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Switching from Pixel 2XL to Iphone 11

dadof4kidsdadof4kids 756 replies75 threads Member
My phone was acting up and I needed a new one. Since everyone else in my family is firmly entrenched into the Apple universe, I relented. Plus I'm not a tech guy, so simple is probably better for me anyway. There used to be several reasons I didn't want to switch, but android has taken out some of the benefits for me, and apple has added some. I decided that the path with probably the least long term headaches was to just switch.

Not the least short term headaches though. I've been working on getting the phone set up and apps loaded. Huge time sink today, and it's not done. I forgot how bad changing phones was when you don't just log in with the new one and then everything just magically moves over. Plus I don't know where to swipe and where to find things.

It was good though to purge apps. Since they have flowed over from phone to phone automatically I have several that probably haven't been used for years. Now every app on there I chose to put on.

I'm guessing I'm happier in a few weeks. Not today though.
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Replies to: Switching from Pixel 2XL to Iphone 11

  • bookwormbookworm 9030 replies72 threads Senior Member
    I’m happy with my newish 11. I let the person at Apple store move my info. And delete some apps. Where did you buy your phone? Maybe make an appointment and return to receive aid in updating your phone.
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  • 1214mom1214mom 4710 replies188 threads Senior Member
    I went from a Pixel 1 to Iphone 11. I kept to Android because my kids were android users and they would help me with issues. When my 20-something son said he was going to try Apple, I did too. (I love my iPad). It was quite the hassle getting things moved over, and I’m still not used to it, 2 months later.
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  • dadof4kidsdadof4kids 756 replies75 threads Member
    I've already moved most things over. It's just getting signed into everything now and trying to find a logical way to arrange things without the app drawer. My old system for organizing doesn't work with an iphone, so I'm struggling to find something that works for me. It's not actually that difficult, but will take getting used to.

    The best thing about an iphone is that if you have a problem figuring something out, there is probably someone within 20 feet of you who can solve your problem. Since my kids are all longtime apple converts I'm hoping they can help me.

    I will say the tipping point for me is the speaker on an Iphone vs. a Pixel. My hearing isn't as good as it used to be, and I struggled to hear sometimes. People also had trouble with hearing me, so the microphone probably wasn't that good either. I loved my Pixel as a small handheld computer, but it was kind of a lousy phone. And the radio was going out, I wasn't always getting calls. So when I switched, I chose Apple.
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