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Penn State Nursing Application

samg1234samg1234 0 replies1 threads New Member
I have a weighted 3.8 gpa in my sophomore year and am in 5 clubs with 200 service hours. What are my chances of getting into the nursing program and how can I help them before I apply?
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Replies to: Penn State Nursing Application

  • SophleySophley 467 replies2 threads Member
    @samg1234 , it would be helpful to also know your SAT or ACT score. Do you have any demonstrated academic history in science courses--like advanced or AP bio or chem compared to regular college prep bio or chem? Or any anatomy and physiology? What is your unweighted GPA? Are any of your activities tied to nursing or healthcare? Penn State mainly looks at GPA, but if you are borderline, they may look closer.

    When my daughter had orientation a few years back, they told her they ended up with 1800 applications for what amounts to 150 to 180 spots. The year before my daughter applied, the nursing school supposedly had the highest average GPA for incoming freshmen--higher than engineering and business. There are not a lot of direct entry programs in the U.S., which explains the competitiveness.

    To improve your chances, I would recommend getting a really high SAT or ACT score as I think your GPA is likely borderline for nursing. The Altoona campus was my daughter's second choice, as it's only 45 minutes to UP. They have a newer sim lab, too.

    Other direct-entry programs worth investigating in PA: West Chester University, Bloomsburg University, Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP), St. Francis University, Temple, York College, East Stroudsburg, etc. I honestly think your GPA may be too low for Pitt and Villanova. Just my two cents, but for direct-entry nursing programs, just take whatever spot you can get and be excited.
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  • PSUstudentnursePSUstudentnurse 5 replies1 threads New Member
    I am a current Penn State BSN student. I would be happy to answer any questions you have about the Nursing program/admission. Please let me know if this would be helpful or not! I'm not sure if you already received an acceptance or not.
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  • flgirl78flgirl78 4 replies0 threads New Member
    Hi, I was accepted into the Penn state nursing major at university park and I was wondering what you think about having to live off-campus at Hersey medical center for a year?
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  • SophleySophley 467 replies2 threads Member
    @flgirl78 , since the student hasn’t responded, I can just say that my JD is beyond excited to go to Hershey next fall. She and her friends will still drive up to the football games and participate in SNAP, the student nursing club. She sounds excited to work with more complex cases and is looking forward to having her own room in a suit that houses 4 nursing students. They all live together in one apartment complex right next to the hospital.
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  • LeilaLax07LeilaLax07 5 replies1 threads New Member
    What is the payment like for out of state?
    What is the student life like?
    Do you reccomend it?
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