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Eastern Illinois University or UIC?

jenrik2714jenrik2714 89 replies43 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 132 Junior Member
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Which is a better school Eastern Illinois University of The University of Illinois at Chicago?

Are the directional schools in Illinois pretty good (EIU, SIU, WIU, NIU)?
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Replies to: Eastern Illinois University or UIC?

  • TutuTaxiTutuTaxi 1453 replies78 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 1,531 Senior Member
    IMO, if your area of study is in one of the health related fields UIC is probably first, if not UIUC is first. I would place NIU and SIU next with WIU and EIU last.
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  • evitajr1evitajr1 926 replies17 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 943 Member
    Agreed, TutuTaxi. Lived in IL many years ago, went to college there, and the standings have not changed much at all.
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  • HannaHanna 14863 replies42 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 14,905 Senior Member
    I agree too, TutuTaxi. NIU and SIU are the best of the "directionals." Don't forget to include Illinois State (which I would likewise put ahead of WIU and EIU). UIC is a commuter school, so the campus life is radically different from the others, but it's pretty strong academically in a number of areas.

    All of this goes out the window where particular fields are concerned; sometimes one of the less-well-known schools is actually the best public school in Illinois for a particular subject (e.g. Illinois State's theater programs).
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  • momoftwinsmomoftwins 2434 replies234 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 2,668 Senior Member
    UIC has build new dorms and the entire neighborhood is developing beautifully. More students are living on campus, therefore the campus life is becoming more interesting. Yes, there are still many commuters, but the school is evolving in such a positive way.

    It is also evolving in terms of academics. For Allied Health Sciences, you can be in one of the most dynamic health care medical center complexes in the world. The West Side Medical Center includes 4 (or perhaps 3 now) hospitals and 2 universities. The other school is Rush University with is an outstanding school with several colleges dedicated to the medical professions. They have a new Drama program with access to the theater district of Chicago. Also, if you are looking for an urban college UIC could be a great option. Finally, the opportunity for internships and co-ops is tremendous as you are just outside of downtown Chicago.

    The directional schools each have a few specialty academic departments. For example, NIU is extremely strong in Accounting and in Education and ISU is highly regarded in Education. Depending on your interests you should check each of the schools to see where they have strong programs. And don't forget UIUC is one of the outstanding state universities in the country - especially renowned in Engineering, Business, and Agriculture.

    Good luck!
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