in the Cambridge Aice program (similar to IB).
    10.UF-Civil Engineering
    11. UNF-Health sciences (the grades were not final, so they awarded top 10 to 11 students).

    I only know a handful of the students, but I know one choose FSU over JHU, and two choose UF over GT (for engineering).

    They all went with the in-state public universities and merit scholarships.
    edited May 2017
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  • CheckMyBrain11CheckMyBrain11 39 replies3 threads Junior Member
    Due to an unweighted GPA system, we had 8 Val's and 21 Sal's (I was one of the Sal's).

    6 of the 8 Val's are going to the University of Wyoming (2 on full merit scholarships and 1 on an athletic scholarship). The other 2 Val's are going to small Christian schools in South Dakota on athletic scholarships.

    Of our 21 Sals, most are going to U of Wyo (1 on full merit scholarship), a couple more college athletes, one to Seattle Pacific, 2 to Gonzaga, and I'm going to Yale.
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  • crimsonmom2019crimsonmom2019 242 replies1 threads Junior Member
    So Cal independent school top matriculation list from 2016 as 2017 is not out yet with a graduating class of 282:

    NYU (16 including the Sal)
    Cal (15)
    Univ So Cal (14)
    Wash U (12)
    Harvard (11 including the Val)
    Brown (11)
    Cornell (11)
    Stanford (9)
    Michigan (9)
    Hopkins (8)

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  • LindagafLindagaf 11008 replies593 threads Super Moderator
    @Jpgranier , I care! Tell us please.
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  • EyeVeeeEyeVeee 702 replies7 threads Member
    edited May 2017
    Of all of the forums that mean nothing...this has to be high on the list. Tell me how smart you are for sending your kid to a school with such great colleges.
    edited May 2017
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  • PurpleTitanPurpleTitan 13628 replies32 threads Senior Member
    Re #110:

    With Bright Futures and AICE credit as well as in-state tuition rates and many FL publics offering attractive merit scholarships, FL publics are hard to beat for an FL kid.

    I daresay almost all top 1 percentile (and possibly even top 5-10 percentile) FL kids are able to attend an FL public tuition-free and maybe have close to a full-ride at an FL public with all the above added together.

    That and being a populous state (so lots of top-notch academic talent) has probably what has driven UF up the USNews rankings and made NCF a Near-Ivy.
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  • NJWrestlingmomNJWrestlingmom 1805 replies2 threads Senior Member
    Small, relatively rural public high school in NJ - #1 U Penn; 2 of the other top 10 MIT; 1 Johns Hopkins; 1 Villanova; 1 Carnegie Mellon (playing football, probably wouldn't have gotten in otherwise); 1 Rutgers, 1 Northeastern. Not sure of the others, but I know nobody else got accepted into an Ivy and 8 are going to Virginia Tech - over 20 applied there, more than applied to most in-state schools!
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  • pantha33mpantha33m 249 replies9 threads Junior Member
    @EyeVeee you make a great point. At many, if not most, schools, the Top 10 students are going to go to "name brand", selective colleges. What's really more interesting is what happens to kids in the 50th percentile.
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  • toowonderfultoowonderful 4077 replies68 threads Senior Member
    @EyeVeee - if it bothers you.... why read it? I don't think it's an IMPORTANT discussion, but it's interesting. If only to note where kids seem to be focusing on prestige vs. $$ aspects of college choice. As I said in post #43 about the HS where I teach, at least 4 of the top 10 choice Ohio State, despite many more "prestigious" admits based on the savings. but in other places, people make different decisions. If there are some of us that find the puzzle pieces intriguing - what's the harm in that?
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  • MatthewW12MatthewW12 166 replies10 threads Junior Member
    Large public on the outer bay area

    1. UCLA
    2. UCB
    3. Community College
    4. UCB
    5. UCLA
    6. UCB
    7. UCB
    8. UCB
    9. University of Hawaii
    10. UCLA
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  • CU123CU123 3724 replies77 threads Senior Member
    It's interesting to see how some posters take this thread as either insulting, bragging, or otherwise none of our business. The point is none of it has any personal info attached and it's somewhat enlightening to find out what type of schools have which type of matriculations. The thread isn't about the individuals or their particular high school.
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  • booboojrbooboojr 50 replies11 threads Junior Member
    #112 - the students in your school must hate Ucla or Ucla is impressed with them, LOL
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