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Colleges for the Jewish "B" student


Replies to: Colleges for the Jewish "B" student

  • TimeFlies2TimeFlies2 44 replies17 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
    I think we all appreciate @musicmom1215 's info. Would be happy to read reports like that from lots of schools. The "A" schools are better known already, which is why this thread for B students was probably created.
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  • jenallev1jenallev1 8 replies5 threadsRegistered User New Member
    I have a question for those of you from New York/Connecticut. My daughter is a skater and is planning to try out for a team that skates in Monsey, New York and Stamford, CT. If she is lucky enough to be selected for this team, she would need to go to college close by In order to get to her weekend practices. She is definitely a B student. She has a 27 on the ACT and 29 super score. She is also pretty Jewishly involved - she’s a Jewish overnight camp alum and a BBYO member. She’s a very outgoing and social kid, she is not opposed to a big school, but certainly would consider a medium size or small school. She is looking to stay in the sports world for a career, and is looking at kinesiology/nutrition or sports management as a possible major. Is there a college in the New York or Connecticut area for her?
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  • eastcoast101eastcoast101 463 replies8 threadsRegistered User Member
    Take a look at Ramapo College in NJ--it's close to Monsey and very highly regarded. I don't know about the majors you mention but they do have a business program, and strong sciences. I think they have a physical therapy program too.
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  • NJWrestlingmomNJWrestlingmom 1182 replies2 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
    Quinnipiac also has a lot of health programs, I believe. And Sacred Heart.
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  • NJWrestlingmomNJWrestlingmom 1182 replies2 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
    Just realized this is the "Jewish B student" thread - Sacred Heart might not fit the bill!
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  • fretfulmotherfretfulmother 1950 replies46 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
    Maybe Hofstra is an option?
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  • brantlybrantly 3923 replies69 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
    Both Monsey AND Stamford would have to be accessible? Or just one of them?

    I agree with the suggestion of Quinnipiac. It's about an hour from Stamford. Other colleges convenient to Stamford are University of Hartford (big Jewish population), Trinity (Hartford), University of Bridgeport, Connecticut College (New London), University of Connecticut (Storrs), Southern Connecticut State University (New Haven), and University of New Haven. None of these are convenient to Monsey.

    These colleges would be accessible to/from Monsey: Fordham University (Bronx), SUNY Albany (about 2 hours), SUNY New Paltz (about an hour), Bard College, Hofstra Univ (a lot of Jewish students), Sarah Lawrence College, Marist College. All of these except Albany are accessible to/from Stamford as well, although some might be up to 2 hours. Also, remember that traffic in this neck of the woods can be unpredictable.

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  • jagrrenjagrren 16 replies1 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
    Ramapo is a great college. It has climbed in selectivity in the last 20 years, but a B student should be fine. It's in a beautiful location, near mountains, with horse barns across the street, not what you picture in NJ. Give it a serious look!
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