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Should my son bother taking the SAT if he is only applying to CSUs & UCs?

kmilanokmilano 4 replies3 threads New Member
edited October 11 in Parents Forum
Are all UCs & CSUs truly test blind? My son took the SAT once but got a score he wouldn't want to submit. He is signed up for the November SAT & December ACT to try for a better score but is there any point \?
edited October 11
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Replies to: Should my son bother taking the SAT if he is only applying to CSUs & UCs?

  • GumbymomGumbymom Forum Champion UC 31194 replies503 threads Forum Champion
    edited October 11
    As of now only UCB, UCSC and UCI state regardless of the court rulings, they will be test blind this admission cycle. The rest of the UC’s can use test scores for admission purposes at the moment. Also test scores can be used for placement purposes and subject tests will still be considered.

    If he is signed up, I see no downside to taking the exams if he feels prepared.

    Since the CSU’s will rely on GPA mainly for admission purposes and the UC’s have always been GPA focused, it really depends upon where his GPA puts him in comparison to the UC campus admit data.
    edited October 11
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  • NCalRentNCalRent 6537 replies14 threads Senior Member

    i'd probably skip it but, what are his stats?

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  • mom2andmom2and 3107 replies21 threads Senior Member
    Does he do well on those tests? Did he take the PSAT and do well? If so, no harm taking them. If his scores are not in line with his grades, may want to skip it.
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  • kmilanokmilano 4 replies3 threads New Member
    Here are his stats:
    California Resident
    SAT: 1220 (Eng 560, math 660)
    6 APs: Calc AB, Calc BC, Lang, CSP, AP Econ/Govt, AP World History
    GPA: UW 3.45, W: 3.90
    Major: Econ or Math
    NHS, volunteer at school for autistic kids for 3 years, math tutor
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  • ucbalumnusucbalumnus 85049 replies758 threads Senior Member
    edited October 15
    Might as well try if he is already signed up, unless he is only applying to campuses that are test-blind (all CSUs, UCB, UCI, UCSC).

    But realize that it is likely that SAT/ACT is probably relatively low weighted even at the campuses that accept it for admission.

    There may be some situations where an SAT/ACT score may be used for placement purposes to entry-level college English and math courses.
    edited October 15
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