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Colgate - Parents' Impressions


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  • DadofB&GDadofB&G 228 replies11 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
    Just a quick clarification: Colgate does not offer merit aid, but my experience has been that they practice "preferential packaging" financial aid - if they really want you, your "need" will somehow be greater than some other schools. Colgate's aid always substantially exceeded what would have been expected by my D's FAFSA and Profile EFC's.

    And Colgate's Admissions Office really is wonderful - the students who work there love love love Gary Ross, about whom there are endless stories of his prodigious memory of students' application materials.
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  • mythmommythmom 8292 replies13 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
    Dear Cur:

    No diss on pre-professional. My D went in wanting to be a lawyer and emerged same.

    S went in adrift and still is. Maybe I'll send him to Colgate.
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  • CrewDadCrewDad 1697 replies24 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
    Colgate does not offer merit aid,

    They offer athletic schoolarships. Sore subject among some parents I associate with.
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  • emeraldkity4emeraldkity4 34785 replies1076 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
    Colgate does have merit aid, however it is not available per-se through the university, but through outside awards that are dedicated to Colgate students.

    The search engine on their site appears to be down so I can't find the link , sorry.
    However, I will also emphasize that with schools that use their own financial aid forms, not only can they use digression in deciding who has need and what should be available for college, they also can find ways to give aid to students beyond what the FAFSA EFC would indicate.
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  • CrewDadCrewDad 1697 replies24 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
    Colgate does have merit aid

    You're correct. I had forgotten about it. Senior moment. The Alumni Memorial Scholars award.

    I hoped my dtr would be offered the award but I knew the chances were zero.

    Colgate: Alumni Memorial Scholars

    The scholarship has specified uses.
    Alumni Memorial Scholars are eligible to apply for a fellowship of up to $5,000 in funds set aside exclusively to pursue research, travel, and internships pertaining to their academic interests.
    Colgate: AMS Fellowships
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  • DadofB&GDadofB&G 228 replies11 threadsRegistered User Junior Member

    That's interesting; I've never heard that. It would be a good link if you can find it. I wonder how it works - is there an association (like an alumni association) independent of the school that awards such aid? And has anyone heard of other schools using this method of providing merit aid to non-merit-aid colleges' students?

    And Crewdad - Yes, I know Colgate has some athletic scholarships. Usually "merit" aid means aid awarded for academic achievement. I don't mean to imply that athletes don't "merit" their scholarships, it's just a rhetoric distinction.
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  • DadofB&GDadofB&G 228 replies11 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
    My D was AMs. I can see that you might call the $5,000 "merit aid", but it's a one-time allocation available only if the student develops a proposal for study.

    I'm not real keen on the "pre-professional" moniker - my guess is there's just as many future doctors and lawyers at any other good LAC. I will say that the kids there generally are straight-forward about wanting to make a decent living.
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  • CrewDadCrewDad 1697 replies24 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
    Usually "merit" aid means aid awarded for academic achievement.

    I wasn't suggesting athletic scholarships were synonymous with merit awards. I was poining out, as far as I'm aware, Colgate is the only top LAC that offers recruited athletes scholarships.

    I met Gary a few times when my dtr applied and was amazed at his kindness. And a friend is a personal friend of Gary. You're correct, he is loved.
    but it's a one-time allocation available only if the student develops a proposal for study.

    Hence my comment it's an award with specified uses. Free money, even if only available for limited uses, is *merit* aid to me ;)
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  • danasdanas 1770 replies11 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
    My general impression is that Colgate has a very affluent student body, yet offers some surprisingly generous need based student aid. This rests upon less information than most posters here are privy to. Largely based upon the kid downstairs, who was choosing between North Carolina and Colgate, and for whom money was an issue.
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  • MomofWildChildMomofWildChild 22696 replies191 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
    When we drove into town late one evening there was a dusting of snow on the ground and the lights of campus on the hill made for a stunning scene. I fell in love. Great sushi restaurant in town. My son was an athletic recruit. The coach drove us all over campus and town. The admissions office was awesome and I loved the ice cream. The students were friendly and the tour was one of the best we've had. I think they bring a lot of speakers, performers etc to campus. Strong Greek scene and lots of drinking, but I don't see how they can possibly drink anymore than they do at Penn.
    Academics are strong and the job placement was excellent- but that was before the current economic woes.
    It's D1 athletics and I felt Colgate had a different vibe from Williams (which I also loved).
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  • danasdanas 1770 replies11 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
    MomofWildChild, we are fellow travelers. I always imagined in my heart that my kids would end up at Williams. O for two so far. One more on the way.
    As an aside, I can't imagine the drinking is less at Princeton and Dartmouth than at Penn and Colgate. Bottoms up!
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  • livesinnewjerseylivesinnewjersey 567 replies56 threadsRegistered User Member
    Visited Colgate & have many acquaintances w/ kids there. When we arrived there, at night, in the snow, after a stressful ride, I went through the stop light and made a U turn and basically rode through a stop sign (I was looking for a soritety house to see a young family member) the local policeman pulled me over. He was so sweet (thought I was DWI, on a Sunday night) and let me go and wished us a good visit. You gotto to love that!

    Ditto on Colgate reminds me of Bucknell. Great post grad recruiting for jobs.
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  • LergnomLergnom 7737 replies189 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
    Don't forget that Colgate's form of fluoride turned out to be better than Crest's so Crest switched.
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  • jrparjrpar 2117 replies18 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
    I'm a Williams alum and parent of a 2009 Colgate grad. I actually think there are a lot of similarities between these two schools - great liberal arts education, rural location (with the pros/cons of that, but one key pro is a tight campus community) and intensely loyal alumni.

    I don't see the "pre-professional" label applying to Colgate uniquely - in my personal experience, Williams could also be labeled "pre-professional" (economics is the most popular major at Williams) and I see many Williams students each year come through the interview process at my employer. I don't think the "pre-professional" label is at all helpful or relevant to a student looking at either of these schools, however - you can major in just about anything you want at either of these schools and pursue a career on Wall Street or as an attorney or whatever else would make you "pre-professional".

    I do think one big difference between the schools is a commitment to the arts - Williams' music, theatre and art are much stronger. Colgate does, however, have a very good art and art history major. There are several really excellent professors in this department.

    The recent Princeton Review rankings put Colgate on 5 "top 20" lists - I'm paraphrasing but they were: happiest students, most beautiful campus, best classroom experience, close relationships with professors and lots of beer. I think those are pretty darn accurate! My son agrees.

    My son absolutely loved Colgate. He'd go there all over again if he could. As parents we were really pleased with his experience. Graduation was a nice celebration of his 4 years - it was great spending time with his friends and their families, all of whom we came to know well over the last 4 years. One of my favorite parts of the weekend was attending a reception at which I met and chatted with several of his professors; what struck me was how well each of them knew my son. I'm happy to answer any questions you might have about the school. I definitely recommend visiting - as others above have noted, Colgate admissions does a great job and its director of admissions, Gary Ross, is the best.
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  • ModadunnModadunn 6178 replies85 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
    Kudo's to Gary Ross. Truly a man who does his job extremely well.
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  • tonerangertoneranger 3671 replies52 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
    hey, i grew up around there...not much happening. The campus itself though is quite beautiful. A friends son goes there and he's happy...but was fine with small and fine with rural. And I mean rural. Folks say that a place like PSU is rural...yeah but there's a very active college town around it with lots of stores, bars, restaurants. Cornell is similar. Colgate doesn't offer much there...and Utica and Syracuse...well, I guess I'm biased...but these are not fun places for college students.
    So you have to be fine with living in a small (and very cold!) cocoon.
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  • jackiefjackief 3059 replies26 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
    I'm glad to see all the fond thoughts of parents re. Colgate. On our visits, my D really loved Colgate which surprised me as I didn't think she would like the Greek scene. She even hung up their poster in her room. She is outdoorsy and does play a sport, but not super competitive and isn't into rah-rah that much. We stayed at the Colgate Inn and ate in the dining hall and really enjoyed the campus. Our tour guide was disappointing.
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  • mythmommythmom 8292 replies13 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
    jrpar: I certainly bow to your superior information. I should probably not be posting on this board.

    However, I will add that kids who applied to Colgate from my kids highs school were not the ones who applied to Williams.

    That does not discredit either institution.

    I have heard from many that Colgate has the friendliest students. I would say that was true from the kids who applied and were accepted.

    I still think the Williams segment is a bit quirkier. Kids applied to Vassar, Amherst and Williams.

    Others applied to Dartmouth, Hamilton and Colgate.

    Note the same kids.

    All great kids, and even siblings!!
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  • MADadMADad 1993 replies81 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
    Colgate, which does not offer ANY merit aid (outside of the AMS), offered by daughter the MOST financial aid, even beating out schools that did offer merit aid.

    I've heard it said that Colgate will be very generous if they really want you to attend.

    She did not enroll, as her top choice's offer came close enough.
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  • Papa ChickenPapa Chicken 2622 replies219 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
    My S goes to Colgate....& as a parent, I really like the place. Warm/friendly student body, gorgeous campus, profs that interact, great academics & ECs. Yes, it does have a wild side, but it seems to be a place where the kids get through that phase of life, with an appropriately stern but caring administration.

    Let me add my perspective as a hirer of college kids as well. Coincident with my S beginning his college shopping a few years back, I started a college recruiting program at my consulting firm. Over the last few years we have hired entry-levels from perhaps 20 or 25 different schools across the US, including many LACs....and, the Colgate grads have been a real hit. They are generally very smart, but unlike kids from some other high-end institutions, they are also - consistently - very street savvy. They relate well with other people, and are normal not quirky. Having now seen & met kids from many LACs and other schools as an employer, I am now thinking that Colgate admissions selects on this quality. Its not that other schools don't have these types also, its just that Colgate seems to have them in spades, and I suppose the Colgate environment must somehow promote this type of behavior/growth, which I obviously favor. As a Colgate parent with the added perspective of an employer, I am even more happy!
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