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Happy Day at my house


Replies to: Happy Day at my house

  • redr002redr002 171 replies12 threads Junior Member
    Wow, what wonderful news!!! I remember reading last summer, and I'm sure she must be on cloud nine (or should I say cloud 21)!!!! Congrats on the scholarship as well.

    Is she feeling better physically? Are you getting proper sleep now, or still on the couch next to her?

    Really wonderful, wonderful news...so happy for you all!
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  • frazzled1frazzled1 5611 replies247 threads Senior Member
    So happy to read your good news this morning! (Though I'll admit I've been kinda hoping she'd choose Syracuse, since we attend their amazing MT productions and it would be nice to be able to say we saw your d pre-Tony.) What a wonderful scholarship offer - as you know, NYU is NOT generous with merit aid, and it means they recognize her talent and want her lots.

    Waiting to hear about her eventual decision!
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  • sybbie719sybbie719 20965 replies2052 threads Super Moderator
    Hi Susan,

    [size=+2] Congratulations [/size]

    NYU/Tisch/ CAP21/ Scholarship- Priceless

    I hope to see you in the fall as I am dashing off to class (Don't tell her that as it may scare her off to know you've got friends on campus :) )

    Such wonderful news.
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  • epiphanyepiphany 8405 replies170 threads Senior Member
    For those who know anything about the world of performing arts, an NYU Tisch acceptance is like an Early acceptance to HYPS or MIT. Given much earlier posts of yours about your D (pre-accident), on much earlier threads, it was actually clear to me that she might be a Tisch likely.

    Bask in the good news, & may that help in speedy healing.

    You have many reasons to congratulate yourselves (as a family!)
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  • JEMJEM 6059 replies578 threads Senior Member

    That is a GREAT result for your D! :D

    Congrats and enjoy and do continue to keep us all posted!

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  • searchingavalonsearchingavalon 488 replies21 threads Member
    Susan, Mazel tov!!! I just have this picture in my mind of your daughter and her classmates singing and dancing in Washington Square Park. Very groovy!!
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  • MarylandMomMarylandMom 240 replies15 threads Junior Member
    Susan and D:

    Congrats and it couldn't have come at a better time! We've been thinking of you and your D here in Maryland and keeping her in our prayers. I know this news will really help the healing and keep her going during the therapy process. Congratulations!! :):):)
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  • achatachat 2112 replies33 threads Senior Member
    Wow, Susan, it's the best news ever. Getting into the studio she wanted, Merit aid, Trustee scholar. Wow!!!! Congratulations of your daughter and older one as well..
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  • 1sokkermom1sokkermom 3468 replies47 threads Senior Member

    Congratulations to your daughter #2! ( We also followed the happy news last year from daughter #1.)

    I hope you are still around sharing all your stories when we get to child #2 decisions in our family. - Keep in mind, she's only in middle school!
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  • chocoholicchocoholic 2898 replies97 threads Senior Member

    Congratulations!!! We are all dancing with joy for your daughter. Great news with the acceptance and the scholarship.
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  • optimizerdadoptimizerdad 756 replies18 threads Member
    That's great news! Congratulations all around....
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  • kissykissy 194 replies4 threads Junior Member
    Susan- First I want to say congratulations to your D on her phenomenal accomplishments and acceptances!! Also, congratulations to YOU, her unwaivering supporter!

    I've been on the road a lot lately and didn't realize your D had been in an accident. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.
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  • jym626jym626 57662 replies3023 threads Senior Member

    I am so glad so many things are going right for you now. The other thing to keep in mind, in the back of your head, is that NYU has a great medical and rehabilitation center, so if your d. needs any follow-up care, I am sure her current docs can give you names of folks to follow up with in the City.

    Hope your older d. got lots of pictures at Snowbird. The view from the top of the mountain when you get off the gondola, looking over the other mountains and down into the Salt Lake City valley is unreal. And thats some story about getting special escorts through the canyon. I didn't know they did that. I just went onto the Snowbird website and saw that they are expecting another 26 inches!!! They plan to stay open til mid May!! Skiing in the Rockies, especially above the treeline in the big open bowls is a totally different experience than skiing in the NE, which can be icy, and crowded. I am so glad your daughter got to experience it. She was also probably awakened by the avalance cannons they fire in the early mornings. Thats another interesting experience-- to be awakened by cannons!

    It is a treat sharing the positive news with CC "friends". I didn't have one in the app. process this year, so get to share the excitement with you. I am sure you still have a giant smile on your face, and I have one for you, and Berurah. Looking forward to more to come!

    The Smith coach sounds like one CLASS ACT.
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  • SplashMomSplashMom 1899 replies99 threads Senior Member
    Fabulous news, Susan! I am so happy for your daughter and know she must be absolutely elated. I hope she has a rapid recovery and is feeling better soon. It sounds as though she has a rough couple of months ahead with therapy, etc., but the prize at the end will be so worth the hard work. CONGRATULATIONS and a big GET WELL SOON to her!
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  • Little MotherLittle Mother 1866 replies24 threads Senior Member
    Susan--What exciting and happy news!!! Broadway, watch out!
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  • maineparentmaineparent 895 replies3 threads Member
    I have tears in my eyes as I read this thread...
    how wonderful for your daughter and your entire family...
    life is good, life is bad, life is GREAT......your resiliency as you have handled your daughter's accident is admirable....
    the only thing in life that one can really control is our attitude and you guys have mastered that skill.....you daughters go after what they want full throttle and are a testament to what is possible with focus and determination and joy!
    Your daughter has a lot in front of her, certainly this will make it all worth while.
    This is just so satisfying, watching all the children blossom in front of our computer screens! HOORAY!
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  • wjbwjb 2843 replies65 threads Senior Member
    Susan -- Good news heaped on good news, and good timing, too. Congrats to your extremely talented daughter.
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  • garlandgarland 16502 replies206 threads Senior Member
    Congatulations!!!!!! Soozie, what wonderful news!
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  • digmediadigmedia 3123 replies209 threads Senior Member
    Susan -

    You know we all kvell with you on this. But you MUST tell your daughter this and she MUST remember this: When she is famous, she will have many people coming up to her and saying, "We sort of know you. We followed your last year of HS and your success in getting into college. We cried our eyes out when we heard of your accident and felt so much joy when everything turned out OK. You've never met us, but we know you..... Can we have an autograph!??!"

    Congratulations. We all think that our sons and daughters are bright, talented, and will be successful, but I think that your D's brightness, talent, and future success has been super-recognized by the people who would know!

    - Bob
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  • BassDadBassDad 5330 replies51 threads Senior Member
    What great news! Congratulations and best wishes to you and your daughter.
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