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"In loco parentis"....Do you live near a college?


Replies to: "In loco parentis"....Do you live near a college?

  • andiandi 1570 replies30 threads Senior Member
    Boston and Cambridge area schools + Brandeis

    pm me for contact info
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  • RachachaRachacha 1199 replies67 threads Senior Member
    Rochester Area, NY

    I live a few miles from SUNY Geneseo, one of my offices is across the street from the Eastman School (University of Rochester), and another office is a couple of miles from both the U of R River Campus and Rochester Institute of Techology (right by the airport). I know and work with people fluent in ASL if the issue is with an NTID student at RIT.

    I also have an office close to SUNY Binghamton, but am not there that often. I'd be more helpful answering questions about the local stuff...

    Feel free to PM if anyone has questions
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  • momof3sonsmomof3sons 4968 replies148 threads Senior Member
    Thanks for the info about the titles, curm. I never paid attention to that before.

    Hey SpringfieldMom, is it too early or too late to ask you to harass a soon-to-be grad from Swarthmore to get his "fancy" clothes over to the dry cleaners in the ville? ;) He may need to wear them in a week or so.
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  • SpringfieldMomSpringfieldMom 1027 replies39 threads Senior Member
    Give me his phone no. I'll call him and say I'm from the fashion police.
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  • AtlmomAtlmom 752 replies54 threads Member
    I forgot to mention Spellman, Atlanta U, Georgia Tech, Morehouse, Georgia State U.
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  • mapmap 295 replies27 threads Member
    I live and work at the edge of the Brown campus.
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  • shennieshennie 2437 replies30 threads Senior Member
    Attended graduate school there and have been a resident of Madison for 25 years. Hubby is an administrator in a large department. PM is best for contact.
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  • ReneeVReneeV 635 replies24 threads Member
    I am in western Germany, very close to Trier and Luxembourg City, within a few hours of Brussels, Maastricht, Frankfurt, and Heidelberg. PM for contact.

    I like this idea. My daughter's friend's grandma is here visiting and came up to me after church to let me know that she lives an hour or so away from where my daughter will be in school in PA, and that was really comforting to me.

    Berurah, I assure you, if I am ever in KS, you will get a PM from me, and I want one if you head to Germany. You seem like one of the kindest-hearted people in the world, and I would love to meet you some day!
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  • fireflyscoutfireflyscout 5297 replies169 threads Senior Member
    Hmm - this time next year, my daughter will be in Maastricht.

    I'm about 45 minutes from Rice and University of Houston, an hour from Texas A&M.
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  • citygirlsmomcitygirlsmom - 12783 replies375 threads Senior Member
    San Francisco, baby!! So we have USF, SF State, Marin schools, Oakland, Stanford, Berkeley, and points north

    M D will be in NYC....
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  • calmomcalmom 20778 replies168 threads Senior Member
    I'm another parent in the SF area -- right outside of SF, about 30 minutes from Stanford, 40 minutes from Berkeley, 20 minutes or so from USF. And also with a kid in NY.

    (Hey, CGM, life has just gotten sooo much easier because Jet Blue now flies into SFO -- no more driving across the bay for cheap fares. Just a word of warning, they are in the International Terminal, good to know if you are picking up or dropping off. My d. flew in Saturday night with a huge amount of luggage -- and we had a little bit of a hike back to the car due to my mistaken assumption that a domestic flight would come into a domestic terminal).
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  • msteemstee 3082 replies55 threads Senior Member
    East Bay parent here, close to Berkeley, Cal State Hayward (now renamed as Cal State University East Bay or something like that), etc.
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  • frazzled1frazzled1 5590 replies246 threads Senior Member
    in descending order of proximity.

    This is a great idea, OP! One especially nice parent on this board (hello, SplashMom :)) very kindly offered me assistance when my d, who attends school in her area, was sick with the flu. She also patiently offered this timid driver suggestions for dealing with the traffic on I-65 and I-40 in Nashville. It's not likely I can ever do the same for her, but maybe I can help someone else.
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  • jmmomjmmom 8916 replies168 threads Senior Member
    Also UMaine, UNew England and reasonably close to UNew Hampshire

    (when I say "close" to Colby, I am really about 2 hours away. But nobody is much closer ;) ) The others are within 45 minutes, except UNH
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  • jmmomjmmom 8916 replies168 threads Senior Member
    For part of the winter, I am in Baja California and frequently in San Diego... so that would cover UCSD, San Diego State, USan Diego
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  • ucsd_ucla_daducsd_ucla_dad 8506 replies67 threads Senior Member
    San Diego full time for me.
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  • Karen CollegesKaren Colleges 1686 replies66 threads Senior Member
    This is a great thread. Great idea.
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  • Erin's MomErin's Mom 167 replies9 threads Junior Member
    I see others are up my way too....waving "hi" to my fellow NoCal parents!We're really close to SF State....some connections w/Stanford, but most of my resources are at the SoCal UC's...... UCSD, Irvine, UCLA (I'm an alum). Science/Med....talk to me. :)

    DD is in Philly starting Sept......so I'll probably PM some of you.
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  • momof2incamomof2inca 3419 replies65 threads Senior Member
    Great idea!
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  • VeryHappyVeryHappy 18843 replies331 threads Senior Member
    So we're willing to trust our children's welfare to a total stranger we've met on the Internet?

    OK, I just wanted to be sure I understood what we were doing.
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