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"In loco parentis"....Do you live near a college?

AtlmomAtlmom 752 replies54 threads Member
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in the place or role of a parent.

Parents, I thought it would be nice to know a parent who lives in or around the town where your student/children are attending. Some of us live many miles away and it is hard to deal with emergencies quickly if the situation arises. Emergencies may include auto accidents, injuries, illness, arrests or other legal situations, etc. ALso for recommendations on hotels to stay in when you visit, or other local advice. Not for loans. Not for minor illnesses. Not for airport transport unless there is an emergency.

The heading should be the college near where you live and contact info in the message.

I think also since we are supposed to prepare for emergencies our country or cities may face, it would be nice to have someone in that town.
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Replies to: "In loco parentis"....Do you live near a college?

  • AtlmomAtlmom 752 replies54 threads Member
    I am in Atlanta so fairly close to all of these schools. Athens is 60 minutes away but I can still help somewhat as I spent 7 years in school there.

    I will exchange phone numbers via private messages.
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  • latetoschoollatetoschool 3021 replies122 threads Senior Member
    I am in Washington about ten days out of every month, except for August - can be reached via PM. Am also in Miami...
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  • hoedownhoedown 3742 replies9 threads Senior Member
    I am right on campus at the University of Michigan. PM is the way to reach me.
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  • hsmomstefhsmomstef 3455 replies124 threads Senior Member
    I live a block from Colorado College -- PM me for phone number and email.
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  • texastaximomtexastaximom 1063 replies17 threads Senior Member
    While I do not reside in a college town, I am within striking distance of Houston, San Antonio, Austin, and Corpus Christi--about equi-distant from all, like spokes on a wheel. I can be PM'd for emergency help/suggestions.
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  • curiousmothercuriousmother 616 replies53 threads Member

    I live a few blocks away from SMU.

    I can be PM'd in emergency situations or if someone's S/D gets stuck in the airport (D-FW or Dallas Love Field) en route to somewhere else.
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  • berurahberurah - 4478 replies82 threads Senior Member
    Just pm me for contact info! :) (Not that I expect any CCers out this way...*rofl*)

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  • zoosermomzoosermom 25663 replies594 threads Senior Member
    I'm near Wagner College, St. John's University and any colleges in Manhattan. PM me if you need something because I'm happy to help.
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  • bethievtbethievt 6591 replies168 threads Senior Member
    I'm near UVM, Champlain College and St. Michael's. I wish I knew someone near Grinnell.
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  • jazzymomjazzymom 3601 replies75 threads Senior Member
    We live close enough to USC, UCLA, Occidental, Loyola Marymount L.A. and also Chapman in Orange and UCI. Definitely willing to help in an emergency. I can be PM'd or emailed.
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  • mootmommootmom 4038 replies124 threads Senior Member
    I live close to Santa Clara U and San Jose State, and not far from Stanford, and slightly farther but still not out-of-range for UC Santa Cruz. PM me for contact information.
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  • menloparkmommenloparkmom 12694 replies551 threads Senior Member
    I am 1 block from Stanford University. Can be PM'd for info.
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  • ChedvaChedva 18931 replies11738 threads Super Moderator
    I work in Boston, and I live near Stonehill College. Contact info available via PM.
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  • momof3sonsmomof3sons 4968 replies148 threads Senior Member
    Columbia U., Manhattan College, SUNY Purchase, etc.
    Contact me please via PM.

    And how do you make those bold-faced headers so that I can follow instructions? ;)
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  • ejr1ejr1 1119 replies9 threads Senior Member
    Baylor med, UT med, Rice, U of Houston, SFA, and any other Houston area University.
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  • candacecandace 426 replies43 threads Member
    I live near UCF, Rollins and Stetson. I will fill that role for one of my daughter's friends that is coming to Stetson from Pittsburgh. I hope he will like August in central Florida!
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  • molliebatmitmolliebatmit 12245 replies129 threads Senior Member
    I'm in the Boston/Cambridge area -- too many colleges and universities to list. :)

    I'm also a grad student, not a parent, but I would still be more than happy to have somebody's kid over and feed him/her a square meal!
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  • curmudgeoncurmudgeon 11830 replies298 threads Senior Member
    I can be really helpful for a Baylor kid . E-mail is the way to go.
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  • curmudgeoncurmudgeon 11830 replies298 threads Senior Member
    momof3sons, use the "go advanced" option. There will be a title block. Fill it in and it's auto bold.
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  • SpringfieldMomSpringfieldMom 1027 replies39 threads Senior Member
    I am less than 1 mile from Swarthmore (I guess that makes me a "townie") and within striking distance of many other western suburb colleges such as Villanova and St. Joe's. PM or email me and I'll give you my cell.
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