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Which website shows likelihood?

CaliforniaMommaCaliforniaMomma 34 replies29 threads Junior Member
I saw a website that had a range of SAT scores/GPA scores that correlated the likelihood of admission with the major your child was applying to for the school. Now, I have no clue where it is.

My daughter is planning on psychology so those admission numbers may look different than for engineering, etc.

Anyone have any idea?

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Replies to: Which website shows likelihood?

  • skieuropeskieurope 40797 replies7569 threads Super Moderator
    edited May 2019
    Which website shows likelihood?
    None, at least not with accuracy, although many may claim.
    correlated the likelihood of admission with the major your child was applying to for the school.
    Correlation does not imply causation. You may be thinking of Parchment.
    edited May 2019
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  • CaliforniaMommaCaliforniaMomma 34 replies29 threads Junior Member
    It wasn't parchment, bur similar graph and it was on major with the school as well as in state/out of state. Wish I could find it again!
    Thought I booked marked it...
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  • CaliforniaMommaCaliforniaMomma 34 replies29 threads Junior Member
    Nevermind, it is Niche!
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  • RichInPittRichInPitt 2078 replies33 threads Senior Member
    I see where it shows how you compare (percentile) to those who were admitted, but that's different than a prediction of admission.

    E.g. it reports my D ranked higher than 46% of the students who were admitted to her school. But if you look at the admits and declines, she has higher numbers than pretty much every decline and is indeed right in the middle of the accepts. That doesn't translate to a 46% chance of admission.

    Is there another projections somewhere that I'm missing?
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  • ChaosParent23ChaosParent23 712 replies40 threads Member
    Cappex I believe has something similar. One thing to keep in mind however is that sites like niche & cappex are self reporting only. that makes them very very unreliable.
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  • ucbalumnusucbalumnus 82712 replies738 threads Senior Member
    CSUN and SJSU have web pages showing previous admission cycle thresholds for admission.

    Some other colleges like ASU list auto admit criteria for both the school and various majors.
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  • VeryIgnorantVeryIgnorant 22 replies12 threads Junior Member
    We found the probabilities coming out of the Parchment tool - at least for top 20 schools - to be too optimistic.
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  • Sue22Sue22 6926 replies121 threads Super Moderator
    Niche gave my child a 0% chance of being accepted to the college she'll be attending and a 2-7% chance at the other schools to which she was admitted.
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  • ninakatarinaninakatarina 1619 replies44 threads Senior Member
    Parchment was way too optimistic. And now I see why - now that our results are in I feel no incentive to go back and put in the places where kiddo was rejected, only the places where he was accepted.
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  • ultimomultimom 245 replies3 threads Junior Member
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  • TooOld4SchoolTooOld4School 3369 replies12 threads Senior Member
    Parchment was 100% accurate for S2. Accepted at every college with >50% prediction, denied at every college with <50%.

    Naviance just didn't have enough information about some of the schools he applied to because of his small HS class (75). It was fairly accurate for some private schools (e.g. Rice & Vanderbilt) and totally accurate about the public ones. The Ivy's , except for Cornell, showed nothing but random admissions so other factors beyond academics played a much larger role in their admission process.

    Niche was pretty useless for admissions, but good for other things.
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  • OttermaOtterma 1505 replies30 threads Senior Member
    Naviance was 100% for schools where my son's high school had large enough data sets. Parchment was 100% accurate with respect to the total number of predicted acceptances but it was not 100% at predicting individual college results.
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  • ARTCCARTCC 181 replies4 threads Junior Member
    Both Parchment and Cappex were accurate for our D also. For our family, they were decision support tools and a reality check. There was never an expectation they would be infallible predictors. Thankfully, our D is a realist and she saw no value in putting her hopes into, and applying to colleges and universities where the chance bands for her admission never exceeded 50 percent.

    She recently graduated from the highly selective university where she applied ED and was accepted (they did not offer an EA option when she applied). The average admission rate when she applied was 32 percent (total, not just ED) and Parchment predicted she had an 82 percent chance of admission, and the Cappex admission chance band for her at that university was in the high 60 to high 70 percent range.
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