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Can I transfer to Smeal?

warriorsmikewarriorsmike 4 replies3 threads New Member
I was recently admitted to the Eberly College of Science for Biomedical Engineering, but since being admitted I believe my primary focus has shifted. My stats are that I have a 4.0 unweighted GPA and 34 ACT, and I am in state. Would I be able to transfer if I waited a semester or two to confirm my academic interests, or would switching right now be the only time that they would allow? Can I even switch?

Help would be greatly appreciated because right now I am deciding between Villanova, UVA, Alabama, and Penn State and Penn State seems to have the best of both worlds with lower total cost and highly ranked business school. Thanks!
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Replies to: Can I transfer to Smeal?

  • bodanglesbodangles 8628 replies557 threads Senior Member
    I know it's possible to move to DUS and complete your requirements from there just by following your recommended academic plan. Not sure if they'll let you switch directly into another more selective college.

    Isn't BME in the College of Engineering? Why are you in Eberly?
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  • PennsyDadPennsyDad 174 replies30 threads Junior Member
    I seriously doubt that PSU is cheaper than Alabama, with the scholarships you would get with those grades/scores at Alabama...but the PSU business school is certainly higher ranked.
    You could move to DUS and take the required pre-business courses and move into Smeal after sophomore year, just as everyone else does, including those who are "directly" admitted to Smeal as freshmen.
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  • MYOS1634MYOS1634 43463 replies473 threads Senior Member
    edited February 2016
    You have to be dus in order to apply to Smeal during your sophomore year. In order to be admitted you need a 3.2(3.5for finance), and at least a c in your pre reqs so it's really easy. No one gets to Smeal before their junior year and all must meet the requirements. So, ask to be switched to dus.
    Did you apply to Schreyer?
    Alabama with full tuition should be cheaper than Penn State in state.
    UVa would be the most prestigious one. Admission to the major isn't just conditional like at Penn State (all who meet pre reqs are in) but selective (not all who meet pre reqs are selected).
    How much does each cost?
    edited February 2016
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  • warriorsmikewarriorsmike 4 replies3 threads New Member
    Thanks for the responses! The finances are not definite because I'm still waiting on financial aid packages, but from using a net price calculator, UVA is about 50k per year, Villanova about 40k per year with scholarship, Penn State 35k If I don't get Schreyers, 30k if I do, and Alabama 12k a year. Alabama certainly is cheaper by a lot, but I don't know how well I fit there( visiting this week) and their business school is not as respected as the other 3 schools, especially in the north east where I intend to look for jobs after college. After visiting Villanova several times, I really believe Villanova is where I fit best, but I am a little cautious because of price. The ability to do DUS and transfer to smeal does make it more appealing, especially with my parents consigning for my loans but expecting me to pay back most of it. Thanks!
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  • MYOS1634MYOS1634 43463 replies473 threads Senior Member
    Don't take co-signed loans. These are just *bad*.
    How much in loans are we talking about?
    If you "only" use the federal loans (stafford), you're still 31K in debt at the end of your studies - what a college graduate can reasonably pay back in 10 years. Meaning you'd be in your early 30's when you can think about buying a house or a car... no in your 40's like with co-signed loans. Can you imagine renting a 1-bedroom place as a 40 year old? Not being able to have a family? That's what heavy co-signed loans mean.
    Ask all kinds of questions when you're at UAlabama, read the campus paper, eat the food, talk to students, ask about the STEM MBA program (sounds perfect for you actually since you're interested in both business and engineering).
    If you get Schreyer then things will be different, assuming your family can pay about 22K and you can take on federal loans and work for the rest.
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  • warriorsmikewarriorsmike 4 replies3 threads New Member
    I certainly will ask plenty of questions because of how cheap Alabama is, I'm just very fearful that I'll get a degree and then be unable to find northeast jobs because of the lack of prestige and alumni network in Philadelphia and New York.
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  • DreadpiritDreadpirit 488 replies3 threads Member
    To go through entry to major in Smeal (which doesn't happen until So year), you need to either be accepted to Smeal or currently be in DUS.

    From this link https://dus.psu.edu/manual/alpha/change_major.php, it doesn't sound like it is difficult to switch from Engineering to DUS.
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  • greenbuttongreenbutton 2812 replies129 threads Senior Member
    OP is making a misjudgement that we see so much here on CC -- trying to solve a problem that is years away (how do I find a job) by complicating a problem that is right here (which school is the best fit).

    You can't predict the economy, the job market, the people you might meet or the changes you might make in your career plans. You can, however, predict how much debt you will have and what that does to you. You can, however, decide what is a financial and academic fit. So work on that problem, and let the job problem be left for another day.

    OP, people go to schools all over the country, and the majority of them find work. There are no guarantees that any one school can secure you a job. Report this week was that the median (not average, the median) salary for a Penn State grad is 51K. Be careful what loans you take on, they are more lifechanging than the name on your diploma.
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