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Confederate battle flag fliers posted at American University


Replies to: Confederate battle flag fliers posted at American University

  • doschicosdoschicos 26321 replies265 threads Senior Member
    I'm all for that @MYOS1634 as long as they promise to build a wall around themselves that they pay for. Make it YUGE!
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  • doschicosdoschicos 26321 replies265 threads Senior Member
    edited October 2017

    " Just because left-leaning voters can’t see white supremacists on liberal websites doesn’t mean these communities aren’t alive and well. Instead, they’re regrouping and communicating on new, closed platforms and creating counterculture lifestyles that reinforce their ideologies. And the left is none the wiser."

    Please read the article to be aware of some of what is out there.
    edited October 2017
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  • ucbalumnusucbalumnus 82839 replies738 threads Senior Member
    gouf78 wrote:
    Teach your kids to be open to new views. No matter their age.
    Listen to the "other side" without getting defensive. Stand up for your beliefs .
    It's important to challenge what we believe in and why we believe.
    And it's okay to challenge someone else's view.. And okay to change your own.

    Back in another thread, you made a comment that was asked about later in the thread, but you apparently did not reply with more explanation.

    gouf78 wrote:
    Sweden is the approximate size of CA. It has a minority population of about 5%. It is both ethnically and culturally homogeneous for the most part. That is a huge plus.

    Many here would probably be willing to listen to (not necessarily agree with) your explanation of why it is a "huge plus" to be ethnically and culturally homogeneous, since that seems to be the motivation of those who are worried about the changing ethnic composition of the US.

    (Note: Sweden's population in 2011 actually had 19.6% non-ethnic-Swedish background, not something like 5%.)
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  • roethlisburgerroethlisburger 3096 replies167 threads Senior Member
    edited October 2017

    No, we shouldn’t ignore the threat of terrorism. We need more extensive TSA screening and to renew certain provisions of the Patriot Act to combat the threat from white supremacists.
    edited October 2017
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