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My Mom thinks I ruined my life


Replies to: My Mom thinks I ruined my life

  • austinmshauriaustinmshauri Registered User Posts: 5,873 Senior Member
    Maybe you should talk to your mom about moving the SAT date to Oct., and you might want to pick up a study guide if that's what she wants. But have a backup plan in case your parents decide to pull funding.
  • ucbalumnusucbalumnus Registered User Posts: 63,463 Senior Member
    edited August 9
    I took the SAT last September and got a 1470. Then I took the ACT in February and got a 34. Lots of people have told me that it is ridiculous for me to be taking the SAT again.

    https://collegereadiness.collegeboard.org/pdf/higher-ed-brief-sat-concordance.pdf indicates that a 34 ACT is like a 1540 SAT. It does seem ridiculous to retry the SAT, since a gain of up to 70 points really does not help you. If you want to retry a standardized test, the ACT makes more sense, since you will be starting from a higher base from which you can do additional preparation.

    A 34 ACT puts you in the upper part of the range at UPenn already, so a higher score may not help you that much there. It is likely that your 3.79 HS GPA is the bigger impediment to admission there.

    Also, why does your mother think that you have "ruined your life"? It is not like going to UNM is the worst thing in the world. Also, your existing stats can get you large automatic scholarships: https://talk.collegeconfidential.com/discussion/comment/20798968/#Comment_20798968 .
  • Mimi2018Mimi2018 Registered User Posts: 197 Junior Member
    I would be dancing on clouds if my child had your test scores. Wow! Good for you. There is always Khan Academy.
    Also, moving up to October test would seem like a rational solution to me. You parents want the best for you, just remember that. You haven't ruined your life. You have managed to get your mom riled up, though, so best not to argue with her, just come up with a solution on how you'll move forward.
  • LindagafLindagaf Registered User Posts: 7,003 Senior Member
    I also suspect there may be more to this than OP is telling us about. To pull funding over an excellent SAT score is beyond mere disappointment. With yoru scores and grades, OP, there are a ton of coleges that would give you excellent merit aid. It's not the end of the world if you don't go to an Ivy League school.
  • DadTwoGirlsDadTwoGirls Registered User Posts: 2,804 Senior Member
    Wait for people to calm down. Talk about something unrelated. When the acceptances come in, you should be fine.
  • nw2thisnw2this Registered User Posts: 2,395 Senior Member
    edited August 9
    You'll probably get a full ride to UNM, so you're in good shape even if she decides not to pay.

    Other than Penn, what schools interest you (not your Mom)?
  • mommyrocksmommyrocks Registered User Posts: 1,170 Senior Member
    1) Your life is not ruined at all, and you should just tune out your mom's exaggerated reactions.
    2) Even if you had perfect everything -- perfect standardized test scores, perfect GPA, perfect extracurriculars, etc. -- it would not guarantee you a place in an Ivy. The Ivies and other top colleges turn away thousands of such "perfect" applicants every year.
    3) Just go to your state school or wherever your parents will pay. My father gave me one choice for my university, and I took it. If it's their money, they can decide how to spend it. You can be successful in life even if you do not attend UPenn or some other reach university.
  • HImomHImom Registered User Posts: 29,700 Senior Member
    My friend has 2 very bright kids who got degrees from state Us in NM. They both are happy and have jobs. Work with your folks on this--a 34 ACT is a nice score (I believe S had the same score). It may qualify you for some nice merit awards. If you want to improve your SAT, studying before re-taking does make sense.
  • eh1234eh1234 Registered User Posts: 542 Member
    Sorry, your mom sounds unhinged. Hopefully it's temporary. Maybe your dad will talk her down. If not, do you have another relative who can talk to her?

    For those who said OP should look at the situation from her parent's perspective - her parent has told her she won't pay for college if her daughter gets into top tier schools with her existing test scores. This is not normal "wanting the best for your child" sentiment. If a top tier school accepts her with a 34 ACT, then telling her she can't go to that school because she didn't improve upon her SAT score is just bizarre.

    A normal, supportive parent does not lose faith in a kid or pull the rug out from under the kid's future over SAT prep when an SAT re-take wasn't even necessary in the first place.
  • happy1happy1 Registered User Posts: 18,486 Senior Member
    edited August 9
    I don't agree with your mom's stance at all, but perhaps you need to take a bit of responsibility in this situation. It sounds like you did not follow through on something you agreed to do (ex. ordering the review books and studying for the SAT). Does your mom not want to pay because she doesn't feel you are putting forth your best effort in the college admission process? Perhaps she feels you won't put forth your best effort in college without being nagged? Like it or not I think you need to show your mom that you are responsible and hard working and that you will take advantage of your opportunities.

    I would apologize to your mom for not following through, go to a bookstore and get the review books tomorrow and study hard over the next two weeks. Show that you care about the process. After than perhaps you can have a more even keeled conversation about what schools she will pay for.

    FWIW you have not answered other questions posed such as do you have the SAT II scores (these tests are recommended and with your GPA below average for Penn I'd think they might be important to your application), ECs, essays, LORs etc. to make you a competitive candidate for top level colleges.
  • International DadInternational Dad Registered User Posts: 118 Junior Member
    Congrats for your effort. My son have score less better than you and I'm filling very happy and so proud of him.
    And just a little remember to you, its your life not your moms life, don't worry, make dessitions for your happiness, I suggest you take the SAT, nothing to lose.
    And feel proud of what you have achieved, you are in the 5% of the better students in this country, I don't think that is a problem in your mom's life.

  • mocktrialer5mocktrialer5 Registered User Posts: 59 Junior Member
    @happy1 I have taken two subject tests Mat II 730 and Bio 730 (both below average),

    I have a ton of ECs: lots of volunteering with pancreatic cancer action network and meeting with state senators and reps in NM as well as in DC, I interned for the CEO of a non profit geared towards ending homelessness, I am also an award winning attorney on a mock trial team that has placed 4th at nationals and won nationals twice in the past 5 years, I play varsity soccer and am the captain of my schools chess team, I have sung in the Santa Fe Opera and in multiple auditioned groups at my school, I am on the school newspaper and part of student government

    I have a great rec from my bio teacher and still have to get two more recs; I am working on finalizing an essay about my uncle who died from pancreatic cancer
  • mocktrialer5mocktrialer5 Registered User Posts: 59 Junior Member
    @ConcernedRabbit @eh1234 @HImom @mommyrocks @nw2this @raclut @Mimi2018 Thank you all so much for your feedback. I am going to take a practice test a day until the SAT and try and wait until my mom calms down to engage in a meaningful conversation with here.
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