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Class of 2012 - Master List of Scholarship Awards

TrinityTrinity 1411 replies345 threads Senior Member
edited December 2011 in Parents Forum
A popular thread last year was the Scholarship Awards thread, to track merit award offers. If you're willing to share, please list the following information for all merit award offers, not just the one your child ultimately accepts:

Name of school, amount of award, GPA/test scores, any special reason for the award (special talent, EC, etc.).

We hope this will help parents and applicants get a sense of what it takes to get merit money at various schools.

edited December 2011
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Replies to: Class of 2012 - Master List of Scholarship Awards

  • GeorgiatwinsGeorgiatwins 419 replies25 threads Member
    Our twins (S/D) received letters from Wofford admission office that they both haad been named Wofford Scholars. $ vary upon student's interview during Scholars Weekend, GPA, Test scores and remainder of application. Funds vary from 8K-over 120K. Kid are excited, college guidance counselor is thrilled. From what I can tell, Minimum SAT scores of 1220, GPA>3.8.excellent community service and recommendation of Guidance Counselor.
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  • VderonVderon 855 replies26 threads Junior Member
    Southern Illinois University- Provosts award- $4,000 per year for the first 2 years. Minimum ACT 27, class rank in the 85th percentile.

    North Central College- Deans Scholarship- $10,000 per year. Minimum criteria not listed - my daughter has a 29 ACT and class rank in the top 15 %.
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  • CountingDownCountingDown 13691 replies113 threads Senior Member
    RIT has a Computing Medal, which comes with a $3,000/year award should one decide to attend. Looking for excellence/awards in computer science, along with grades/leadership. The school nominates 1-2 students for the award *junior year.* There is minimal paperwork to complete. The award came by the end of that year. No minimum grades or SATs that I am aware of.

    Not all schools participate in this -- might be worth it to check with one's GC or to contact RIT to see how to get the school involved in this program.
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  • SoCal18SoCal18 1331 replies343 threads Senior Member
    I just received $40,000 (distributed over a 4yr period) from the University of Portland.
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  • oregonianmomoregonianmom 1886 replies97 threads Senior Member
    My S received $5,500 a year ($22,000 total) from University of Missouri-Columbia. It is the Mark Twain Nonresident Scholarship for out-of-state students, the highest OOS award offered. Must be top 25% of class, with a minimum 30 ACT or 1320 SAT.
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  • scout59scout59 3696 replies69 threads Senior Member
    D just received a Scholars' Award from DePaul - $9500 per year ($38,000 for all four years.) She must maintain a 2.7 for renewal and help with on-campus recruitment for the first two years.

    We don't know the requirements for this particular scholarship, but in the letter they mentioned her community service (she's a Gold Award Girl Scout, among other things) as well as her academics (3.75 GPA, 29 ACT.)
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  • slugger255slugger255 491 replies51 threads Member
    Received a $12,000 scholarship from Lynchburg College.
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  • robinhoodrobinhood 111 replies31 threads Junior Member
    Congrats to all parents and students!!

    Any info on merit scholarships that are independent of colleges.

    My s is applying for 2008 undergrad admission. Older D is in college. Would be nice to get some sch. $$ for this one.
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  • sugababi1790sugababi1790 150 replies12 threads Junior Member
    I just received $36,000 over the course of four years from Queens University of Charlotte!
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  • fencersmotherfencersmother 1904 replies71 threads Senior Member
    Wow! That's great sugababi! Are you going to attend, or perhaps, wait for more offers?
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  • momof3teensmomof3teens 140 replies10 threads Junior Member
    D1 got 12,000/yr. for four years at Elmira College as long as she keeps a 3.0 just found out this evening!!
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  • TuitionsaverTuitionsaver 249 replies26 threads Junior Member
    Texas A&M offered my daughter $34,000.... but she is aiming a little higher, so she will not accept the offer
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  • curmudgeoncurmudgeon 11830 replies298 threads Senior Member
    That's a good award from A+M. She should be proud. UT and A+M are really chintzy with scholarship money.

    OT: I do have to ask, and I mean no offense at all - if she won't be considering A+M even after the scholarship offer
    she is aiming a little higher, so she will not accept the offer
    why did she even apply to the school? or was she looking for a better scholarship? (I would certainly understand that. ;)) It seems " aim a little higher" meant "a better school, or higher ranked school" rather than a better deal.

    There have been threads on this topic in the past and I have always aligned myself with the "reject scholarships just as soon as you KNOW that under no circumstances will you attend". Some folks believe it doesn't matter. I think it does when someone withdraws themselves from consideration for a non-formulaic (formulaic being all NMF's, all SAT 1400+'s), limited in number award. Certainly if it was a program specific scholarship, or department specific scholarship. Even if I'm right at only 10% of the schools, wouldn't it still be a good thing to do?
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  • weenieweenie 5444 replies349 threads Senior Member
    Tuitionsaver - Is that a merit scholarship? Is it $34,000 per year, non-need based?
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  • casehopefulcasehopeful 65 replies2 threads Junior Member
    I got 11,500 per year for Ohio Northern University. I am going in January to compete for 24,000 a year.
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  • fencersmotherfencersmother 1904 replies71 threads Senior Member
    After seeing merit monies come in for my sons, and seeing these great awards here, does anyone else wonder if some of these awards might be more properly called "tuition discounting?"

    We met a prof from Allegheny College who said EVERYONE there gets at least $15K off tuition and among the teachers, they do refer to it as the tuition discount.

    Anyway, I am glad for it for my sons, but just doing a little musing. Casehopeful, my S got an offer to compete for more tuition money too but it made him mad. He felt they should either just offer it to him, or not.
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  • curmudgeoncurmudgeon 11830 replies298 threads Senior Member
    I think the Allegheny prof was exaggerating just a bit.

    And the $15K Trustee's is the max award.

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  • fencersmotherfencersmother 1904 replies71 threads Senior Member
    You are probably right - curm.

    But, I do want to restate how pleased I am with everyone's great awards here. Excellent job, all!
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  • curmudgeoncurmudgeon 11830 replies298 threads Senior Member
    fencer'smother, I did find a UHouston report that quoted a V.P. at Allegehny saying 75% . That is great news. But the article talks about lesser amounts than $15K.

    Still FAR higher than I thought. I wonder why they don't release CDS material? Or at least I couldn't find it in papa chicken's list (or google, or the .edu site) . Then we'd know exactly. LOL.

    I hadn't looked at that USNEWS list in a while and 5 of the LAC's D applied to were in the above 36% part of the list. Gee. Imagine that. ;)
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  • scout59scout59 3696 replies69 threads Senior Member
    Today D received merit money from Loyola-Chicago: $34,000 over four years.
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