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Xavier University of Louisiana XULA

DoitandmakeitDoitandmakeit 18 replies3 threads Junior Member
Hello Wanted to know if anyone from California went to XULA. My daughter got in with good scholarship but not sure if this is the best fit for her. She wants to try premed and I know that this is the best option and has a great reputation for student going or excepted at Med schools. Not sure how to compare this with UC admissions to Premed programs. However heard that it is very difficult to get in from UC as Med schools look for school rank. How can I find as to how many student from XULA have been accepted to Med schools for past 5 years?
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  • DoitandmakeitDoitandmakeit 18 replies3 threads Junior Member
    Thank you!!
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  • hophop 986 replies2 threads Member
    Xavier is a solid pre-professionally oriented school, notable for their Pharm. program, but with good Bio and pre-med advising. I know two graduates (in education) who went on to PhD's after undergrad at XULA, who are now professors at California schools, although they were not originally from CA.

    Two things that you'll want to remember for a pre-med; the ability to achieve a high GPA, and keeping undergrad costs as low as possible.

    Sounds like Xavier could fit the bill, as it would not likely be quite as cut-throat competitive to be a pre-med major as at many of the UC/CSU schools.
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  • Phillymom5Phillymom5 26 replies2 threads Junior Member
    My daughter and I attended the Fall open house about a month ago and we did meet a few kids from California and seemed to like the experience.

    Regarding the data, the AAMC puts out all sorts of data regarding med school admissions. Since my daughter is also interested in premed, I considered those numbers when she gave me the list of schools that she wanted to apply to.

    While I don't have the last 5 years handy, I do have 2017-2018 numbers. Xavier is #2 in the placement of
    AA into Medical schools, second to Howard.

    Check out aamc.org you can search and sort by different variables. you will be shockingly surprised by the numbers of AA entering med school in this nation, really eye opening. That is why I applaud Xavier, because their formula works and they are making it happen.
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  • ucbalumnusucbalumnus 79062 replies702 threads Senior Member
    However heard that it is very difficult to get in from UC as Med schools look for school rank.

    UC medical schools are hard to get into because California is a big state but there are relatively few UC medical school places compared to the number of premeds, rather than any emphasis on school ranking.

    California premeds should note that if they do get into a medical school (most do not), it is likely that they will have to go to more expensive private medical school and take on higher than average debt (which is very high on average).
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  • magnetnhmagnetnh 472 replies41 threads Member
    @Doitandmakeit I am late to this post but are you still considering XULA? The great thing is their early assurance partnerships with top medical schools. This means that students can get into these schools by junior year at XULA. The support system for students is well-known and this is important to make it as a premed student. Read Pulse of Perseverance and follow Project Diversity Medicine on IG. If the financial aid is right I say give it serious consideration. We are many years away as D is in middle school but interested in premed and I have spoken to students and parents from New England who have been very happy choosing XULA. I am sure California is well-represented. Keep us posted.
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  • DoitandmakeitDoitandmakeit 18 replies3 threads Junior Member
    Is there anyone going to XULA from Bay Area?
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  • aaaisinedaaaisined 1 replies0 threads New Member
    What does it mean when Xavier invites you to an open house ? Is it bc they got my act scores ? Or did they just invite me just to invite me .? They gave me a vip parking pass and stuff so what does that mean and I never signed up for anything for Xavier
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