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Could I get into main campus?

venuschild59venuschild59 7 replies5 threads New Member
Hi! I’m a junior who currently goes to a high school in northern MD. Penn state is by far my dream school. I was just wanting to know my chances with my stats and extracurriculars. Also I’ll probably apply as a hospitality management major or nursing.

gpa: 3.73w and 3.32 not weighted
took mostly honors, and took one ap junior year. Taking 2 dual enrollment next year. Also go to a tech high school for nursing.

act: 22

extracurricular: competition and sideline varsity cheer from sophomore year to present. Co captain sophomore year, captain junior year. Varsity tennis freshman year. Varsity Track & Field sophomore year (would have done junior year but corona happened). Also I do GSA, and have a part time job.
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Replies to: Could I get into main campus?

  • venuschild59venuschild59 7 replies5 threads New Member
    oh and i’m hispanic and only my mom went to college.
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  • airway1airway1 918 replies12 threads Member
    Apply DUS and summer entry but all that might change if the corona is still causing issues.
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  • greenbuttongreenbutton 2761 replies125 threads Senior Member
    There's no telling what types of changes coronvirus will cause, but nursing is among the most competitive majors at Penn State, and probably one of the most competitive nursing programs in the country. Your unweighted gpa is not nearly strong enough for nursing, so it may depend on what is weighting it (is it honors gym or honors biol, etc)

    If you are taking lots of honors courses, your strength of schedule will help you a lot. Penn State does not care much about extracurriculars, but that may change if nobody can take an SAT. Good luck
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  • MYOS1634MYOS1634 43215 replies471 threads Senior Member
    You must prep for the SAT/ACT and bring that score up.
    Hopefully the SAT or ACT will have an "at home" option in the Fall in case it's not possible to put dozens of teenagers in a room for 4 hours. (<- likely situation since the virus will still be there).
    It means you have 4 months to prep seriously.
    In addition, what's your junior schedule and your planned senior schedule?
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  • venuschild59venuschild59 7 replies5 threads New Member
    junior year: honors english, honors us history, ap bio, Algebra 2B, psychology, and my CNA/GNA class at my tech school.

    senior year: honors english, de statistics, de psychology, honors college writing, CNA/GNA class at tech school.
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  • MYOS1634MYOS1634 43215 replies471 threads Senior Member
    What level have you reached in foreign language?

    You need to take Precalculus, not DE Statistics.

    What's the difference between Honors English and Honors College Writing?
    Could you take AP English Language instead of these two classes?

    Have you taken Chemistry and Physics?

    You need to take 6 classes senior year too (at a minimum). Is one class missing from your senior schedule?
    Will you have a CNA certificate? If so, it can be a way to make good money while in college.
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  • venuschild59venuschild59 7 replies5 threads New Member
    I went to spanish 3 by my sophmore year, began taking spanish 1 in middle school. Honors english is my english credit that I need for my MD HS diploma. Honors college writing is an elective credit but you're able to get all your college apps done in that class. Also I struggle at english and after taking one AP this year, I don't plan on ever taking one again. I took honors chemistry my sophmore year. Also the reason I'm not taking 6 classes is because I have senior option. And yes the CNA is a license that you must take the state boards for. And thank you for the help!!!
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  • MYOS1634MYOS1634 43215 replies471 threads Senior Member
    Please understand that an AP course is like a slow-paced college course, so you'll have the equivalent of 5 AP's every semester in college. Better get ready for that by taking at least one next year. You could take AP Environmental Science or AP Human Geography if your school offers them - they're considered easy.

    Honors English and Honors College writing = good choice then.
    Have you taken physics?

    DO NOT take senior option. You should have 6 classes, including 5 academic ones, if you want any sort of flagship or good 4-year university.
    Most will *expect* precalculus (and definitely Penn State doesn't admit students for anything related to science if they haven't taken precalculus.)

    Based on your preparation I'm not sure going straight to University Park would be best. I think 2+2 with Altoona -> University Park may work better because it'll be more supportive and less cut throat. At University Park you'll be in competition with kids who have taken and done well in several APs. @jlhpsu can tell you all about it!
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  • kidzncatzkidzncatz 1123 replies7 threads Senior Member
    I think acceptance as a hospitality management major is possible with your stats, especially if you are willing to start in the summer. I think you will need much higher stats and course rigor to be admitted to nursing at PSU main campus. Nursing at a branch campus may be a possibility, but with nursing, you have to start and finish at the same campus (no 2+2 allowed).
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  • jlhpsujlhpsu Forum Champion Penn State 1971 replies39 threads Forum Champion
    It is very unlikely that you will get into Penn State UP nursing. They get hundreds more applications than available spots. Those that usually get those spots have GPA's over 4.0 and SAT's in 1300+ range. Nursing at a commonwealth campus such as Erie or Altoona would be a good option, but kidncatz is correct in that you stay there all 4 years.
    As MYOS pointed out, UP is extremely competitive once you are in. Your 22 ACT is more in line with a commonwealth campus admission, although your weighted GPA is in line with UP admissions. A summer admit to UP in hospitality or DUS or another less competitive major may be doable. The issue is whether you are ready for UP level coursework or not. My son went to Altoona and had about a 3.5 at Altoona. He transferred to UP campus after one year due to his major and almost failed out first semester sophomore year. It was a brutally rude awakening. He is now going into his senior year and his grades are good. But it took a bit to adjust to the level of dedication needed at UP campus. Only you can really gauge how you feel about that level of commitment.
    That being said, if you want UP campus, definitely apply for a less competitive major unless you can get that ACT up. And try to take amore competitive math your senior year. Trying to get into UP with Algebra II as your highest math may also be a problem.
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  • Cotton2017Cotton2017 66 replies0 threads Junior Member
    I would expect a branch campus acceptance with those stats. Nursing is HARD at Penn State and very competitive. My D had a 4.7 GPA and a 1350 SAT: University Park is kicking her butt. She has a 3.5 by studying constantly. She is fairly shocked at the intensity of the work so prepare yourself. This is a kid who barely had to study in HS but lived in Lion Tutors fall semester. Good luck
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  • SophleySophley 467 replies2 threads Member
    edited May 7
    My daughter is finishing her junior year at UP and the nursing program likewise has kicked her butt. She has given up almost every “fun” part of the college experience in order to maintain a good GPA and stay in the program. Your Saturdays could be spent memorizing slides instead of enjoying those football games. Even smart students with great work ethic may find themselves having to repeat a year. I want to say about 10 to 20 of the 160 or so students didn’t pass pathophysiology and had to transfer out of the program or repeat the year. Due to the structured nature of the program, students who get below a 75 in one required course cannot move forward in the program, which puts a lot of pressure on the students. My daughter has been fortunate so far. Still maintaining a 3.5 but she fights for it and takes summer classes to spread out the coursework. Another option might be to try Biobehavioral health and then do an accelerated BSN program after you graduate....assuming you are really sold on nursing. Consider putting Altoona down as a second choice location.
    edited May 7
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