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Do you see any safety schools on DD's list? Please help a stressed parent

Viking00Viking00 6 replies2 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 8 New Member
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DD is applying to several schools in NC. She will be considered OOS for admission purposes, but in state for tuition purposes (long story). Our current state of residence is Ohio. She is interested in pre-med program. Below is a list of colleges she's applying to:

UNC-CH (First choice, applied EA)
Wake Forest - love the school
Davidson - really like the school
Duke - did not like it much, but will apply just to see if she can get in
NC State - mixed feelings about this: like the research opportunities, location, but hate the size
UNC-Wilmington - did not visit
Elon - did not visit

Here are her stats:

GPA: 4.0 (UW), 4.362 (W, on of a scale of 4.8)
AP Classes: APUSH (5), AP BIO (4), AP Calculus AB (5), AP Government (5), currently enrolled in AP Physics 1, AP Chemistry, AP Psychology, AP English, AP Spanish
Has taken the toughest classes her high school offers.

ACT: 33 (34 superscored)
SAT: 1520
SAT II: Math - 800, Chemistry - 740, Biology (M) - 750

ECs: Student Government Officer (Senator 7 - 11th, Vice President - 12th)
School Softball (Varsity 9-12th)
Travel Softball (played on several travel teams from age 8 to 16)
NHS (Member - 11th, Secretary - 12th)
Started online school newspaper, currently chief editor
Academic Team (11th - 12th)
Volunteer at a local hospital ~ 200 hours
Is in some other clubs just for fun, nothing worth mentioning.

Awards: AP Scholar with Honor
Scholar Athlete
Top Two in 17 subject areas
Wendy's Heisman - High School
All Conference Honorable Mention - Softball
All Conference 2nd Team and School MVP- Academic Team

Her essays are decent. Nothing outstanding, but was rated pretty good by a couple of local professors that read them and gave their feedback.

We can afford to pay what the NPC suggests for all the schools, so money is not a big concern.

If you had asked me a couple of months ago, I would have said she'd get in to most of the schools. That was before I discovered this forum, lol. Now, I am just a nervous wreck - worried she will not get into any of them.

Do you see any safety schools on her list? Does she need to apply to more schools? If so, what schools would you suggest? She really wants to go to a school that isn't more than 2-3 hours away from Raleigh.

Please help!!!

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Replies to: Do you see any safety schools on DD's list? Please help a stressed parent

  • OHMomof2OHMomof2 12391 replies228 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 12,619 Senior Member
    edited November 2017
    NC State and Wilmington strike me as pretty safe. Probably Elon too.

    Possible safeties in the area - Guilford? It's a CTCL Quaker school. Early Action deadline is tomorrow. no app fee - she could have that acceptance in hand early. https://www.guilford.edu/admissions/high-school-students

    UNC Asheville?
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  • STF4717STF4717 412 replies21 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 433 Member
    NC State is probably a safety for her! But will she be happy there - it's a lot different than the others on her list...
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  • Viking00Viking00 6 replies2 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 8 New Member
    Thank you @OHMomof2!

    I will have her look at Asheville and Guilford!
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  • AnAsmomAnAsmom 71 replies0 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 71 Junior Member
    NC State, UNC-W and Elon are probably safeties for her. And if she adds Asheville to her list, that may be one as well. Have you looked at Appalachian State? Smaller than NC State.
    The other suggestion would be to look at U of Richmond since you have some privates on the list. Not in NC but about 2-3 hours from Raleigh.
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  • 84stag84stag 267 replies11 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 278 Junior Member
    With the exception of Duke, I'd be surprised if she isn't accepted to all of them on your list.

    And even Duke is not a reach. It's really selective, so you never know, but she's in the upper end of the middle 50% there on her stats.
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  • TrisherellaTrisherella 1127 replies6 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 1,133 Senior Member
    For a pre-med, watch out for grade deflation at Davidson.
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  • twogirlstwogirls 7005 replies7 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 7,012 Senior Member
    I agree that Elon, UNC-W, and NC State are probably safeties. I think that UNC-A is another good one to add.
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  • QuantMechQuantMech 7909 replies35 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 7,944 Senior Member
    Just thought I'd agree (probably pointlessly :) ) with others that NC State and UNC-W can safely be considered safety schools for your daughter. Other things being equal, UNC Chapel Hill looks like a "probable" to me, though not a safety school. I'm not really familiar with Elon or UNC-A.

    My general advice for pre-meds is to pick the best school where you can be confident of doing well in terms of GPA. A pre-med will want to be well prepared for the MCAT, so a strong school is good for that. Beyond what is needed to prepare for the MCAT, though, med school admissions appears to be strongly GPA dependent. I would not be surprised if it is difficult to rack up a high GPA at Davidson. But if your daughter is willing to really pour herself into her coursework, it could still be a good choice. For a pre-med, the workload to get a high GPA needs to be considered in light of the time demands of volunteering and physician-shadowing, though.
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  • warblersrulewarblersrule 9963 replies170 discussionsSuper Moderator Posts: 10,133 Super Moderator
    Furman in SC is well worth a look, though it's about 4 hours from Raleigh. Rhodes is even further away, but I highly recommend it for a student who likes Davidson.

    I am very fond of my alma mater, but Duke is not at all an easy place to be pre-med. The curves in the science courses at Carolina are not particularly kind either.
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  • nw2thisnw2this 2559 replies74 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 2,633 Senior Member
    I think UNC is a pretty sure thing. I'd bet on it. Her stats are top 25%.
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  • MYOS1634MYOS1634 41142 replies445 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 41,587 Senior Member
    edited December 2017
    Add UNCAsheville and hurry due to Honors college (app state's was Oct 15 so it's out).
    Unc w with honors college (she must submit the application if she hasnt yet) is a given.
    Elon and NCSU are pretty safe, but Honors college isn't sure at NCSU and because NCSU is larger than what she wants and honors college there would really matter to have a more intimate size to some of her classes, she might want to have an extra safety that's a smaller college(unca?) - why not add Denison or Wooster?
    edited December 2017
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  • sdl0625sdl0625 648 replies11 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 659 Member
    how interested is she really in Elon? Even if she has not visited, if she reaches out to her rep, that would definately help. They like to see interest. Many schools these days will wait list those that have much higher stats than average if they think the applicant is using it as a safety school. For UNC CH, if instate would be a shoo in, but out of state might an issue.
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  • Viking00Viking00 6 replies2 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 8 New Member
    Thank you all so much for your advice! Since the consensus is that she has at least a couple safeties, I can breathe a little easier!

    She will apply to UNC-Asheville as well.

    I will also talk to her about the other colleges that have been suggested. She's going to hate having to write more essays, lol.

    @QuantMech,we have talked about grade deflation at Davidson, I think that's the only thing keeping the college from being #1 on her list.

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  • happy1happy1 22408 replies2184 discussionsForum Champion Parents, Forum Champion Admissions Posts: 24,592 Forum Champion
    In terms of admission I agree that Elon, UNC-W and NC State are schools she should get into. But IMO a safety is more that a school a student should get admitted to -- it should also be a school one is happy to attend. The fact that she has mixed feelings about NC State and hasn't seen Elon or UNC-W is concerning. If she doesn't get into UNC EA then I would try to visit the other schools as well as UNC-Asheville to be sure at least one of them would be a happy landing spot for her.
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