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Reusable water bottles on campus


Replies to: Reusable water bottles on campus

  • LBowieLBowie Registered User Posts: 1,726 Senior Member
    When did we all get so thirsty? When I was in college water was not sold in single serve bottles (or maybe it was but I did not buy it) and I survived 4 years !!!!of college without a water bottle. Come to think of it, I dont know if my still-in-college son has a bottle or not. But I get it. I am wondering how often he washes his sheets!
  • northwestynorthwesty Registered User Posts: 2,812 Senior Member
    Seriously folks?

    If your kid is attending college in a first world country and is just drinking water out of it, he'll be able to make it through all four years of college just fine without soap, brush or dishwasher for his Nalgene or Hydroflask.

    Empty/rinse it out every once in a while and let it dry off without the top on and he'll be good.
  • MassmommMassmomm Registered User Posts: 2,876 Senior Member
    @northwesty , that's what the study I referenced above seemed to suggest. We all consume a crap ton of bacteria every day, but it doesn't make us sick.
  • momofthreeboysmomofthreeboys Registered User Posts: 15,425 Senior Member
    Oh my I have never worried about this. The kids never got sick after about age 3 so I never think about this. Honestly I wash my water bottle with bleach water a couple times a year.
  • blossomblossom Registered User Posts: 8,141 Senior Member
    If your kid takes his phone into the restroom with him, you can be sure he's getting exposed to a LOT more dangerous stuff than in his water bottle. My neighbor the infectious disease specialist says that at his hospital, cell phones and other devices are called "poo sticks". People take them into the bathroom, are either meticulous or not about where they put them down, and then sit in restaurants with their phone on the table eating, scrolling, showing their companions a funny photo, etc.

    I'm calling this one a non-issue unless your son has a compromised immune system due to chronic illness or similar. Tell him to wash his hands frequently, never touch the door handle of a restroom with his bare hands (since most men do not wash) and rinse out his water bottle every night.
  • cobratcobrat Registered User Posts: 12,285 Senior Member
    Widemouth plastic or stainless steel portable bottles are easy to clean with dish soap and a brush/pad.

    Not too much of an issue with me as I only carry portable water if the weather's very hot and I know I won't have access to water/food for 4+ hours. Considering that's very rare in NYC where I live, that meant I rarely bring bottled water/liquids. Some of my friends have likened me to a camel as a result. :)
    And I reuse store-bought 1L bottles for about a week, or wash a reusable once a week unless it got dirty somehow. I do this at home and when out camping and backpacking in the wilderness.

    Reusing store-bought water bottles is not a good idea as the type of soft plastic used(PET) is only meant to be used once for water only as prolonged use and exposure to light/heat/scratches can cause the leeching of unhealthy chemicals which could affect hormonal levels. Some of those bottles specifically have small-print saying "Do not reuse" or "Do not refill". And the leeching effects are worse if one gets the bright idea to refill it with more acidic liquids like fruit juice or sodas.

    Best to use a harder grade of plastic(i.e. Nalgene) or metal(stainless steel seems to be the most common) rather than reusing store-bought water bottles which were meant to be used only once.
  • saillakeeriesaillakeerie Registered User Posts: 1,707 Senior Member
    Two issues involved here. One, I think we have sometimes gone too far in terms of hydration. If you have access to water at all times during the day, you will tend to feel thirsty if you go even a few minutes without drinking. But you don't need to drink every few minutes. Or even every hour or two. Particularly if you are healthy and sitting in a climate controlled classrooms.

    The second is an anti-bacterial craze. Some people would live in Purell filled bubbles if they could. As noted, bacteria are all around us. And that is not a problem.

    That being said, noting the number of folks here who can't live without a mattress topper ;) I am sure there are people who want their kids to clean their water bottles. I would think soap and hot water on occasion would do the trick. Dorms may well have dish soap available in kitchenette areas. Though my expectation is that in general college kids will clean stuff in general at college less often than many of their respective parents would like to see (or want to know).
  • cobratcobrat Registered User Posts: 12,285 Senior Member
    If you have access to water at all times during the day, you will tend to feel thirsty if you go even a few minutes without drinking. But you don't need to drink every few minutes. Or even every hour or two. Particularly if you are healthy and sitting in a climate controlled classrooms.

    One can go a few hours without drinking water even with moderate physical activity on hot summer days provided one is in reasonably good health and has trained him/herself to adapt.

    Just be sure to have a refreshing drink at some point....especially at the end.
  • tutumom2001tutumom2001 Registered User Posts: 617 Member
    As the parent of dancers (who were required to bring water bottles to class), I don't think having a water bottle in class is the sole reason for taking a water bottle to college. I would think kids are using them for more active pursuits - or at least I hope they would.

    That being said, every member of our family has (1) a Yeti cup for hot and cold drinks and (2) a water bottle exclusively for water. One has a Nalgene water bottle and one has a S'well. I drink flavored sports water and recycle the bottles. Out of the three, I have to give props to the S'well. It's expensive as all get out, but it keeps cold water cold and it's easy to clean even though it's not supposed to go into the dishwasher. Just soap, water, shake and rinse. A brush keeps the seal on the top clean.
  • jmnva06jmnva06 Registered User Posts: 531 Member
    I probably shouldn't mention the water bottle that tends to live in my soccer bag and only gets taken out when I need to refill it..

    Other water bottles in our house get a quick rinse once or week or so.
  • momofthreeboysmomofthreeboys Registered User Posts: 15,425 Senior Member
    I much prefer seeing kids with water bottles than clutching soda pops or energy drinks to be honest.
  • TQfromtheUTQfromtheU Registered User Posts: 989 Member
    Swell bottles make great gifts, hint, hint.
  • MaineLonghornMaineLonghorn Super Moderator Posts: 31,718 Super Moderator
    I bought a 30-ounce Ozark Trails insulated cup that keeps ice (even small cubes) frozen for about 24 hours! It cost under $10. Easy to rinse/wash, too. :)
  • gardenstategalgardenstategal Registered User Posts: 3,196 Senior Member
    There's one that both the top and bottom screw off for easy cleaning. Does anyone know the name of it?

    I don't because we pretty much just rinse our not so expensive bottles until they are gross enough to replace. We seem to be in good health....
  • tutumom2001tutumom2001 Registered User Posts: 617 Member
    "Swell bottles make great gifts, hint, hint. "

    IKR - I think I'm putting one on my own Christmas list. Maybe it will induce me to drink more water.
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