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Financial Aid

loveyounotloveyounot 79 replies42 threads Junior Member
I've been doing so research on PSU before & after my acceptance and have fallen in love with the school. However, i hear financial aid at PSU is atrocious, especially when you are out of state. Any out of state PSU alumni or current students like to add their two cents on FA at PSU? Are they generous? Did you take out a lot of loans? Etc
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Replies to: Financial Aid

  • bodanglesbodangles 8628 replies557 threads Senior Member
    ^ Net Price Calculator. Even an OOS student with a $0 EFC gets told to take a Parent Plus loan of $33,225 per year.
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  • intparentintparent 36292 replies644 threads Senior Member
    It will be unaffordable. What is your home state and what are your stats? What is it that you like about PSU?
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  • NoVADad99NoVADad99 2258 replies33 threads Senior Member
    You only figured this out NOW?
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  • loveyounotloveyounot 79 replies42 threads Junior Member
    Home state NY, living in NYC
    Stats: 3.4 GPA, 1670 SAT, took 5 APs throughout H.S., urm student -- accepted into DUS fall semester
    From what I have seen online, beautiful campus with many activities, great academics, great career connections, good food lol, also I hear their business and engineering programs are some of the best (i plan on pursuing either if these majors). When I think of the typical college campus that gives the traditional college experience, I see PSU.
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  • intparentintparent 36292 replies644 threads Senior Member
    So every college has a net price calculator on their website. Have you run them for all the schools you applied to? You need to put PSU out if your mind, there is no way to afford it if your parents can't or won't pay.
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  • jlhpsujlhpsu Forum Champion Penn State 2017 replies42 threads Forum Champion
    @loveyounot You did not say whether your parents are helping out or not or what your financial situation is. It is true that PSU gives very little aid. But there are a lot of other was to fund a college education via outside scholarships, student loans, parent plus loans etc...If your parents won't help with loans or savings, you may have a difficult time paying OOS for Penn State.
    I am an alumni as is my husband and I also have a child at PSU now. All of those things you mention about PSU are very true. PSU has all of those things. But it is also the second most expensive public university in the country (University of Pittsburgh is first). For OOS students, it is even higher. You may get some aid. My niece received a $3000 a year freshman merit scholarship and another $16,000 total merit scholarship ($4000 a year), plus she has applied to Schreyers honors college which will give a bit more as well. PSU does give out SOME aid, but it's known for not giving out a lot....
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