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Summer visits-where are you headed, any tips?


Replies to: Summer visits-where are you headed, any tips?

  • houndmomhoundmom Registered User Posts: 247 Junior Member
    @eb23282 I'm jumping into this thread late, but UGA is one schools my D19 will be applying to - really like the vibe and Athens truly is a great college town. Do you know how kids get to Atlanta airport? We have been wondering if there is easy access to shuttles given that most students are instate.

    Nice to hear such good things about South Carolina which is also on D's list. We had terrific tour in the Spring. Applying to Bama and Florida as well.

    @Zline @LuckyCharms913 - We are a suburban Philly family as well. So many kids heading South!
  • eb23282eb23282 Registered User Posts: 417 Member
    @houndmom there are shuttles available to/from airport and campus.
  • ZlineZline Registered User Posts: 47 Junior Member
    @eb23282 - My son had not considered UGA. I've asked him to at least look into it so thank you for the suggestion
    Have not been to Athens in on over 25 years. The company I work for used to have a location in Royston, GA.
  • eb23282eb23282 Registered User Posts: 417 Member
    @Zline Glad to hear, though personally I've got no skin in the game as I don't live in GA nor have any family who attends. I simply travelled to Athens frequently and worked with many UGA graduates. Seems like a great school and I would encourage my kids to look if they were interested in larges schools (which they are not). Good luck. I'd be curious to hear your opinions if you do visit.
  • emptynesteryetemptynesteryet Registered User Posts: 203 Junior Member
    We saw:

    Kenyon Aug 9th Summer day and it was good enough, but left her feeling "meh". Sat in on 1hr interactive mock class with I. Garcia awesome professor. Talked to 3-4 students in detail about life at Kenyon. Every time I (parent) left the students would be much more candid with my daughter. As much as Kenyon is hyped on CC I really wanted to love it and the academics seem very solid, intellectual vibe was evident, but it truly does seem behind the times in many ways buildings, services, etc. Student panel wasn't super strong either all were still searching in a way; "I think I will be a professor", "I think I will be a professor", "Maybe a think tank", and the last "Work on my tattoo portfolio or maybe Supreme court, so many options".

    Denison was better than expected. Tour, interview, daughter again talked to 2-3 students a decidedly preppier or dressier vibe, prettier, nicer, more up to date (everything) and Granville is cute. The faculty she met, the students, all gave a great vibe. Worst tour guide by far, in fact, out of all of the tours we have been on 15-ish she was the worst. Talked super soft and no hype like a memorized speech regurgitate.

    Wooster was a surprising ultra nice and thoughtful from the time we entered until the time we left. The IS seemed challenging and as they say "Tour guides matter" and ours was awesome. Math major researching "knot theory" who isn't in math these days. Seems every college we go to the Math majors are researching "knot theory". He was clearly passionate and loved his experience a rising Junior who stays over the summer and does research, volunteers, etc. She interviewed here as well more informational I believe.

    CWRU as expected great area LOTS TO DO, great equipment, great school for the focused driven I know I want engineering or premed student. Did not have a nice people vibe more of a tolerating vibe......like we are "CWRU" top 20 this, best research that, very very long tour 10210 steps. She interviewed here and it went fine enough.

    Daughter's ranking lol

    1. Denison
    2. Wooster
    3. Kenyon
    4. CWRU

    Mine was different, but I'm not the one going to school.

    Her current favorites are: Trinity, Rhodes, Denison, Davidson
  • homerdoghomerdog Registered User Posts: 4,350 Senior Member
    @emptynesteryet Kenyon on S19’s list as well. We visited the summer before junior year and loved what he saw. I did as well. Since then we have visited quite a few schools. Carleton, Grinnell, Davidson, Bowdoin being some of his favorites. When I think about Kenyon now I feel like there are fewer opportunities there even though we still think it’s a top contender for him. I looked up the number of majors at each school and the others all have 45-55 options. Kenyon has less than 30. I don’t know yet if that would be an issue as S19 is undecided but it did seem a bit odd that they had so few compared to others. Denison has 50 or so. Dickinson (another safer school for him has 60!) I also felt like the kids there leaned more towards grad school than working professionally out of undergrad. We are visiting again this fall and need to get a better grip on career services there.
  • MidwestmomofboysMidwestmomofboys Registered User Posts: 3,875 Senior Member
    @homerdog -- Kenyon was the first school each of my kids visited, and we all swooned. Campus looks like we imagine a small liberal arts college should look like and we liked the "smart kid" vibe on campus. As we moved through the process, I was surprised to discover some of the things that weren't there, like a Computer Science department and major (though there is a computational science concentration) and Ceramics as part of the Fine Arts department. Both my kids found the right place for them, and we have good friends' kids who are at Kenyon and very happy. My take-away is that, with any LAC, do your "diligence" and not assume that it offers what you want.
  • CheeringsectionCheeringsection Registered User Posts: 2,339 Senior Member
    @emptynesteryet you have toured many of the schools that we hope to over the next year for DD20. My main concern with many of them is the level of diversity. No offense intended to anyone, but she is trying to escape the suburban-raised, mainly white bubble that is her high school in favor of a more diverse experience. I think she may need to go bigger than these schools to accomplish that goal. Did being on campus support that? If not, how would you rank order them purely on a diversity scale?
  • emptynesteryetemptynesteryet Registered User Posts: 203 Junior Member
    @Cheeringsection, hard to say as school was not in session.

    Wooster said this year was 17% international higher than normal of 12-14% they see it settling around 15% longterm.

    One of the females on the Kenyon panel said this AA female, paraphrased...when she was asked her least favorite thing about Kenyon. "Diversity, we need to do a better job of it. They are trying, but it will be a LONG road to get the type of diversity we need here in small town Ohio, but it is good. I did some research and schools that have higher rates of diversity freshmen year do not always keep those diverse students. Here at Kenyon we need more diversity, but the diverse population we have isn't leaving either, and that is a testament to the good vibe at Kenyon, but Yeah we need more diversity!"

    The numbers may tell a different story and as others have said in other threads......even if the school is diverse the town may not be. CWRU would be the most diverse in that regard being close to Cleveland.
  • MidwestmomofboysMidwestmomofboys Registered User Posts: 3,875 Senior Member
    @Cheeringsection Common Data sets (where available) will identify the numbers of students in different ethnic/racial groups, and the searchable NY Times study/tool on economic diversity is helpful as well. The reports I've seen say that Denison is about 35% multi racial, and 20% Pell grant eligible as well as 20% first gen. Here is the NY Times study on economic diversity.

  • twoinanddonetwoinanddone Registered User Posts: 21,040 Senior Member
    Even if a school has diversity numbers, it doesn't mean the school is a big melting pot. My daughter's school had the numbers, even has 30% international students (many were white), but when I asked her if she interacted with the international students she said it was often hard because of the language issue. D is Chinese but doesn't speak Chinese or any of the dialects.

  • doschicosdoschicos Registered User Posts: 19,700 Senior Member
    LACs, especially more rural ones, often struggle with diversity. On the other hand, as mentioned above, at larger schools with more numbers, groups can tend towards self-segregation. So, pros and cons of both.
  • lastone03lastone03 Registered User Posts: 906 Member
    edited August 2018
    @zline Getting ready to take our last kid to Columbia for move in on the 20th. We are also from VA and had in-state options, as well as Penn State, but SC really sold us on Admitted Students Day. They also give wonderful merit scholarships, something Penn State didn't, so it made it pretty easy to choose SC. Given he is my 3rd, we have looked at 30+ campuses between sibling visits and travel baseball. It's funny what resonates with kids - mine thought UGA and Clemson were just okay. I think he likes the mix of campus/city that schools like SC and Wisconsin provide. Had he gotten into Wisconsin (he's a legacy), he might have chosen Madison over Columbia. Having said that, I am a firm believer that things work out the way they are supposed to - I don't think he could have handled the weather in Madison. :)
  • ASKMotherASKMother Registered User Posts: 156 Junior Member
    @twoinanddone you are spot on with your comment about numbers not necessarily reflecting how the campus intermingles. So many of these selective campuses tout diversity but once there you realize it's broken down into segregated clubs for each ethnic group. Praying that D18's school of choice intermingles those groups and that they are more of a vehicle for cultural awareness than division and separation.

  • eb23282eb23282 Registered User Posts: 417 Member
    @lastone03, my nephew is also headed to USC after being sold during the Admitted Students Day as well. He's now totally invested and very excited whereas before he was..."meh". I saw pictures of his condo, I mean dorm. Are you freaking kidding me? 4 bedroom/4 bathroom suite, 50" tv in his common room, pool in courtyard, etc. The trouble with amenities like this is he'll likely take a step back once he graduates - lol.
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