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Creating list of colleges to look at--won't go without scholarship


Replies to: Creating list of colleges to look at--won't go without scholarship

  • pafatherpafather 322 replies7 threads Member
    My kids have similar test scores to yours and we had similar circumstances / requirements to yours (i.e. looking to spend no more than $20K per year but will not receive any need-based aid). My oldest son received a full-tuition scholarship to attend USC, and my daughter attends Case on their scholarship that pays around $27,000 per year plus $750 per year for NMF. We live in Pennsylvania, and daughter was accepted at Princeton and CalTech, but we are saving $$ for her med school and Case is highly ranked in her field (biomedical engineering) anyway.

    Based on my kids experiences, some of the schools to which your daughter would have a very likely chance of receiving a full tuition scholarship are as follows: University of Pittsburgh (not the highest-ranked school, but if your daughter is similar to mine and is possibly interested in med school, Pittsburgh's med school is highly ranked, plus they have rolling admissions so you could have "money in the bank" to relieve financial pressure early in the admissions cycle, and they also have a program for guaranteed admission to med school); Davidson College; Washington and Lee University; University of Richmond; Furman University; USC; Tulane University; and Villanova University.

    Carnegie Mellon, University of Rochester, Wake Forest, University of Chicago, Washington University in St. Louis, Vanderbilt, Johns Hopkins, and CalTech also offer full-tuition scholarships, but percentage-wise they offer many fewer than those I listed in the preceding paragraph (and in some cases the applicant pool is much stronger, so none of these would be "guaranteed" scholarships for your daughter).
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  • curious14curious14 1033 replies25 threads Senior Member
    This is a repost of an earlier post on another thread:

    We had a rather lengthy discussion of merit aid at Top 20 Univ. and Top 20 LAC's on another thread the results of which are as follows.

    Amoung top 20 National Universities 8 offer it: Caltech, Duke, Chicago, Wash StL, JHU, Rice, Emory, and Vanderbilt. Northwestern has a hybrid part merit part need called the "Founders Scholarship" new last year and probably not of interest to you.

    Among top 20 LAC's 5 offer it: Davidson, Harvey Mudd and Claremont McKenna, Smith, and Grinnell. Colby has a hybrid program like Northwestern.
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  • curmudgeoncurmudgeon 11830 replies298 threads Senior Member
    Correct on Uni's . Incomplete on LAC's. 7 .

    Claremont McKenna
    Wash and Lee Merit Aid :: Washington and Lee University
    Oberlin Oberlin College :: Office of Financial Aid :: Overview
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  • curious14curious14 1033 replies25 threads Senior Member
    Thanks. Sorry for the oversight.
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  • curmudgeoncurmudgeon 11830 replies298 threads Senior Member
    No problem. That's why I get the big bucks. Woo-hoo!;)

    OP, here is a previous thread that may have some interest to you. Similar high stat kiddo but one who was in a different FA situation.

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  • BunsenBurnerBunsenBurner 40930 replies477 threads Senior Member
    Hey Token,
    question for you re:"If she wants to study natural science in graduate school she will get full support" -I'm under the impression that grad schools only offer "full support-no tuition, stipend, etc, if a student is accepted into a PHD program, but if the degree is a masters, students are still charged full tuition.[ I'm not referring to MBA programs or law school] True? Not?

    Big Research Us need all the TAs they can get, and this means plenty of teaching assistanships for graduate students seeking Masters. It was years ago, but I did not pay a cent towards my tuition :) Last time I checked, M.Sc. students at our Big State Research U have the same benefit.
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  • momof07momof07 36 replies10 threads Junior Member
    Just reading through...our family's expected contribution from FAFSA may not be the same as yours, but here's what we ended up finding out:

    Son was accepted to his number 1 longshot, MIT. They gave him better financial aid than all other schools, leaving us with a annual bill that is half of what the other's had listed for parent's obligation, except for UT Austin, but that's in state for us. The rest, except for one, were all about the same, good aid, and certainly not unreasonable, but not as generous as MIT's. The one that was out there, asking about 3x's as much as MIT, was Notre Dame.

    So, if our parental contribution at MIT equals x, then here's how it went down...

    x: MIT, UT or $
    2x: Rice, UPenn, UVa or $$
    3x: Notre Dame or $$$

    Also, my son's own expected contribution is significantly less at MIT than other schools, so he'll leave with fewer loans.

    I think, without getting into exact dollar amounts, what this shows is a personal story attesting to the generous financial aid trends of the Ivies like H,P,Y, etc. (I know MIT is not officially Ivy, but they do their financial aid similarly, it seems).
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  • curmudgeoncurmudgeon 11830 replies298 threads Senior Member
    Thart certainly worked out well for y'all mom07. It's great when it does. But my one data point was different. From my ever-fading memory:

    x: + $0 Rhodes
    x: + $9-10,000 Colgate, UMiami
    x: + $11-16,000 Texas Tech, Millsaps, Hanover, Scripps, Hamilton, Hendrix, Centre
    x: + $18,000 Case
    x: + $25,000 Yale, Amherst

    Please note that Yale, Amherst, and Cogate were need-only awards. Hamilton and Scripps were a combination of a 1/2 tuition merit award and the remainder need-based awards. The remainder were all merit awards that eclipsed any need award that may have come from those schools.
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  • sharonohiosharonohio 552 replies11 threads Member
    As I said earlier, my quick and dirty FAFSA-like calculation said there's no money coming from need based aid so we can just look at merit. I think based on what I've seen here, I'll use the information for the top universities and LAC's that offer aid (15 in total) and we'll probably consider them as hopeful but not likely then start adding down the list trying to add a like number of likelies. That next list will include many suggestions from this thread.

    And curmudgeon, yes I realize everyone means well even if there's an awful lot of bias. I'm pretty good about keeping an open mind while knowing what our facts really are. I did find it interesting that at the same time people were saying apply to Northwestern, there was another thread going telling folks to talk to their kids and be realistic. But again, I know that folks mean well and I truly appreciate everyone's wisdom.
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  • GeorgiatwinsGeorgiatwins 419 replies25 threads Member
    As usual, the maestro, Curmudgeon, is the most knowlegable. I would add William and Mary, Wake Forest, Furman, Wofford ( their top scholars program ) and even consider the Cornell Scholars program at Rollins in Winter Park. I know of two kids who turned down Ivies to take the full ride and Cornell scholars at Rollins. Someone mentioned the new Johnson program at W and L- if your child can handle the social mileau at W and L the Johnson is a great program. Curmudgeons' daugjter has the Bellingrath at Rhodes and is doing doctoral class research in her sophomore year! There are many wonderful schools where her scores/profile would make her very appealing to great places with merit $. Good luck!
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