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Suggestions for son...


Replies to: Suggestions for son...

  • mathmommathmom 33180 replies161 threads Senior Member
    Then there are kids like mine - who didn't seem to care whether the school was big or small, urban, suburban or rural. He just needed a critical mass of computer geeks.
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  • crazedcrazed 1884 replies90 threads Senior Member
    Already mentioned several times but definitely worth an application.
    You can check out their website for merit scholarships which are pretty straight forward and based on GPA and SAT's. Any balance may be picked up by the bright futures scholarship. Post on their CC site and ask about that.
    I agree with the other posters. Your son will find his own friends and fit in. Seem like all of us on this thread have pretty nice, normal kids.
    The campus is beautiful. Freshmen dorms only so-so but all the kids are equal in that regard.
    Good luck!
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  • TenthTimeAroundTenthTimeAround 66 replies45 threads Junior Member
    I went to UNCCH altho I was from Fla. I returned to Gainesville for med school. I wish California had a bright futures program. I would go to U of Florida if I were him. I think you can find whatever you want there. Growing up in Florida, I know people who went to all the smaller schools in the southeast (from Stetson to Clemson, to Vanderbilt, UMD, Hopkins, Miami)..I would still recommend Gainesville.
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  • corrangedcorranged 6602 replies82 threads Senior Member
    I don't think anyone has mentioned Tulane yet. One of my good friends growing up went to Tulane (starting the fall before Katrina) and absolutely loves it. His scores were similar to your sons', and his class schedule was less impressive, and he ended up getting excellent merit aid and becoming part of the Honors College.

    Maybe take a look at Emory, too. I'm pretty sure they give merit aid, but I don't know how generous it is.
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