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Parents of the HS Class of 2019 - 3.0 to 3.4 GPA


Replies to: Parents of the HS Class of 2019 - 3.0 to 3.4 GPA

  • eandesmomeandesmom Registered User Posts: 3,813 Senior Member
    @dfbdfb welcome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    at least the list is under 50. LOL!
  • eh1234eh1234 Registered User Posts: 1,092 Senior Member
    I had to pause and reflect on your "typical white boy" description @eandesmom. Mine has decent grades (He seems to aim for the 89.6 to 92.4 in every class, but sometimes sneaks in an actual A), decent test scores, so-so rigor, but no variety in his ECs, no leadership, and no sports (which is another reason I think I'll be spending more time in this thread - from a holistic standpoint, he'll look very "blah" compared to others with similar grades, even though I personally think he's great). He has orchestra, jazz band, pit orchestra, takes lessons, does some music tutoring - that's it. (And jazz band might not even work out due to conflicts with orchestra).

    I suppose that he may decide to pursue music somewhat seriously in college but the music major forum here is not for the normal "very good but not performing solos at the Kennedy Center" type of high school musician - they really only talk about top 10 programs, but that is not where he would be looking.

    @dfbdfb Your D is lucky to have a parent who is an engineer - I think a lot of students go into it without much concept of what it will be like. S19 has given me the "What do engineers even do anyway?" question and I told him to ask Google.

  • GatormamaGatormama Registered User Posts: 1,065 Senior Member
    Hah. Engineers. My dad was a rocket scientist. My brother works on deep black stuff for NRO. Both are engineers and I have no earthly idea what they actually do.
  • me29034me29034 Registered User Posts: 1,702 Senior Member
    Thought I would add more color about my kid. Some of this I've posted on the main 2019 thread.

    S has two passions: basketball and current events. These two things pretty much dominate his life. If he's got free time and he's not paying basketball or working out, he's watching the news. He knows more about what's going on in Washington and who's who than most adults. His only EC is basketball, though he plays on multiple teams so we can probably work it into a few lines on his app. He is not planning to play in college beyond recreational so we aren't doing any recruiting activities. He told me he joined one club this year because his GC told him to but to the best of my knowledge he's never been to a meeting or participated in any activity, so basketball is it.

    S does not like school much. We have talked about whether he should go onto college, but he seems to recognize the value of college and has assured us he wants to go. His favorite class is AP Gov. Every chance for electives he fills with something history related. He will have 5 full years of history by the end of junior year. I'm not sure what he will take next year as he's just about exhausted the offerings at his school.

    We've just started looking at colleges. He's not sure what he wants to study so we aren't targeting specific programs. He is warming to the idea of UMass Lowell as his instate match. It doesn't fit the definition of a safety but our Naviance seems to indicate that its a sure thing. We have also discussed SUNY Albany, some NYC area schools (Manhattan College, Iona, St John's), and Philadelphia area schools (Temple and St. Joseph's). He really doesn't want to look much farther away than that. His main stated criteria - in a city and not in VT, NH and ME.

    I'm glad this thread is now going. Looking forward to the journey with this kid.
  • GatormamaGatormama Registered User Posts: 1,065 Senior Member
    Wow, @me29034 - seems like you should push your son to consider a school in the DC metro area, if only for the political contacts and internships. I'm sadly ignorant about all options there so I'm not of much use beyond the initial suggestion.
  • me29034me29034 Registered User Posts: 1,702 Senior Member
    Yes @Gatormama that would make sense but DC is too far from home for him to consider, at least right now. He may change his mind later. Also the big three schools (Georgetown, GW, and American) are all out of reach stats wise. Catholic is, well, too Catholic-it is one of the more conservative Catholic schools in the country and really not S's cup of tea. I have thought about George Mason which is across the river in Virginia but don't know much about it and now we are getting even farther from home. It was a stretch to get him to consider Philly.
  • ninakatarinaninakatarina Registered User Posts: 1,611 Senior Member
    I used to live near George Mason and I have several friends who went there or have kids who went there. It's got a very strong poli sci department. My good friend's daughter is about to graduate from Mason with a concentration in Russian studies and intentions to enter the diplomatic corps. She seems to have gotten a good education.

    But if it's too far, it's too far, and I like that feeling of having whittled down the list.
  • SwimmingDadSwimmingDad Registered User Posts: 917 Member
    OK...I'm in. Just got through the process with my oldest (he is in his first year at McGill) and beginning with my youngest. Like an earlier poster, he had a rough first two years of high school. Off the charts intense public high school....not a great fit for a kid with ADHD and anxiety. Ended sophomore year with a 3.3, all college prep classes. Will take ACT next month.

    He is a dabbler. Big into photography. Creative writer; is getting into poetry. Works during the school year. Probably will add other interests this year...we just go with the flow. Fascinated by the video game industry.

    His heart is set on McGill though he knows he is close to their minima. Visiting U of VT tomorrow. Has already seen U Mass (he didn't like it that much but understands as our in state school it will be on the list). He wants to see Loyola and DePaul in Chicago; Catholic and American in DC; and Wisconsin. (Most of these are on target for his HS with the exception of Wisconsin.)I consider his list to be very fluid.

    And so another journey begins!
  • homerdoghomerdog Registered User Posts: 4,487 Senior Member
    @SwimmingDad post about your Vermont visit when you return. A rep is visiting our high school tomorrow and S19 is going to the presentation. I don't know that we will be able to visit, though, before applying. It's a big plus for us that they consider applications EA. One of the few schools on his list that does. It's kind of a wild card for him as all of the other schools on his list are LACs but I've read great things about Burlington as a college town and about VT's honors college so I think it could possibly be a good match in some ways. Plus, he's leaning a little bit towards environmental studies and I know they have a strong program.
  • GatormamaGatormama Registered User Posts: 1,065 Senior Member
    At our school, the colleges visit and they are scheduled for around lunch time but so far D hasn't been able to go to any because they conflict (she has this maddeningly complex block schedule this year). Grr.
  • homerdoghomerdog Registered User Posts: 4,487 Senior Member
    edited September 2017
    @Gatormama I hear you. Our college meetings are all day every day so S19 missed Calc to see one admissions officer. And he cancelled on one because he had a French test during that presentation and didn't want to miss it. In the case of the second one, we had visited that school this summer and the rep sent S19 an email asking if he would be at the presentation. I made sure he sent an email back to him explaining the conflict. I didn't read it before he sent it, though, and found a small grammatical error when I looked at it afterwards. Note to self: read S19's emails before he sends them. Ugh.
  • OrangeFishOrangeFish Registered User Posts: 782 Member
    We are visiting Christopher Newport U on Friday (it's a student holiday here). D will be meeting with the head of the program she'd like to major in, we'll tour the theatre facilities with both faculty and some students, and we are registered for an information session/campus tour. She plans to meet up with some students she knows there, too.

    I did take D on a tour of GWU last week since it is so close by (and I'm an alum) and it is not a fit. Works for me as they have received enough of my $$$. :))
  • SwimmingDadSwimmingDad Registered User Posts: 917 Member
    @homerdog Will do. When we visited two years ago both my boys loved it. The school is a nice size...doesn't feel too big. Burlington is one of the best college towns in the Northeast. Stay tuned!
  • homerdoghomerdog Registered User Posts: 4,487 Senior Member
    @OrangeFish right! And isn't GW the most expensive school in the country? I thought I read that somewhere ...
  • OrangeFishOrangeFish Registered User Posts: 782 Member
    edited September 2017
    @Homerdog I thought I had read Bennington was the most expensive, but GWU is waaaaaay up there.

    ETA: I searched US News and they list Columbia U as the most expensive school, followed by Vassar, Harvey Mudd, U Chicago, Trinity, Franklin and Marshall, Tufts, Amherst, U of Southern Cal, and Sarah Lawrence.

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