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My Dear Friends, Omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  • minimini 26172 replies259 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 26,431 Senior Member
    Remember: "we" think of it as a lottery. We are looking at individual kids. From the school's point of view, it is not a lottery AT ALL - they are admitting a "class", not a bunch of individuals. They have this down to a science. The admissions officers take classes in yield management, statistical theory, , etc., and combined have decades of experiences ensuring that what they are doing is not a lottery at all.

    The admissions officers know they have to please certain GCs at their historical feeder schools. They know that they will not (cannot!) have more than 45% of the class receiving financial aid. They know that they have to fill a certain number of spots on the football team, or the alumni will be unhappy. (They know they need fencers and track stars and etc. as well.) They know they need an English horn player, and two trombones. They better have some folks interested in Near Eastern archaeology, or the department will be p-i-s-s-e-d. They need to accept those developmental admits, and the daughters of Connecticut state senators. I haven't even gotten to the legacies. Finally, it is important to have some darker faces on campuses, even (as a current student reported on this board), almost all of them come from fancy private schools.

    There is nothing the least bit lotteryish about it. But they don't mind us thinking of it as a lottery, for if we do, they don't have to explain themselves.
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  • yulsieyulsie 747 replies57 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 804 Member
    I went to an AFL-CIO organized protest yesterday at lunchtime in front of the main DC office of Charles Schwab, topic - no privatization of Social Security. Elanor Holmes Norton was there, DC Congresswoman, and Sweeney (AFL-CIO Pres) - great speeches, lots of media. There were some stirring chants, so let me modify one for Yale:

    "Yale U, Rich and Rude, We Don't Like Your Attitude!!!"

    (Think populistic righteous indignation, and say it loud).
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  • NorthstarmomNorthstarmom 24049 replies804 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 24,853 Senior Member
    "I will never forget what he told my son. He basically said that my son's app. was lacking in certain areas, and that whereas the hard numbers were fine, the essays, extracurriculars, and teacher recs were not up to snuff for an elite school. "

    Were your son's other applications -- essays, recommendations-- similar to what he submitted to Yale or did he make some major modifications after he submitted his Yale application?

    I know that typically, students' first application is their weakest one. Students usually learn a lot through the application process, and that means that their later applications may be much better. For instance, they may accidentally leave important ECs off their first application or they may forget to explain exactly what they did in their ECs.

    They also may significantly revise their later essays.

    Were these any things that your son did?

    I actually prefer Yale's way of rejecting lots of students ED instead of doing massive deferrals as Harvard does. I think that Harvard's deferrals give false hope. I feel sorry for students who get rejections in April after applying to only one reach school, getting a deferral, and not applying to any other reach schools. Many such students would have gotten into a very competitive college if they had applied to more than one.
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  • dadofsamdadofsam 1585 replies50 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 1,635 Senior Member
    Talk about being snotty! You should write someone about it. Nothing to be lost, IMHO. If your S becomes prominent enough in his field, he'll be invited to Yale to give a lecture whether or not you write now; if not; then likewise not.
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  • 1moremom1moremom 3870 replies95 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 3,965 Senior Member
    What a tale of triumph; I'm sure it makes this that much sweeter.
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  • msteemstee 3081 replies55 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 3,136 Senior Member
    Such an interesting thread--will have to come back and read it more carefully--Berurah, congratulations to your son for not letting the Yale rejection throw him off course. I keep thinking the process is so very like musical theatre auditions isn't it, in a way? One director won't cast a kid in a chorus, another takes the same kid and puts him in the lead. You just never know what quality is going to hit a particular director or an adcom in precisely the right or wrong way.
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  • lsandinlsandin 190 replies29 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 219 Junior Member
    WOW! so sorry to hear about that terrible experience for your son. But very glad to hear about the good experiences elsewhere! My D's g/f told her on the phone after being rejected "when you are famous and ...... decides to offer you an honorary degree you can say.. you didn't want ME then and I don't want YOU now, LOL! This, at least, made her smile. Glad to see your son has (already) gotten his smile at Yale. Very happy for you and your son here in PA.
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  • overanxious motheroveranxious mother 302 replies23 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 325 Member
    Berurah (and others): Yale's input after your S's SCEA app is gut-tearing, for sure...but at least you know what they thought...what's tearing me apart (still--even after acceptances from Cornell (Horors), U VA (Honors), Georgetown and Northwestern) is not knowing anything at all about why...I would love to hear from Stanford about WHY they rejected my S...their "mealy-mouthed fluff" (to quote myself from another thread) is just plain annoying...we also tried to get input after we got the rejection--S's GC called; the adcoms at Stanford blew her off just as they blew us off. (And my S's school is one of those elite competitive HSs that are feeder schools for the elite colleges...many of the colleges--including, reportedly, Stanford, "worry" about angering the GCs and student body and my S's HS)...

    My S used pretty much exactly the same app (where the questions and/or info requested was transferrable) for his RD apps as he did for the SCEA app to Stanford...it's a little scary to think that Stanford might have thought S's essays or EC descriptions were not high enough quality for an elite school...but had we known, S could have rewritten/rethought/redone...

    It's water under the bridge for all of us now...and our kids' efforts and accomplishments are well and appropriately rewarded...and our parental protectiveness means (at least in my case) that I'll never think as highly of Stanford ever again...not because they said "no," but because they couldn't be bothered to provide even a tiny bit of information as to why...I give Yale (stupid tho they may be for not admitting our glitteringly accomplished kids) some points for providing some feedback...they should add one more course to their adcoms' training--diplomacy/tact...but at least they tried to provide some useful feedback...
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  • jym626jym626 54622 replies2834 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 57,456 Senior Member
    what's tearing me apart (still--even after acceptances from Cornell (Horors),

    Great typo!! :) ... or was it an April Fools joke ;)
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  • minimini 26172 replies259 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 26,431 Senior Member
    Overanxious Mom:

    They rejected your son because, relative to other candidates, they believed he didn't help them meet their institutional needs. That's the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

    The only thing that is "lottery" about it is that there are big numbers involved.

    They didn't reject you, just your son. And he ain't goin' to Podunk. ;)
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  • twinmomtwinmom 2703 replies123 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 2,826 Senior Member
    Gotta agree with Mini here ... (like it or not...)

    Quote from Wesleyan admissions officer at an info session last month, "We're not looking for well-rounded students. We're looking to build a well-rounded class."
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  • lastbastionlastbastion 52 replies2 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 54 Junior Member
    Berurah—I’m sorry that you were alarmed by the Yale admissions rep’s unsympathetic response to your son’s inquiry, and I’m delighted to see your son proving the rep wrong. (I suspect the rep was specifically thinking of HYPSM admissions--perhaps your son will even show that Stanford begs to differ :).) But while I’ve often seen people advising parents to initiate such inquiries, I’ve also feared that no good could come of them.

    I think I’ll start a new thread on this topic.
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  • garlandgarland 15869 replies197 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 16,066 Senior Member
    Berurah, I am with lastbastion on this one, and I kinda wish you'd shared this with CC earlier. I would also read that letter as refering to HYPSM level "elite" , not necessarily commenting onthe other fine schools that you were so worried about. (Not to say I think that H, Y, etc, are better schools--I don't, just that their level of admission difficulty is at another level from the schools you listed, or the schools my kids go to, or any other schools, for tht matter!)

    Anyway, it just makes me sad to think of that having affected you like it did--I think we'd've convinced you that it said nothing about the other schools he applied to, as circumstances have borne out.

    But, in the end, all worked out, and that is good.
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  • berurahberurah 4478 replies82 discussions- Posts: 4,560 Senior Member
    Hi garland,

    I appreciate your opinion on this, and I completely understand what you are saying. That said, I personally have come to a brand new conclusion re: HYPS after this year-long endeavor. I honestly don't think they are any "harder" to get into than some of the other elite schools. Oh, they want you to *think* they are, but come on, go and read the decisions threads for those schools and in fact, you will find similar stats ALL OVER. If they were that much harder to get into, then why would it be such a common story for someone to get rejected from Brown or Columbia or UPenn or Duke and then get into Stanford or Harvard or Yale? This happens ALL the time. So, IMHO, those *super elite* schools are engaged in the identical process that the *lesser elite* schools are...picking and choosing a class on the basis of their own desires/needs, just as mini says. The only thing that makes them a bit harder to get into is the fact that those schools have to bow to more legacies, donors, etc., so of course, a child like mine would find it nearly impossible to gain acceptance.

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  • over30over30 2342 replies69 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 2,411 Senior Member
    What a ride for your family. Congratulations.
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