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Summer jobs rant . . .


Replies to: Summer jobs rant . . .

  • droppeditdroppedit Registered User Posts: 723 Member
    It's not just summer jobs, it's any job dealing with the public. My software is mainly scientific but used by many people. Every summer I get threats from one customer that he'll turn me into the BBB and State Attorney General for one reason or another. I was actually worried about his health when I didn't get the usual threats last summer. Never fear! Right on schedule, I got another ALL CAPS threatening email from him a few weeks ago. He's doing fine.

    One true wacko actually progressed to death threats several years ago (I know where you live, do you know what I'm capable of doing, etc.). I would normally laugh things like that off but these days you never know what someone will do. Anyway, he screwed up a couple of years ago by making the same threats to Federal employees. That got the FBI on his behind (he posted video of the encounter on youtube).
  • dcolosidcolosi Registered User Posts: 338 Member
    Can't say I'm surprised by some of these stories. I never experienced anything like this when I worked my summer jobs back in my day, people seemed more civil and I can't recall anytime getting yelled at by a customer nor do I recall any horror stories from my friends.

    Both my Daughters work service jobs at a golf course and the biggest issue they have is when they have to tell people to hit off the mats on the driving range when its wet out. Can't say that they've ever really been treated badly by any of the customers. Guess they are lucky.
  • bjkmombjkmom Registered User Posts: 4,671 Senior Member
    edited August 10
    My daughter-- the one who has anxiety to begin with -- had a scary encounter last year at her job.

    The guy she was working with left the store for a minute or two-- putting out the garbage or chatting with friends in the parking lot.

    A customer didn't like the availability of flavors. So he reached over the counter and grabbed her by the neck. She was just frozen, didn't know what to do. After a moment, he let go, asked whether they had cameras, paid for his stuff and left.

    We filed a police report, but I'm sure he'll never be back.

    And my 17 year old daughter, the one with anxiety, went back to that place and continues to work there. She knows it was a one in a million thing-- that lunatic could just as easily freaked out at McDonalds or Dunkin Donuts or behind the wheel of a car. Her boss did install better cameras, both in the store and the parking lot.

    She's got guts.
  • NEPatsGirlNEPatsGirl Registered User Posts: 2,217 Senior Member
    I worked restaurants for 20 years where I live in a beach resort area. Try dealing with families after they've been cooped up in their hotel rooms with two kids and its been raining for several days. Not fun. They run out of money, patience and vacation time and take it out on anyone and everyone. My D works two waitressing jobs this summer. She has learned to let it roll off her back when someone starts yelling at her. When you average $30/hour cash, its easier to do than if you are making minimum wage. I just tell her to keep counting her $$ in her head while they are yelling LOL
  • tangentlinetangentline Registered User Posts: 1,116 Senior Member
    edited August 10
    If you're intuitive, I think the experience can be assumed without actually going through it (minimum wage and all). And if I were in such a situation, I'd let rationale come before emotion. I'm on the less assertive side for the sake of those serving me though. If they make a mistake on my order sometimes I'll let it go... Also I've been in parties where the server will get mad at you for pointing out their mistake... :P
    Same assertiveness deal at work as clients of a software company. Just that some not to point out anyone specific are too assertive demanding patches to items that don't really impact business flow. -- We have a contract and they need to fulfil it! (In my head but yeah we're giving them a bunch of unprioritized stuff to work on)

    Also, I did apply to a bunch of service jobs after graduating college so I was in that ballpark hunting for money needed for graduate school and by the time I started getting interviews 4 months later as retail season neared, I was already offered my current job.
  • aunt beaaunt bea Registered User Posts: 8,376 Senior Member
    I absolutely agree with everyone indicating that these types of jobs can humble you.

    As an adult, I try to given the "kids" serving me a WIDE berth when it comes to their service for me.

    DD2 developed a thick skin with the first job she had, as a clerk, at a drug store.

    DD1 has no patience (her words and mine) and only did one summer job at a coffee shop. She said she wouldn't do it because "people are mean". She's been lucky with jobs and only took summer jobs where she did office "gophering".
  • toomanyteenstoomanyteens Registered User Posts: 665 Member
    Having employees is no picnic either in the 'real' world so it is a good thing to practice patience will all kinds of people (and yes my kids all have or had service jobs) -- my husband employs truck drivers. One guy in the first week managed to get pulled over by the police (we ended up with a very large citation) and get into an accident. He told my husband he was rear-ended but the policeman SAW him blow through the red light and then BACK into the car behind him when he realized it (yeah after a not so safe sudden stop). THEN when he lost his job with us he posted scathing things about OUR company online. SIGH the entitlement is EVERYWHERE
  • Midwest67Midwest67 Registered User Posts: 1,396 Senior Member
    It's been my experience that adults will be especially hard on young women working in hospitality. Just my opinion, but there's something about young + female that signals TARGET (for a customer's rage). One look, and a short tempered customer is already assuming incompetent idiot.

    If there's a good mentor around or seasoned employee to copy, you can learn A LOT about how to nip these situations in the bud. Life skills in dealing with human beings. The world is full of them! ;-)

    When our kids would complain, we'd sometimes play the game, "What would you do if it was your business?" This prompted some good discussions over the years.

    And if anyone is interested in Buddhism, loads of opportunties to practice, practice, practice in hospitality!
  • MaineLonghornMaineLonghorn Super Moderator Posts: 31,718 Super Moderator
    Ugh, it's even in "good" jobs that you have problems with people. One guy is threatening to sue us because his house renovations cost more than his budget. Umm, we're the structural engineers - we just design the structural components to support all the crap the architect needs. We can't price toilets, hardwood flooring, etc. But the guy is an attorney, so we'll probably end up giving him a couple of thousand dollars. :( We are NEVER going to work for an attorney again.
  • doschicosdoschicos Registered User Posts: 14,705 Senior Member
    "there's something about young + female that signals TARGET"

    In my and my daughter's experiences, it was more an opportunity to be targeted for getting hit on. Equally unwelcomed.
  • aunt beaaunt bea Registered User Posts: 8,376 Senior Member
    edited August 10
    One guy is threatening to sue us because his house renovations cost more than his budget.

    @MaineLonghorn: Does he not watch anything on HG tv? Everything goes over budget! In a reno, how do you NOT avoid a budget issue?
    We are NEVER going to work for an attorney again.
    Yeah, I've tried this too; the problem for us is coming up with a legitimate excuse. Limited time?

    Why are people just so damn mean?? My Dad would just shake hands with people and treated them with respect.
  • momocarlymomocarly Registered User Posts: 332 Member
    My D's first job at a mall was an eye opener. A father came in with his teenage daughter. She went to the dressing room and he proceeded to hit on my daughter. He came back a couple of times without his daughter and hit on her. She was really freaking out. Mall security said to call them if she had any more issues. She ended up quitting the job.

    S has been really lucky. The worst he has had was as a camp counselor when the kids in his cabin all came down with a stomach virus. He had a lot o cleaning up to do. His job at an office supply store was easy and went well and he has worked with veterinarians since then.
  • MassmommMassmomm Registered User Posts: 2,876 Senior Member
    I hate the whole "You're going to college so you don't have to do this job" attitude. Working retail is honorable work, and people who do it should not be treated like dirt. Teach your kids to respect their fellow human beings no matter what job they do.
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