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Racist messages found at Air Force Academy Preparatory School


Replies to: Racist messages found at Air Force Academy Preparatory School

  • twoinanddonetwoinanddone 23842 replies17 threads Senior Member
    As I said, I believe the AF handled it correctly by stating publicly that there is no place in the AF for racism and promising to investigate. And it did.

    But simba9 had a unique position in that he has been in this group and knows how it works, and it turned out he was right. He never said to brush it aside, but to investigate all possibilities and one of those was the words could have been written by black students. Luckily, the AF investigated that possibility too.

    When I read the Jackie story in Rolling Stone, when everyone was (IMO) overreacting, closing fraternity houses without asking ONE question of any live person, I thought the story didn't seem right, didn't seem like the 'facts' could have happened. To me, the thing in the story that didn't ring true was that Jackie said that first thing that happened in the room where she was raped was that a glass coffee table shattered and she was pushed down on top of all the shards of glass, that the glass was all over the floor or the room, and that 5-7 men had then raped her. But how could that happen? How could she not be bleeding from thousands of glass cuts? How could they not be bleeding from their knees and palms of their hands? If that 'fact' was wrong, how many other 'facts' were wrong?

    The same with the Duke Lacrosse story. Just a little bit of investigation revealed a lot. If you watch the investigative story (30 for 30) or read it (Newsweek), you are just incredulous that so many facts could be twisted against the men and the time it took for the school, the DA, the media to ask the most basic questions about the timeline, the dna evidence, the second woman (who really claimed nothing happened), the witnesses. One journalist did apologize and say she got on the wave and didn't do her job and investigate.

    Investigate. Ask questions before reacting.
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  • websensationwebsensation 2121 replies39 threads Senior Member
    @simba9 Good call man.
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