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Should I go to Penn State?

confusedsenior2confusedsenior2 6 replies5 threads New Member
With the May 1st deadline rapidly approaching, I am getting pretty nervous about not knowing where I want to attend college in the fall. I have narrowed down my choices to either Temple University or Penn State University Park; however, from there I am having a tough time picking one. Neither one really stands out over the other as the place to call home for the next four years, so I am asking for the opinions of other people. I have visited both campuses and they both seem really nice to me! I plan to be a communications major with my backup choice being secondary education if that does not work out. I would describe myself as a fairly outgoing young male who has a passion for photography and would like to continue to be involved with Student Government and other organizations geared toward helping others. I'm also not much of a partier and care about my schoolwork and grades.
With that in mind, which school do you think would be a better fit for me? Please mention some of the pros/cons of each school as you see it! Any information that you think would help out here would be much appreciated ! Thanks everyone...I just wanna get my life together already and solidify a roommate haha!
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Replies to: Should I go to Penn State?

  • zipbagszipbags 298 replies19 threads Member
    Do you want a suburban./rural campus (Penn State) or be in a city?
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  • bodanglesbodangles 8628 replies557 threads Senior Member
    What has changed since this thread: http://talk.collegeconfidential.com/parents-forum/1855569-far-away-vs-close-to-home-advice-needed-p1.html where you preferred PSU to Temple? Did your visit to Temple really win you over, or did you find some drawbacks to PSU? I'm curious since you seemed to have a clear preference before.

    Pros to PSU:
    pretty campus
    lots to do
    good dining options -- I've never heard anyone complain about the food
    large alumni network
    academics respected, especially in the Northeast
    rural/in a college town (depending on your preferences, may be a pro or a con)

    cold and snowy right about now
    partying is prevalent
    so many students -- sometimes dining halls, libraries are crowded at peak hours
    rural/in a college town (depending on your preferences, may be a pro or a con)
    can be expensive

    You can exist as a non-partier at a party school, though. There's lots going on, whether it is school-sponsored (LateNight in the HUB), through clubs (we have like 800), through doing your own thing, whatever. Did you apply to Schreyer?
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  • japsmomjapsmom 161 replies0 threads Junior Member
    My son looked at both schools. Both have a good business school and he got into both. Temple actually gave him a merit scholarship. He chose Penn State because he is not a partier either and there is so much more to do at Penn State. He already chose three clubs he wants to join. Temple is not in the safest area and even though the campus is nice, most kids move off campus after their freshmen year. Neither of us felt comfortable in the off campus areas. I'm sure Penn State has a great photography club you can join too.
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  • confusedsenior2confusedsenior2 6 replies5 threads New Member
    @bodangles Honestly, nothing has changed...I just want to make sure that I am making the right decision and am as educated as possible before confirming my admission! Picking a college is a huge choice and I want to know I am making the right one. I did apply to Schreyer and hope to get in haha...my only fear is what if I don't fit into the "PSU mold" like I heard there can be a lack of diversity there?
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  • bodanglesbodangles 8628 replies557 threads Senior Member
    About 69% white on main campus; other numbers can be found in the Common Data Set linked above. Central PA is somewhat rural, and rural areas aren't usually as diverse as urban ones.
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  • CsarbengCsarbeng 2 replies1 threads New Member
    As someone who lives very near to the Temple Campus, you have to realize that you will be in an area that's very, very close to the 'dangerous' parts of the city (where I live, lol).Also, Temple is right in the middle of Philadelphia, so if you're not looking to be in a city, I would pass it up.
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  • BCPAMOMBCPAMOM 15 replies3 threads Junior Member
    My son is at PSU right now. I went to Temple for grad school. I would never let one of my kids go to Temple for undergrad. The neighborhood is horrible. It does not have the campus environment suitable for an 18-21 year old unless you plan to commute and live elsewhere. You are really comparing apples and oranges btwn PSU and Temple. PSU has a much better reputation for undergrad and a huge network of alumni. There is a cost differential- IDK how important that is to you. PSU has a beautiful campus and an excellent downtown area. But, it is a college town. Temple has Philly, but not so much of the campus environment. This should really be an easy decision once you look at yourself and decide what you want out of a college experience.
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  • mainlinemommainlinemom 117 replies4 threads Junior Member
    I am partial to PSU. i graduated in 1987 and it was a great 4 years. I live in the Philly area now and i would not let either of my children go to Temple. It is really sad that they cant get a hold of the neighborhood around Temple because it is a fantastic academic school. Whether you live on campus or off at PSU you would be safe and you have a great time. The academics are great and there is a lot of things to do besides partying. I think the weather is about the same with PSU getting a little more snow in the winter than Philly. Good luck with your choice. Maybe visiting on a weekend to make your final choice.
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