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CLEP out of CHE ?

Cycloknight19Cycloknight19 7 replies4 threads New Member
Hello I am attending PSU, it's my first semester

I am interested in the CLEP program

I need to get between 40-59 credits to declare my major (whatever the hell that means)

I have looked over the requirements and I see that I am supposed to take about 22 credits worth of irrelevant knowledge

I am opposed to wasting my life at college for no reason so I am going to take 7 or 8 CLEP exams to get rid of this requirement.

The problem is that I need to be within my credit window to progress

So if I take my CLEP courses will that put me out of my credit window or does it not matter , if it doesn't matter than it also could mean that it does not count toward my credit window so if I were able to do this I see it being a catch 22

I am not here to listen to a sales pitch on studying psychology will enrich my life (I have GBs of psychology books on my computer) no thanks

Any advice is appreciated , I am also going to talk to the school

I would really like an unbiased answer so that's why I am here

The school is there to make money so it is in their best interest to keep me their as long as possible

It's my real hard earned money this is not a joke to me

I suppose it might be funny if it were a student loan
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