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How Is Holiday Shopping Going?

intparentintparent 36271 replies644 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 36,915 Senior Member
I feel pretty good this year. I THINK I ordered everything for my relatives in another state on time so I can ship a package off to them in time for Xmas. Except my dad, who is so hard to buy for, and no one has any ideas this year... sigh. And he hates gift cards and gift certificates, and I always give him books I think he will like, but I'm not sure he reads them. :( If things get desperate I'll buy him the new book on the Halifax explosion, but hoping something else occurs to me before then.

In okay shape for the kids, although need to focus in on stocking stuffers. One kid is great about sending a list, and the other was just here for a week so I could suss out ideas then.
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Replies to: How Is Holiday Shopping Going?

  • thumper1thumper1 73027 replies3179 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 76,206 Senior Member
    I haven’t started. But then...we aren’t getting very many gifts...and nothing that needs to be shipped.
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  • bookwormbookworm 8749 replies72 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 8,821 Senior Member
    Please don't hate me, but I'm done. Yes, done. My office mates give gifts, and mine have been sitting in our conference room for at least a week. My gift box to the kids got sent today. I actually feel sad. I got 2 gifts at craft shows, which I enjoyed attending. I even have my gift to contribute to gifts for tots. 3 weeks go, the Gap had all the PJ sets in sizes, now they have to order, cuz the best have been sold.
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  • emilybeeemilybee 13128 replies35 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 13,163 Senior Member
    Done, except for two pre-teens who are just getting gift cards. I’m waiting for a few more things to get arrive, then I’ll wrap and tag all of them and ship the whole lot to cousin who is hosting our family Hanukkah party, in case bad weather prevents us from driving down.

    S will get his AAA renewed and a nice boost.

    H and I don’t exchange gifts, but I got two completely renovated bathrooms and a new car this year, so it’s all good.
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  • 1214mom1214mom 4405 replies176 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 4,581 Senior Member
    I'm close to done with the easy people - my husband and kids, and some relatives. However, we have some "family gifts" to get and I am at a loss this year. We've asked for lists but have not received any. ARGHH!
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  • VaBluebirdVaBluebird 3183 replies221 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 3,404 Senior Member
    Doing okay so far. Two of three sons had specific requests. Done.
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  • psychmommapsychmomma 2944 replies43 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 2,987 Senior Member
    This year will be exciting. I haven't bought a thing yet and no one has any ideas, lives far away, and doesn't want extra "stuff", which is good but will make it challenging to have things under the tree.

    When the kids were young I was always done shopping by now. It's so much harder having adult kids!
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  • lookingforwardlookingforward 32215 replies336 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 32,551 Senior Member
    We're doing a secret santa, $50 limit. Not a big family but the kids are short on money and they liked this last year (plus a dinner out to somewhere fancy.) Problem is I have zero idea what I want and neither does the kiddo whose name I picked. Darn.
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  • oregon101oregon101 5369 replies133 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 5,502 Senior Member
    ^love that!!
    Have nothing. Period. And nearly no ideas. This year is a "first" with D not home and married.

    Taking S and DIL and G'son on a trip ending on the 24th.
    So a check for then and a lego land choice for the 5 year old while there.

    H and I have decided on one gift but neither of us have a single wish.

    I have decided on the hair people--$50 cash and a loaf of my famous and secret recipe

    Bought a norfolk pine house plant and decorated it! with the other decorations it works.

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  • BunsenBurnerBunsenBurner 38241 replies463 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 38,704 Senior Member
    We bought a pretty balled/burlapped Turkish fir. It is sitting outside, waiting for its time to go inside (live trees should not be kept indoors longer than 10-14 days). Mr. B promised that he would put the lights up next week.

    Gifts... got some requests. Have not even started shopping.
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  • FallGirlFallGirl 7978 replies27 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 8,005 Senior Member
    Bought a few stocking stuffers for the kids, but mostly give them money. Bought my mom's gift.I still need to get gift cards for my teen nieces. Just need to figure out what to get for H..
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  • Mom2aphysicsgeekMom2aphysicsgeek 4467 replies55 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 4,522 Senior Member
    I have completely finished shopping for all of my 8 of my kids (plus my youngest dd's birthday which is right before Christmas) and 4 grandkids with the exception of buying luggage for our college sr. He has a really nice overnight bag already, but it is fairly small and it is all he has.

    If anyone has suggestions on good luggage, I'd love some ideas.

    (We are actually moving today. That was my incentive to be on top of things. No way I could manage packing/unpacking, decorating for Christmas, and a birthday party for an 8 yr old, and Christmas shopping! Normally, I am not anywhere this prepared!!)

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  • alwaysamomalwaysamom 12235 replies216 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 12,451 Senior Member
    Finished, other than a few stocking stuffers for the grandkids. Today I start to wrap!
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  • tutumom2001tutumom2001 1195 replies2 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 1,197 Senior Member
    I have two (optional) gift cards to purchase for my teen. I'll get one at lunch today; the other is across town so I have to figure out how to get there unnoticed. After 12 years of Nutcracker rehearsals filling my December days, I got into the habit of buying early.
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  • tutumom2001tutumom2001 1195 replies2 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 1,197 Senior Member
    @ClaireWoo "we will go on a family trip to my parents in Italy"

    Will someone in your family please adopt me? :)
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