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Too Many Choices????


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  • jym626jym626 54622 replies2834 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 57,456 Senior Member
    Quick side story in response to jazzymom's post #75 (true story)
    In the mid 70's I went to grad school at a large flagship U in the south after having attended a small, liberal LAC in the north. Got onto campus and was walking with another grad student up a hill, past the ROTC buildings. Admittedly, I was not too familiar with the military back then, during those vietnam war era days. I look over as we were walking past the AFROTC building sign. I turned to the other student and asked "what's the AFRO -TC?"
    When they stopped laughing 15 minutes later, the acronym to me :o Oops!! So embarassing!! I am now married to someone who was active duty military when we met, and stayed in the reserves for an additional 7 yrs. He is commander of his war veterans group. So I don't make those dumb mistakes any more (just new dumb mistakes).

    Now returning to the thread and congrats to the OPs' daus choices.
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  • MombotMombot 914 replies26 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 940 Member
    What Gandert said--have her look at Notre Dame. Academics are fabulous, she'd probably laugh at the South Bend winters, which are a deterrent for kids from milder climates, and her profile really fits. They have a lot of overlap with the service academies and they have really strong ROTC. They love athletes. They have strong engineering and fabulous liberal arts. IT is a good college for students who have a strong faith.

    My D. is there and loves it--she has some of the same traits you describe in your D. PM me if you have any questions. ND is unique--my D. was a terrific kid and a terrific student but she's developing there in ways that go beyond just academics. I can't say enough good about the school.

    Oh, and Alaska Air flies into Chicago.
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