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National Merit Help

PurpoisePalPurpoisePal 1551 replies93 threads Senior Member
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I'm currently a junior and I took the PSAT's this year. I did alright, and I got a letter from National Merit saying that I has scored in the top 2% or wtvr and that I was being considered for it and at worst, I'd be a commended scholar. Okay.

Next year, I'm repeating 11th grade because I'm switching schools (private school) and socially, it would be strange to enter when everyone is saying goodbye to each other. However, I'm not actually repeating any classes. What's going to happen with the whole national merit thing? Will I get to take the psat's again? Will I be able to be considered for national merit? Will they consider me based on this year's scores or next year? I'm very confused here...

Thanks so much! :)
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  • AtlmomAtlmom 752 replies54 threads Member
    You need to call national merit.
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  • Opie ofMaybery2Opie ofMaybery2 1811 replies4 threads- Member
    Yes, call. Congrats on the finish.

    I would think you wouldn't have to retake the psat nor would you need to. Do well in school and your sat along with your ecs and you'll do alright.
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  • PurpoisePalPurpoisePal 1551 replies93 threads Senior Member
    Thanks- but I'm confused, because I won't be considered for national merit if I'm a junior, right?
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  • Opie ofMaybery2Opie ofMaybery2 1811 replies4 threads- Member
    No you won't, but alot of kids take their psats sophomore year. You could certainly let NM know of what's going on if they have to adjust their database. Couldn't hurt.
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  • wis75wis75 14163 replies64 threads Senior Member
    It's too bad that you obviously are a high achiever and are repeating a grade. I would rather hear you were finishing HS, even at your old school, and got to go to college with your agemates one year sooner. I don't think paying the price of having to put up with HS life an extra year is worth any college you could get into. Plenty of people end up spending only their senior year at a HS, is the lost year for a "social life" worth it?

    Definitely check with NM. Good luck.
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  • celloguycelloguy 655 replies6 threads Member
    wis75, if the OP is planning two years at his new (presumably elite) school, how is that different from doing a PG year there after high school? It's a venerable tradition, and exactly right for many students (especially boys, who mature later than girls). I suspect there's more than "social life" at work here.
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  • AtlmomAtlmom 752 replies54 threads Member
    i don' tknow the answer to that question. What i do know is that national merit for purposes of the competition is very rule oriented. THey should tell him what he can do with all this.
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  • carolyncarolyn 7242 replies193 threads Senior Member
    From the NMS website:

    Student Entry Requirements
    To participate in the National Merit® Scholarship Program, a student must:

    - take the PSAT/NMSQT® in the specified year of the high school program and no later than the third year in grades 9 through 12, regardless of grade classification or educational pattern;
    - be enrolled full time as a high school student, progressing normally toward graduation or completion of high school, and planning to enroll full time in college no later than the fall following completion of high school; and
    - be a citizen of the United States; or be a U.S. lawful permanent resident (or have applied for permanent residence, the application for which has not been denied) and intend to become a U.S. citizen at the earliest opportunity allowed by law.
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