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2 Schools Enough?


Replies to: 2 Schools Enough?

  • wis75wis75 14376 replies65 threads Senior Member
    Be sure to visit the Midwest schools this summer, even though it is the "off season" it would be good for him to compare campuses to be sure Michigan State is "the one". Easy I system drive to Madison and Minneapolis, especially if you can avoid Chicagoland. Make the Michigan etc. trip and then when he states his preferences you will know he knows what else is out there.
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  • jym626jym626 57415 replies3010 threads Senior Member
    I agree with everything said here. While yes, the college app process has gotten very crazy and very competitive, if you plan appropriately, 2 schools can be fine. Older s applied to only 2 schools- got into both. Younger s applied to 4- got into 2 and WL at 2. But, like others, he applied early to a school that notifies you quickly, and he knew in October that he was in. This caused him to decide not to finish a 5th application that he was strongly considering and had partially completed. He happened to love the early notification school, and that is where he will be attending this fall. Good luck to you, and congrats for not feeding the "is a million applications enough" frenzy.
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  • PackMomPackMom 7650 replies17 threads Senior Member
    S1 appled to three schools,was accepted to all. Heard from his first choice in Oct. (big state u) Went there,loved it, will graduate next May.

    S2 applied to two schools (different big state u's than his bro),Heard from first choice in Nov. and never looked back. Just got back from Orientation...loved it. Moves in in Aug.

    We are of the opinion that if you find a place you like that also likes you and the price is right...stop shopping. You job is done.
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  • ggfanggfan 25 replies0 threads New Member
    I'm from N. VA and applied to schools this past fall. I applied to five schools...the counselors at my school encouraged everyone planning to attend college to apply to at least 4 schools...they stressed that detail particularly this year knowing the greater number of students who would be applying to college.

    I applied to UVA (reach), VT, JMU, Mary Washington and George Mason (safety). I got into every school except UVA...I am personally glad that I applied to so many schools...I know many people who applied to the same amount and only got into one or two...It is safer applying to one or two extra colleges than being left frustrated and angry b/c you will have to come up with alternative plans.
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  • cptofthehousecptofthehouse 30281 replies59 threads Senior Member
    I know many kids who applied to just one school. Accepted and that was it. They did have other apps ready in case it did not work out. You only need one school acceptance.
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