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Engineering Schools/Program for my B student


Replies to: Engineering Schools/Program for my B student

  • taverngirltaverngirl Registered User Posts: 622 Member
    @MAandMEmom your son could go to UMaine for the same tuition as UMass through the reciprocal program, no? My son loves Quinnipiac as well; he'll likely apply but it'll be more than our other options I'm sure. Really gorgeous campus. We looked at UMass Lowell and really disliked that campus - so disjointed - and the surrounding area. Looking at UMass Dartmouth soon but haven't heard anything positive. Wasn't sure about Norwich due to the military aspect - can you share any thoughts on that?
  • retiredfarmerretiredfarmer Registered User Posts: 847 Member

    Ended up at an engineering college because my father had lived in a boarding house full of engineering students. His observations lined up with your son's observations until I insisted on attending this expensive engineering college. I told him it was his fault, so I got to attend.

    FYI: my father made a good living selling beer with his classics background. and was a sage advisor when Uncle Sam mailed my draft notice.! He sent me off with some of Dr. Elliot's classics under my arm.
  • ZweikinderZweikinder Registered User Posts: 16 Junior Member
    edited March 6
    I would definitely recommend Iowa State University. It has a very strong and highly regarded Engineering program and since they use a predetermined formula for admission, you can plug in your child's numbers and know right away if they will be accepted. Just search regents formula and Iowa State University. Cant say enough good things about their program, Engineering facilities, generous OOS merit and departmental scholarships, and the beautiful campus.
  • MAandMEmomMAandMEmom Registered User Posts: 1,476 Senior Member
    @taverngirl S19 is a lifelong scout and an eagle so the uniform aspect doesn’t seem to bother him, although he would not join the Corp. I hadn’t seen the campus so on the long haul to go to an open house at clarkson, he and I stopped by so I could see the campus. It’s very nice but the uniform presence is very strong. It also happened to be family weekend and the rooks were able to leave for the first time. A bit of a bro culture from what I could tell - not that it’s bad or good just is. The faculty also seem to be in uniform. My kid is doing an overnight in early April so I think he’ll have a better feeling then.

    We still wouldn’t want to pay the UMass Amherst ticket at Umaine, which is in excess of $32k I believe. Not for abet engineering unless it was a very big name.

    Living very close to UMass Dartmouth and working very closely with them, I can say their engineering grads do very well. A very good friend works on the Navy base in HR in nearby RI and recruits heavily there. It is a suitcase campus and I’m not certain DS would even bother living there. They have a 4+1 in civil and it would cost just about $11k through his master’s. That’s a tough price to beat.
  • mommdcmommdc Registered User Posts: 10,953 Senior Member
    You can search for ABET accredited engineering programs by state or type of engineering.


    Then narrow it down by looking at school selectivity by inputting gpa and test scores into college navigator.


    How about U Toledo? WVU? U Akron?

    Clarkson, Marquette, Butler U?

  • crossfitmamacrossfitmama Registered User Posts: 23 Junior Member
    Thank you all for your input. I definitely hear how hard engineering programs are to get into AND to stay in. He doesn't want to go the community college route so we continue to look for programs that might work for him. We have encouraged him to consider taking a gap year but he sees this as a sign that we think he is incompetent (we will continue to talk about this). I walk the line between encouraging him to work hard and trying to help him research engineering programs that he has a chance of being accepted into and my fear of his being accepted someplace and then not being able to handle the workload.
  • SybyllaSybylla Registered User Posts: 3,012 Senior Member
    edited March 9
    Why a gap year though? I am not sure that helps at all. You might need to take a firm stance, but see how he goes in his testing. If you do send him OOS make it cheap enough to allow him to change major, and make strict rules of engagement over what the expected outcome is (successful undergrad, whatever that looks like to all of you). Is he improving his GPA?
  • momprof9904momprof9904 Registered User Posts: 226 Junior Member
    @crossfitmama I think you are correct to be concerned about him getting admission to a engineering school but then not be able to handle the workload. The curriculum is tightly structured and would be a challenge for a student with adhd. Add to that living away from home and handling all the other responsibilities.

    If not a CC, would he consider a regional 4 year public college close by? He can start there and take the general ed courses, including math and science.

    Adhd kids sometimes need a longer path to get to where they'd like to go. My DS1 with ADHD goes to a nearby tech university. He takes 12 to 15 credit hours a semester. He is in CS , so he has a bit more flexibility in the curriculum. No accommodations other than extended time on exams. For him, that has been very helpful. The nearby support of family and therapist has also been helpful for him.
  • abbeanyabbeany Registered User Posts: 23 Junior Member
    edited March 9
    My DS is also interested, but not committed to studying engineering. He has a 3.75 GPA and 1320 SAT and has not received a direct admit to any of the engineering programs so far. He noted a 2nd choice major for Pitt and Purdue and did get in to those on his 2nd choice. Both of those schools do allow internal transfers in but the GPA requirement and ability for non-direct admits to get the required pre-req classes makes it seem like a long shot. He is also looking at a small LAC in NY (Hobart William Smith) which has a 3-1-1 program w/Dartmouth. Students major in Physics and by the time they are done have a degree in Physics from HWS and a degree in Engineering from Dartmouth. I feel like these programs work to acclimate students who maybe need more time to decide if engineering is for them. More of a "draw them in" than a "weed them out" approach. The pluses of a program like this is he has more time to decide if he wants to pursue engineering and graduates with a degree from an Ivy League school and a LAC. The drawback is extra time and cost.
  • CheeringsectionCheeringsection Registered User Posts: 2,277 Senior Member
    edited March 9
    My recommendation is a smaller campus with a focus on undergrad education. I am unable to speak about specific accommodations for ADHD or a Jewish community but Valparaiso University and Marquette are the first I think of. Excellent facilities and advising. Definitely not a weed out culture. Others that may work but I have less knowledge about: Milwaukee School of Engineering, Ohio University, University of Dayton, Wright State, Cleveland State
  • OhioMom6OhioMom6 Registered User Posts: 39 Junior Member
    edited March 9
    @crossfitmama My son is a senior and currently has a 3.2 GPA and a 30 ACT. He was diagnosed with ADD at the end of his sophomore year of high school and started on medication his junior year. His grades have greatly improved since then. (His GPA was a 2.6). All of his coursework has been college prep (so physics, chemistry, pre-calc etc.)

    He has been admitted to the following engineering programs: Dayton, Cincinnati, Akron, Ohio University, Toledo, Wooster (3/2 program) & Ohio University. He was admitted to the Mansfield campus at Ohio State and guaranteed a spot his junior year if his GPA is a 3.0.

    My oldest daughter currently attends Ohio U and is in their honors program as a bio-pre med student. She knows a lot of Engineering majors (from her chemistry, physics and calculus classes) and most changed their majors after the first year because the coursework is extremely rigorous- and these were high ACT & GPA kids.

    Knowing this, we have encouraged our son to explore undecided engineering his first year.

    He still hasn’t picked a school. Financial aid is a big factor and although he is a URM, with lots of extra curriculars and volunteer time, his aid packages so far only cover about 1/3 of the total cost of attendance at most of these schools. (Cincinnati only offered him a student loan and Akron gave him a $2500 scholarship.)

    Good luck to your son! If you’d like to reach out this time next year I can let you know how his freshman year is going and what school he ended up at.
  • thermomthermom Registered User Posts: 451 Member
    I think you've been given a lot of good options to consider (Clarkson and RIT were to that came to my mind as smaller and supportive schools) but I think another important thing to think about is making sure that the school will have other attractive programs just in case he wants to swap out of engineering. Like, what would be his second and/or third choice paths? Business? Computer Science? What are his current strengths in school. I'd want to make sure that any college he went to would have good options besides engineering as a fallback because lots of kids change majors (not just engineering students, I think something close to half of all kids change from the major they planned upon entering college.)
  • laraleilaralei Registered User Posts: 813 Member
    @crossfitmama Many here have great suggestions for colleges. I am going to offer you a more personal example.

    My friends son had grades similar to your sons, except his SAT score around 1000. He was not admitted to engineering in most of the colleges he applied to, Penn State, Pitt as examples. He ended up being admitted to George Mason University.

    After the first semester he had a GPA of 2.0. Second year, he gave up everything of personal interest to study, study, study. He had to repeat a few classes and due to a grade replacement policy, his GPA did come up significantly. However, that put him on a 5 1/2 year BS program and his parents are full pay. Ouch!

    He managed to get an internship w/ a relatives employer for Civil Engineering. He was very much liked, totally committed to the job and was given a few business cards and contacts for when he graduated as they were very much interested in hiring him.

    So your son may do better, but it may very well be a long, stressful, and expensive endeavor.
  • ECmotherx2ECmotherx2 Registered User Posts: 2,089 Senior Member
    Eckerd College in St. Petersburg has a 3+2 program with Wash. U St. Louis and Columbia. They offer merit and financial aid. There is a strong Jewish presence with a very active Hillel and Hillel Parents group and a campus Rabbi. The Bevan Center has academic coaching, tutoring, peer mentoring, etc.
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