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My Dear Friends, Omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Replies to: My Dear Friends, Omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • latetoschoollatetoschool 3021 replies122 threads Senior Member
    Congratulations!!!! That's so wonderful and awesome!!! What fantastic news - give us more, please, what did he say when he found out, how did the notification happen, what did you say, etc., more, please lol!!!
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  • AnotherMom2009AnotherMom2009 107 replies6 threads Junior Member
    I don't post often, but I lurk occasionally on CC.

    I got goosebumps and teary-eyed reading your post. May all parents and their children get their wishes fulfilled this week.
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  • sybbie719sybbie719 20966 replies2052 threads Super Moderator
    [size=+2]Congratulations [/size]

    To you and your family. What joyous news.
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  • andiandi 1570 replies30 threads Senior Member
    Hey Berurah,
    You already know how happy I am about this... But just to make it official!! CONGRATULATIONS!! Enjoy your celebration!!
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  • momof2incamomof2inca 3419 replies65 threads Senior Member
    I have tears in my eyes just imagining your joy and relief, B. Congratulations, and when you regain your speech, please fill us in on every last detail. I'm so happy for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  • digmediadigmedia 3123 replies209 threads Senior Member
    Add another [size=+2]WhoooooHoooooo!!!![/size] from The Dig.
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  • curtisnycurtisny 185 replies14 threads Junior Member
    After reading ALL 7 pages of your "Dreams" thread, this means so much. Very Happy for you and your son!
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  • gracilisaegracilisae 1392 replies17 threads Senior Member
    Although I didn't post anything on the "Dreams" thread, I definitely read through it and was holding out for your son. Great news and congratulations to him!
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  • soozievtsoozievt ! 31624 replies375 threads Senior Member
    Berurah...it happened!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You guys must all be busy celebrating and can't wipe the smiles off your faces. I know your son had a whole cheering section with his siblings and I hope this evening was a joyous family gathering.

    I know how much you worried what the outcome would be for your son. However, knowing what I did about him, I felt he was going to get into at least one of his upper choice schools if you just hung in there. I realize when he got the EA rejection at Yale, it raised many doubts for you guys. But it did not raise as many for me. I think you went into it knowing how terrificly qualified he is and then to see that he could not get in, raised doubts about that but I knew with the highly selective nature of elite admissions, that it was not so much a commentary as to whether or not he was qualified to be admitted to a selective school. It was more the nature of the beast. I firmly believe that in most cases, if a kid has the whole "package" of qualifications, he may not get into all his schools when applying to the highly selective ones (cause we all know the odds and how they turn away many qualified kids, etc.....crapshoot/lottery, we all know this game), but he would likely get into at least one if the college list was an appropriate one (and his list is). Thus, I kept the faith. Last year when my daughter got deferred at Yale in the EA round (I realize this is not the same as a rejection), we never took it as her not being "good enough" to get in. We just knew going into elite admissions that this was a very realistic possible outcome given the odds and so we just kept on with the process and did the long wait and knew some positive news at some schools would happen in spring, we just did not know which ones would be on the plus side of the equation. And in the end, while the one school my D got rejected to was Yale, she ended up SOOOOOOOO incredibly happy at Brown that I just knew in the end, that your son would have a positive light at the end of this tunnel. The fact that it ended up being at Duke, a school he has always loved (ironically my D was first most attracted to Brown when she looked through college directories), means he came full circle to realizing his dream. That's right....your thread can no longer be "a dream denied"...but it is now "a dream realized"!!!

    And ya know, I just experienced this first hand today with my second child but will reserve that for my own thread because this thread belongs to YOUR happy exciting news! Yippee!

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  • gracilisaegracilisae 1392 replies17 threads Senior Member
    I didn't post on the original "Dreams" thread, but I read it through and was holding out for him. That's great news! Congratulations to him!
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  • concerneddadconcerneddad 1591 replies143 threads Senior Member
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  • searchingavalonsearchingavalon 488 replies21 threads Member
    YAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY. I had tickets tonight for a lecture so I wasn't here at 7 to get the news right away, but I logged on as soon as I got home.
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  • dstarkdstark 33322 replies919 threads Senior Member
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  • momofthreemomofthree 1416 replies70 threads Senior Member
    Such joy! I somehow knew it was going to work out! So happy for you!!
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  • msteemstee 3082 replies55 threads Senior Member
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  • 2331clk2331clk 1648 replies9 threads Senior Member
    I love a happy ending! Way to go!
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  • WhitneylmWhitneylm 145 replies24 threads Junior Member
    SQUEE! Congratulations!
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  • fireflyscoutfireflyscout 5297 replies169 threads Senior Member
    Berurah - this is delightful news - congratulations to your son! (and give yourself a well-deserved pat on the back)
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  • mardadmardad 1081 replies39 threads Senior Member
    Congratulations to your son and to you. Also thank you for sharing the happiness with us.

    "We know that when good fortune favors two such men, it

    stands to reason,

    we deserve it too!"
    "To Life" From "Fiddler on the Roof"
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  • NJresNJres 6110 replies189 threads Senior Member
    Congrats!! And don't look so shocked!! You are supposed to tell your S, "I knew you would get in!!" LOL

    my comment from the other thread.............
    Besides, I STRONGLY suspect this will all be a moot discussion when the additional acceptances roll in!
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