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Advice on science (bio, ecology or biomath) summer research opportunities abroad?

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My D is sophomore in college pursuing bio and math. She's on PhD track. She's got a great opportunity on campus that may prevent her from doing a traditional semester abroad, so she's interested in an international summer research internship either this coming summer or the following one. Working in a lab or field site for 8-10 weeks is what she envisions. Bio, ecology and/or biomath would be areas of interest. Europe is of most interest.

I found some links to programs in Germany, Austria and a couple other places, but would love advice or insights from anyone whose kid has actually done this. Is it crazy insane competitive? (guessing yes) Good experiences? Things to be aware or wary of?

As further context, she did an REU in biomath after her first year and has excellent grades (3.9 GPA) at a top LAC. College is expensive enough, so my husband and I can't afford to underwrite an expensive summer opportunity. She can apply for some travel grant support from her college and/ or she needs to find an opportunity where they pay at least a living stipend for the summer. She could pay for her plane ticket and some costs through her savings, just not for everything. All this to say, some of the summer programs I saw you pay something like $5k, and that just won't work for her.

Tks for any suggestions!
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