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Does your kid's high school require AP exams?

millie210millie210 524 replies24 threads Member
My son's high school requires that students who take an AP class, take the AP exam. If the kid doesn’t take the exam, the school takes the AP designation off the transcript. And they make the parents pay the cost of the exams, so I have a bill for nearly $400, which covers 2 exams my son does want to take and 2 he doesn’t care about.

It’s clear that the reason they make the kids take the exams is produce good stats for the district. It has nothing to do with any benefit to the individual students.

Is this common? Does your kid's school require kids who take an AP class to take the exam?
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Replies to: Does your kid's high school require AP exams?

  • tpike12tpike12 502 replies9 threads Member
  • rjm2018rjm2018 172 replies4 threads Junior Member
    Ours does as well.
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  • mjrube94mjrube94 407 replies15 threads Member
    My son's school requires it for certain AP classes, but not others. They subsidize the cost, so it's about $50/test.
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  • NYDreammomNYDreammom 396 replies0 threads Member
    Yes, ridiculous! All it does is line the pockets of the College Board and for school stats. My kid will never use the test scores as she is not a good standardized test taker. With all expenses we’ve had and are facing it is very upsetting.
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  • HowardGradlyHowardGradly 160 replies6 threads Junior Member
    Yes for our school
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  • twoinanddonetwoinanddone 23865 replies17 threads Senior Member
    In Florida the schools pay for the exams, so require that if you take the exam if you take the class.

    It doesn't always produce good scores to 'pad' the school's stats. My daughter did not study ONE SECOND for the AP Spanish exam. She didn't care about it and it wasn't required for college.
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  • eastcoast101eastcoast101 469 replies8 threads Member
    Yes. When you register for AP classes you sign an agreement that you must take the exam. Everyone knows this, there are no surprises. If there are financial issues they can be discussed privately with the guidance counselor.
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  • 3js3ks3js3ks 316 replies10 threads Member
    No, as far as I am aware the students at our high school are not required to take the AP exams at the end of the year. They cost around $90.
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  • SybyllaSybylla 4370 replies56 threads Senior Member
    edited February 2019
    Are APs weighted GPA boosters at your kid's school?
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  • LoveTheBardLoveTheBard 2119 replies20 threads Senior Member
    My D's school (private) required the students in the AP classes to take the tests, which she did in her sophomore and junior years. She ended up not taking any of the AP tests her senior year -- she was having a flare-up and was in a lot of pain, and there was no need for her to put herself though the literal and figurative pain if the university she was attending in the fall was not going to grant her credit for them.

    I didn't think that public schools can make the exams obligatory....
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  • sfSTEMsfSTEM 151 replies4 threads Junior Member
    My S's Catholic high school says this: "All students enrolled in an AP course are expected to take the exam in May. A teacher may recommend a student not take the exam."
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  • turtletimeturtletime 1249 replies12 threads Senior Member
    Nope. We purposely chose schools that didn’t believe in AP (one full dual enrollment and the other project based with some dual enrollment.) our eldest spent 2 years in a HS with AP’s. She took one, testing not required and it didn’t cost us anything when she did test.
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  • MassmommMassmomm 4098 replies84 threads Senior Member
    edited February 2019
    No. They went to a private school that did not want to burden families with the cost. The students could either take the AP or the class final. Kids who wanted to take the AP exam and couldn't afford it received scholarships to cover the cost.
    edited February 2019
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  • bjkmombjkmom 7949 replies158 threads Senior Member
    I think the idea is that they take the AP class with the intention of taking the exam.

    Otherwise, it looks as though they're only taking the AP class to pad their transcript for college admissions; as though Senioritis got the best of them once they got those apps out.

    That hurts next year's kids from the same school. If too many kids flake out, the school gets a reputation with the admissions counselors.

    The price of the exams should be laid out well in advance of course selections. And the price of an AP exam is, of course, far less than the price of taking the actual course in college-- isn't that supposed to be the prime motivation in taking the class in the first place?
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  • oldfortoldfort 23127 replies295 threads Senior Member
    My kids' school did not require AP exams, but if they didn't the exam they would need to take the final. AP score did not count toward the grade, but the final did. It was an easy decision for most kids.
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  • kiddiekiddie 3652 replies224 threads Senior Member
    Public school here. Same as oldfort - either the exam or a school created final that was part of the grade (this after a school created huge project for most APs). They started this policy, after their best seniors started not taking the exams. Why take an exam at the end of senior year when the Ivy you are going to won't give you credit for it? Of course the motive is to keep the school AP stats high.
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  • Leigh22Leigh22 808 replies9 threads Member
    You don’t have to take them at our school. First test is free, every one after is $80.
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  • Momof3BMomof3B 271 replies6 threads Junior Member
    Nope, at our school the AP exam is not required but highly encouraged.
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  • bhs1978bhs1978 665 replies12 threads Member
    Yes, it’s required and I agree with @bjkmom

    If a student wants to pad there transcript with AP classes they should be willing to take the exam.
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