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The federal government has nothing on big univeristy bureaucracies

dadof4kidsdadof4kids 695 replies68 threads Member
I just called my son's housing office, and it reminds me of trying to call a government office, or frankly even worse a health insurance company.

He is contemplating moving out of the dorms at semester. There is a decent penalty for that, which I don't love but I understand. The penalty is supposed to be 40% of your remaining contract (housing and meal plan). He is in apartment style housing, which allows him to either have a meal plan or not. He can drop the meal plan without any penalty between semesters, but not during a semester.

If he moves out at the end of finals week, he owes roughly a $3,000 penalty. He is in an oversubscribed dorm, and lots of kids would probably like to move into his spot. They will regret it after they meet his roommates, but that's a story for another time. So definitely if he is moving out at semester, it is better for the university if he moves out right after finals so they can put someone else in his spot to start the spring semester.

If he waits and moves out the second day of classes spring semester, his meal plan has now been dropped penalty free and he only pays a $1500 penalty to cancel his housing contract. That makes it harder for the university to fill the room, and potentially keeps a kid out of the housing they want.

No flexibility here apparently. But if he knows he is moving out, I am being told the "right thing to do" is to pay the extra $1,500. That doesn't benefit him at all, actually it makes his life slightly easier to wait because of lease terms anyway. I'd even pay a couple hundred MORE to move out January instead of December.

I'm certainly not paying an extra $1,500 to make my life harder and theirs easier. And I don't feel bad about it. That room will still be filled a couple weeks after he moves out, there isn't a single bed available in his dorm right now (he has checked, the current roommate situation is part of what is leading to the change). So that $1,500 we still pay is probably more than a $1,000 windfall to the university after any expenses to move him out and someone else in.

I may bump it up to a supervisor at some point, but for now I'm just exploring options. Probably only 60% likely to move out anyway. But right now they are charging me a penalty to do what helps them. That's not the kind of incentive that gets people to help you out.

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  • HImomHImom 34452 replies392 threads Senior Member
    I’d certainly talk to a supervisor. It makes no sense. So sorry your S has a tough room mate situation. Id get it in writing. Perhaps you were quoted the info backwards or something.
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