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Class Ranking


Replies to: Class Ranking

  • donnaleighgdonnaleighg Registered User Posts: 1,182 Senior Member
    On the other hand, our school, while weighting AP classes, did so very lightly (1.06 x the 1-100 grade, so a 95 just goes to 100 or so). Our kids, both with pretty much the maximum # of APs barely made the top 10%. But both did very well in the college admissions cycle, and were accepted to more selective schools than some of those in the top 1-5% (who had taken "lighter" schedules). The colleges really do pay attention. Rank isn't all that.
  • Garden MomGarden Mom Registered User Posts: 43 Junior Member
    All I have is the actual transcript and never thought about there being a school profile detailing the ranking or scoring sections. Thank you for pointing that out. We're in TN where grading scales are different than our surrounding states where he is applying. For instance - 93-100=A, 85-92=B. So, any low 90s definitely affect his total gpa as well. The only additional weighting is for an honors class which receives an additional 3 points, so a final grade of 95 becomes a 98. Also, there are no AP or IB class options at his school, and honors is the highest available.

    Thank you too for everyone who helped to put my mind more at ease. This is my one and only shot at the rodeo and I'm afraid that I sometimes obsess about it all. My son is a hard worker, a high achiever, and academically talented student. He's so much more laid back it all than I am. I'm so happy to have found this community for support.
  • Garden MomGarden Mom Registered User Posts: 43 Junior Member
    @droppedit I feel your pain. At some point, our son decided that there was more to learning than just choosing the right class for the grade. It's maddening at times because the workload can be overwhelming and yet he loves the subject, teacher, etc. so it works for him. I think his attitude will serve him well in life but it does affect the ranking / gpa game. It sounds like your daughter may share some similar qualities. Best of luck to both of our amazing students.
  • Youdon'tsayYoudon'tsay Registered User Posts: 19,127 Senior Member
    This is the place to obsess rather than in front of your kid. :)
  • Garden MomGarden Mom Registered User Posts: 43 Junior Member
    @menloparkmom I have looked over that link and he has applied and been accepted to 2 of those schools. Thanks so much for suggesting. them.
  • shortnukeshortnuke Registered User Posts: 285 Junior Member
    @droppedit At D18's school, it's a DE race. AP/IB/DE classes are weighted as 6.0 vs. 5.0 for honors and 4.0 for regular. Students can go to the DE across the street full time (4 classes per semester) and finish with an AA. As a result, every one of the top 10 kids are full-time DE students. Overall, I think the program is a really good deal, but I think it undermines the concept of class ranking when your top students haven't set foot in a classroom at the HS since their sophomore year.

    The extreme weights mean that students getting a B in a DE class are weighted the same as students acing an equivalent honors course. It also results in a lot of students being pushed into AP and DE courses that aren't ready to handle it.
  • Garden MomGarden Mom Registered User Posts: 43 Junior Member
    @shortnuke Wow. Our son had an option to do a double enrollment beginning in 11th grade. He opted to stay at his hs because he loved the setting and class options available there. Also, the college selections would not take the place of his core requirements at hs and the schedule going between 2 schools would have been tough since he could have only taken 2 college classes while still having to take 2 hs classes. Some of his peers chose to do the dual enrollment though so that may well have changed the weighting. I never looked into that since he wasn't interested in pursuing. Regardless, I think that he made the right decision for him. I guess that's why I feel so incredulous that as well as he's done he only ranks in the top 3rd. Again, it's nice to have a group here that understands the ins/outs of all this.

  • txspartytxsparty Registered User Posts: 50 Junior Member
    Our school is just the opposite of shortnuke's. AP (and pre-AP) classes get a 10 point weighting to final grades for GPA calculations only. DE classes do not get any bonus. So all top students do the AP track and the next tier tend to mix AP and DE or focus on DE. This is a competitive large HS in Texas where class ranking often is the determining factor on college admission. Typical weighted GPA for top 10 students (top 1-1.5%) runs in the 103-106 range. Some students take summer school classes in non weighted requirements to exclude them from GPA as the non weighted required classes impact how high you can raise your overall score
  • VeryapparentVeryapparent Registered User Posts: 360 Member

    My daughters school had 32 Valedictorians last year. Crazy.
  • tutumom2001tutumom2001 Registered User Posts: 661 Member
    @droppedit "The class ranking game has resulted in an AP "arms race" at D18's school (large public HS)."

    Every year at least one student at D20's large public HS has a mental breakdown at school. The AP race is OOC. Thanks to one "B" D20 is now out of it, and I'm actually somewhat glad the pressure is off.
  • hannuhyluhannuhylu Registered User Posts: 290 Junior Member
    edited October 2017
    I promise some kids have. My daughters school it all boils down to freshmen year. Some kids had 1 extra honors choice and others opt for a summer class for DC it truly is a COMPLETE GAME!

    She is like your son gpa wise (3.78UW 31 ACT sophomore), but is ranked barely top 20%. Some kids have 3.98 gpas.

    She is smart and we dont care about top 30 schools, Im not forcing her to jump through a million hoops to be competitive with this fanatical people. Taking summer classes to bump gpas is more than I think a student should have to do.

    Your son will be fine as well.
  • donnaleighgdonnaleighg Registered User Posts: 1,182 Senior Member
    Just because your daughter doesn't have a perfect GPA doesn't mean top 30 schools are out (if you care). My daughter (rank barely top 10%) went to Yale. She had very good test scores and likely very good recs from her teachers. And she took a very rigorous schedule without playing any kind of GPA game. If kids are gaming the system, the colleges know it. And I don't think they particularly like it.
  • 3puppies3puppies Registered User Posts: 1,200 Senior Member
    If kids are gaming the system, the colleges know it. And I don't think they particularly like it.

    I agree with the first half of this, but completely disagree with the second.

    I don't think it hurts at all to play the GPA game for class rank - my pups were val and sal, with perfect SAT scores and 4.0 UW GPA - and ended up at Columbia and Stanford.

    They played the game out of financial necessity - they understood a full ride to Flagship State was on the table. There's nothing wrong with top kids challenging themselves, and having a bit of a competitive streak, while performing exceptionally well. Having a competitive side does not mean a kid doesn't have to be nice.

  • menloparkmommenloparkmom Registered User Posts: 11,977 Senior Member
    ^^nearly half the students who go to Stanford and Columbia come from schools that dont rank or have
    Sals and Vals . So as proud as you are of your pups, I doubt that their class ranking, by itself, meant much to the admissions committees.
    Both schools want smart students who excel when taking a rigorous class load.
  • sybbie719sybbie719 Super Moderator Posts: 21,104 Super Moderator
    edited October 2017
    My D's high school does not rank, there are no Vals and Sals. There are class speakers and virtually anyone can toss their name in the hat to speak because the class votes on it. It did not hurt her as she was accepted everywhere she applied. They send kids to the ivies, standord and other top 20 schools every year
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